December 10 –
Beauty tip of the month


Toners are another way to add hydrating ingredients to the skin along with water. A spray of a toner that contains humectant ingredients followed quickly while the skin is still damp with a hydrating moisturizer or treatment product can flood the upper layers of the skin with water and ingredients to keep it there.

Exfoliation is also helpful for moisturizing and some moisturizers contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to improve the health and function of the stratum corneum.

Hydrating ingredients are not limited to moisturizers. Even cleansers, which are washed away after a minute or two, can be enriched with water-holding and water-attracting ingredients that leave a moisturizing film behind. In order to gently remove the dirt and debris on your skin, some mild detergent ingredients are needed, but you don’t want too much or you can take away the natural moisturizing lipids that your own skin has created. Not only do you want to avoid disturbing the skin’s barrier function, you want to leave it even more hydrated than it was when you started.


Howard Murad, M.D.,
Wrinkle-Free Forever


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