Watsons Introducing The New Beauty Buffet Facial Masks!


Watsons Personal Care Stores, Singapore’s leading beauty and health retailer with 106 stores located islandwide, is thrilled to be launching one of their newest additions – Watsons Beauty Buffet Facial Masks this June.


Watsons Beauty Buffet Facial Masks

S$7.90 Per Pack (5 Pieces Per Pack)

The newest Watsons Beauty Buffet range of facial masks are exclusively developed by the A.S. Watson Group (the world’s largest health & beauty retailer with over 9,300 stores in 33 markets worldwide), are naturally inspired and made in Taiwan. These masks are ranked top five facial mask in Taiwan.

Beauty Buffett Facial Masks are specially formulated to target different skincare needs ranging from refining to brightening, firming to purifying. Watsons Beauty Buffet Facial Masks are claimed to contain both moisturising and deep cleansing agents which remove trapped dirt, excess oil and dead skin while exposing younger, healthier skin cells to reveal a fresh and glowing complexion.

In the recent years, facial masks have became extremely popular in most part of Asia and most asian women believe that using facial masks on a regular basis may help to make them look younger than their actual age. They are also claimed to help refine skin’s texture and naturally minimize pores.

All Watsons Beauty Buffett Facial Masks contain Glycine which retains skin’s moisture, and natural botanical extracts of Algae, Aloe Vera and Cucumber that help to moisturise and nourish the skin.


Coenzyme Q10 and Yoghurt Facial Mask

Enriched with Coenzyme Q10, this mask helps to tighten skin and reduce fine lines. The firming and smoothening mask also contains Yoghurt that helps to dissolve dead skin and minimize pores for a smoother and radiant complexion. It also contains Glycine to help retain moisture and rejuvenates skin so that it appears more elastic and smooth with a radiant glow.


Vitamin C and Neroli Facial Mask

This revitalising and brightening mask contains antioxidant L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), an antioxidant to help stimulate collagen regeneration and defend against free radical and pigmentation. Neroli is also added to help boost skin rejuvenation and maintain moisture.


Charcoal and Cypress Oil Facial Mask

This deep cleanser contains charcoal to deeply cleanse and purify pores, as well as Cypress Extract to help maintain oil balance & refine pores. After use, skin appears more supple, tightened and refreshed.


Apple and Evening Primrose Facial Mask

Formulated with Apple Extract, an antioxidant that helps stimulate aging skin cells and refine skin texture, as well as Evening Primrose Extract to help repair and protect damaged skin. This repairing and refining mask stimulates aging skin cells, refines skin texture while repairing and protecting damaged skin.


Curious to know if the masks work, I decided to try the Q10 & Yogurt Facial Mask.

The facial mask is ultra thin and it fits properly and firmly on my face except the nose area though (not able to cover entirely).

After putting on the mask for 15 minutes, my face appeared smoother, softer and brighter too. But I encountered very minor irritation (redness) near the left corner of my mouth (circled). Fortunately, it went away within minutes without any itchiness at all.

You probably will ask, how often should we use facial mask? Well, 2-3 times per week should be ideal!

Watsons Beauty Buffet Facial Masks come at a very affordable price of just $7.90 per pack (with 5 pieces of masks)! These masks are exclusively available at all Watsons Personal Care Stores. You should give it a try now! ;-)


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13 Comments on "Watsons Introducing The New Beauty Buffet Facial Masks!"

  1. i just bought one yesterday:) mine was the green one rejuvenate and revitalise :) it made my face smoother too :) but some say they wash their face after, do you need to do that?

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Shiromi,

    No, we don’t have to wash our face after the facial mask.

  3. Angie Twehilley says:

    Thanks for this! I bought the Apple flavoured. :)

  4. calvin says:

    is this product suitable for men?

  5. Shirleen says:

    Hi Calvin,

    Sure, it’s suitable for men too.

  6. Myra Beltran says:

    I’ve tried the yogurt one same result i have smooth skin after using it BUT it leaves three big red spots in my face which keeps me worried if i want to buy one again..

    I have to say the packaging is so cute that makes me attract to buy it ;)

  7. Shirleen says:

    Hi Myra,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. :D

  8. kelly says:

    I just bought the apple and primrose facial mask.. it says in tje package that daily usage is recommended.. so, can i use it everyday? But you said ideal usage is 2 to 3 times a week.

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Kelly, you can use it everyday but it may not be necessary. To me, 2 to 3 times per week should be sufficient. But it’s all up to you.

  9. Phyllis says:

    Hi Shirley, I read your comments about beauty buffet masks. I’ve been trying to get hold of the masks at Watsons but had no success. Do you know what happened and where else I can get the masks?

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