[Review] SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence


I have to confess I’m a super big fan of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and it is one of the must-have skincare products for my night regimen. Containing a high concentration of Pitera™, the iconic Essence harnesses this unique ingredient to transform all 5 skin dimensions to crystal clear, empowering me to control my skin destiny. Although I’m already in my 40s, my skin age remains in its 30s. :D

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence

Recently, I was pleased to learn that SK-II Singapore has recently launched a new skincare product (in a spray form) that contains a high level of Pitera™ with unique MoistureLock Complex. Introducing the new SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence.

I was really excited about this new launch and I was delighted to obtain a bottle to try out recently. Many thanks to SK-II Singapore.

This new product is SK-II’s cult Facial Treatment Essence product in a spray form, which can be used to refresh and revive the skin throughout the day. You can use it over the makeup too.

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence contains a high level of Pitera™ with unique MoistureLock Complex in fine particles that can penetrate through our makeup and lock in moisture. Pitera™ is a yeast strain from Japan rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids.

Cate Blanchett, the face of SK-II for 11 years, was the first to try out this new product at the Oscars. She has recently revealed her beauty secret that at the Academy Awards last year, she decanted a bottle of Facial Treatment Essence into a spray bottle in order to keep her make-up fresh and skin hydrated. And this year, she was well prepared, thanks to the new SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence that contains Pitera in a spray form.

Like her, I’m not a fan of Botox or plastic surgery, and we believe in aging gracefully. We opt for a daily skincare beauty regimen to upkeep our youthful looking skin.

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence

Thanks to its fine particles formulation, this lightweight miracle essence spray is quickly absorbed into the skin. And with just a few spritz, it instantly hydrates my skin and keeps my make-up looking fresh with long-lasting moisture throughout the day. Love it! :D

SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence, priced at S$89.00, is now available at all SK-II departmental stores.


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