January 11 –
Beauty tip of the month


Skin with a good complexion makes a woman look healthy and young, as well as enhancing the effect of makeup. While physical wellness is of course one factor affecting the condition of your skin, many other hazards can ruin its clarity and complexion, such as dead cells clinging to the surface and thickening the skin, darkening and dryness caused by UV rays, mental stress, lack of sleep, and an unbalanced diet.

Things to work toward in your lifestyle should include avoiding stress and consciously consuming vitamin C in your diet. In terms of skincare, it’s crucial to protect your skin from UV rays and air conditioning by wearing day cream, to exfoliate once or twice weekly, and to invigorate your dermis with serum.

Nowadays you can also find skincare products with aromatherapeutic effects. Incorporating products with relaxing aromas in your evening skincare regimen may be a good idea, too.

Smoking and excessive drinking can result in a sallow complexion, so try to remember that moderation, at least, is vital for your beauty and health.


Chizu Saeki
The Japanese Skincare Revolution


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