SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition


As Chinese New Year approaches, SK-II debuts its first-ever commemorative Chinese New Year SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition.

Inspired by the courage and strength reflected in the “Wings of Change” festive collection, the Chinese New Year Limited Edition incorporates into its design the beautiful resurrection of a phoenix, which in traditional Chinese culture symbolizes auspicious harmony.

Paper cutting or “Jianzhi’ is an ancient Chinese art form that signifies celebration and good fortune. The SK-II New Phoenix Limited Edition combines this traditional Chinese art form with the design of a phoenix, a symbol of female empowerment, to express virtue, elegance and rebirth.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Phoenix chinese new year limited edition

The Chinese New Year Limited Edition was designed to inspire women and their loved ones to bring in the new spring with hope and confidence, and encourage them to believe in themselves, take hold of their destinies, and join hands with SK-II to embark in a new journey to crystal clear skin, #changedestiny and welcome a beautiful new year.

I was delighted to attend an exclusive SK-II media session just recently in late January for the launch of their first commemorative limited edition bottle for Chinese New Year, held at SEVIIN @ TANGS.

Celebrity Make-up Artist, Larry Yeo, was there to share tips on how to best prep your skin to achieve that radiant look for Chinese New Year as well as make-up tips for a natural, fresh looking makeup that will last through the long days of visiting.

Next, an experiment was conducted to compare rate of absorbency and level of moisturisation of SKII latest product, Facial Treatment Oil, with 3 other luxury brand oils.

The 3 different brands of luxury oils were poured and spread all over each piece of Vietnamese rice paper and were left to stand for 15 minutes. After that given time, the oiled rice paper was then used to wrap over a piece of lemongrass, to test it’s resilience and softness. None of the oils except SKII Facial Treatment Oil is able to be fully absorbed and moisten the sheet of rice paper such that it’s soft enough to be wrapped. Seeing is believing!

After a series of activities at SEVIINS @ Tangs, we headed down to SKII Fortune Pop-up store on the ground floor of Tangs to be joined by Duke of Caldecott Hill, Romeo Tan, and Singaporean style icon, Andrea Chong, where they shared their hopes and concerns for the coming festive season and new lunar year.

Romeo and Audrey both tried their hands at the art of Chinese Calligraphy, writing their own 春联, artistically lettering their year’s fortune in Chinese.

They were both invited to autograph on the (huge) bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence New Phoenix Limited Edition which was displayed at the SKII Fortune Pop-up store at Tangs.

I’m happy to receive this New Phoenix Limited Edition bottle at the event and could not take my eyes off this exquisite bottle of FTE.  This is one skincare product I can’t leave without during my night time skincare regimen. Made up to 90% Pitera™ (contains amino acids, vitamins, organic acids, minerals, sugar content, and other nutrients), SK-II Facial Treatment Essence actually works to transform skin along the 5 dimensions of firmness, texture, radiance, spot control and wrinkle resilience for crystal clarity.

Go get your very own exquisite bottle of FTE and join me as we usher into the new year with beautiful and radiant skin.


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