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In May 2014, Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Singapore is introducing an all-new dual color play – Baby Doll KISS & BLUSH – a cheek and lip single coloring product!

yves saint laurent baby doll kiss & blush

Without Flash. Does the packaging look like a nail polish to you?

yves saint laurent baby doll kiss & blush

With Flash.

Available in 12 pop colors, this hybrid innovation named Baby Doll, is a thoroughly cult object that gives a touch of luminous, matte color on lips and cheeks. With this new Baby Doll KISS & BLUSH by Yves Saint Laurent, you can now create a new beauty ritual, a new match&match or mix&match way to apply your make-up at ease.

yves saint laurent baby doll kiss & blush

Without Flash.

yves saint laurent baby doll kiss & blush

With Flash.

KISS & BLUSH‘s air-whipped formula, with two patents pending, has an airy texture that combines an extremely sensual color-diffusion complex and a blend of pigments for color harmony. A perfect cross between lip color and a cheek blush that instantly evolves into a velvety soft veil with matte luminosity.

Air Whipped Color Diffusion Complex

  • A light-diffusing gel. Its special structure enables the formula to easily blend and concentrated gel creates an extremely sensorial and velvety texture that makes it possible to modulate the color intensity, for a light, fresh-looking result, or a super pop effect.
  • Oils and balancing powders. They help ensure the comfort and long wear of the texture that effortlessly blends on both lips and cheeks. The color stays put while remaining matte and radiant.

yves saint laurent baby doll kiss & blush

KISS & BLUSH comes with a Baby Roll patented applicator that is extremely soft and with a shaped tip, it glides perfectly on the lips and gives them a precise outline. At its centre, the HIDDEN PEARL APPLICATOR has a flexible bead that caresses lips and cheeks in a rapid, precise, double gesture. Round at the center, it deposits a light touch of color on the cheeks, with no excess, for optimal diffusion, it applies points of color that can be repeated endlessly to build coverage and greater color intensity.

The 12 KISS & BLUSH shades are built around with 4 emblematic YSL shades.

1) SAUCY BABY DOLL – 3 fresh, deliberately impish pinks :

  • No.1 Fuchsia Desinvolte (above image, a must-have YSL lip color)
  • No.2 Rose Insolent (below image)
  • No.3 Rose Frivole

I find that this No.2 Rose Insolent is a very nice pink shade and is suitable for day and night look. KISS & BLUSH’s pure pigments is enhanced with micropearls lightly tinged with pink.

yves saint laurent baby doll kiss & blush

2) SEXY BABY DOLL – 3 shades, 2 diabolically hot reds and a fiery orange :

  • No.4 Orange Fougueux (below image)
  • No.5 Rouge Effrontee (above image, love this deep red sexy color)
  • No.6 Rouge Libertine

No.4 Orange Fougueux – a beautiful orangey red shade that is less overpowering than No.5. KISS & BLUSH gives a powdery-matte and satin finish.

3) LIBERATED BABY DOLL – 3 not-so-innocent shades, pink, violet and coral :

  • No.7 Corail Affranchi (above image)
  • No.8 Pink Hedoniste (far bottom image)
  • No.9 Rose Epicurien (below image)

I like this No.8 Pink Hedoniste shade the most. I always adore pinkish coral lip color all this while. KISS & BLUSH has a very nice texture that allows an adjustable coverage and color density. The color is long-lasting and my lip feels moisturized all day.

4) SASSY BABY DOLL – 3 ultra-sensual brown and nude shades :

  • No.10 Nude Insolent
  • No.11 Prune Impertinente
  • No.12 Moca Garçonne

I mix and match my lip and cheek with different colors. No.1 for my lip and No.2 for my cheek.

Tempting to buy one of the colors? Which of the 7 colors above do you like most? Love to hear from you. That’s all for today. Thanks for reading the post “Baby Doll KISS & BLUSH by Yves Saint Laurent” at


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