November 11 –
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Inflammation is important for another reason : It is a major cause of free radical formation. Free radicals lead the attack on lipids in the cell walls, which leads to water loss. So with sunburn, for instance, you have destruction from the free radicals that are created in the process. Free radicals are both a by-product of inflammation and a source of inflammation.

Countering inflammation is most important when you’re young, because this is when the inflammatory response is most active. Not only are your cells most vigilant at this time, but there are many years ahead of you during which the damage will accumulate. So when you read that most of the sun damage that will cause you wrinkles after fifty occurred when you were in your twenties, it’s not just that you might have spent more days on the beach, but that in your twenties your skin was more reactive.

Protecting yourself from the sun is the most obvious step in reducing inflammation.


Dr. Howard Murad, M.D.
Wrinkle-Free Forever


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