May 11 –
Beauty tip of the month


If you feel that dry skin is your most serious problem, start an aggressive exfoliation and collagen stimulation program, even though it is counterintuitive, and see how your skin responds.

Be sure to use the right lipids, the skin-identical kind. You can know you are using the right lipids on your skin if the serum or cream penetrates and disappears into your skin within a few minutes. If it lingers on the skin surface as a shiny residue for hours, it is not absorbing into your skin properly. It is the wrong product for you, so get rid of it. It is merely sitting on top, sealing from the outside, possibly even clogging pores. The right moisturizer supports the skin lipid barrier from the inside of the stratum corneum (the upper layer of the epidermus), so it is not visible as a shiny layer on the outside. It disappears into the skin within a few minutes and provides internal support.


Dr. Adrienne Denese, M.D.,
Secrets For Ageless Skin


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Beauty tip of the month"

  1. thanks for the tips, Dr. I get dry skin during summer, especially.

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