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External Factors That Influence Allergic Reactions

Besides general cosmetic allergies, other factors can influence allergic reactions, and possibly worsen their severity. Climate is one of these factors.

Hot, humid weather or extremely cold weather can play a part in allergy. Heat alone can aggravate sensitive skin, enlarging capillaries and making the skin more reactive than normal.

Cold weather and wind tend to dehydrate the skin and make it dry and flaky. Dehydrated, thin skin is almost always more reactive to irritants and allergens. Severely dehydrated skin may burn or tingle when moisturizers are applied. Sunburned skin can also react to cosmetics or other tropicals more easily.

The general rule of thumb with all these climatic effects is to stick to simple hydrating, non-fragranced products. Avoid any stimulation of the skin during these weather-induced conditions.


Mark Lees
Skin Care Beyond the Basics

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