January 10
Beauty tip of the month

The variations in male and female skin begin deep down in the very structure of the skin’s fat layer and dermis. Women have thinner skin than men because testosterone – the dominant male hormone – causes male skin to be thicker. In addition, women’s oil glands secrete slightly less than men’s; therefore, women are more likely to experience dry skin.

As we grow older and our hormone levels begin to change, the differences in male and female skin become even more dramatic. in late middle age, men lose testosterone and women lose estrogen, resulting in thinner, more fragile skin for people of both sexes. In women, however, the drop in hormone activity is more dramatic, and it has a greater effect.

When women enter menopause, they experience a drop in estrogen levels, causing their skin to become more thin and dry. The oil glands begin to slow their production of natural emollients that keep the skin soft. This is the time of life when the skin becomes a less efficient barrier against irritants, allergens and bacteria. Thinner skin is more susceptible to a type of inflammation called dermatitis and more vulnerable to trauma and infections.


Dr Nicholas Perricone, MD
The Wrinkle Cure

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