October 11 –
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Circles under the eyes that are an overall dark color and not caused by the shadow cast by fat pads are often inherited by people of darker-skinned ethnicities, such as Italian, Indian, African-American, Greek, Portuguese, and Latino.

In these cases, the entire under-eye area is dark, not just a circle. This is also an inherited feature that usually grows worse with age – and it’s a much more difficult problem to solve. There is no easy solution to it. The condition develops due to the fragility of blood vessels, thinning skin that becomes more and more transparent over time, deposits of dark pigment cells from chronic inflammation, and a lack of fat under the skin to make it less transparent.

Vitamin K may help the permeability of the vessels, although the effect will probably be very modest at best. Building up the thickness of the skin cold help to lessen the transparency. But a fading cream that breaks down dark pigment discoloration is usually the most helpful. Make sue the fading cream is non-irritating; otherwise it can make the problem worse.


Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D.
Secrets For Ageless Skin


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