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I have recently attended a Majolica Majorca event to preview their latest products that include 2 new Honey Pump Gloss Neo shades, 2 new Perfect Automatic Liner shades and their newest Line Hunter liquid eyeliner.

The Line Hunter, the latest addition to its eye liner collection, allows the use of different angles of the brush to create desired line. Retailing at S$19.90, this liquid eyeliner allows us to control the line thickness, thanks to its 2-angle brush. It is claimed to be sweat and sebum proof. Available in shade BK999.

majolica majorca honey pump gloss neo

The Honey Pump Gloss Neo introduced two new shades, PK101 Inattention (left) and OR202 Fast Talk (right). Retailing at only S$12.90, it has a melting rich texture that moisturizes our lip and gives a translucent glossy finish.

The Perfect Automatic Liner launched 2 beautiful new shades – VI303 Cool & Calm (left) and RD303 Hot-Blooded (right). Retailing at S$22.90.

Swatches for the new colors.

During the event, we got to check out the Ma Cherie hair collection such as the shampoo, conditioner, hair fragrance, hair gelee mist and hair gelee styling gel. Ma Cherie from Japan, is formulated with Champagne Honey Gelee that allows your fingers to glide through smooth silky hair. Champagne helps protect against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress. Honey helps retains moisture and add shine to hold.

ma cherie

Ma Cherie available in 2 hair series – AIR FEEL (giving volume and shine to fine hair) and MOISTURE (silky lingering smoothness that treats dry ends).

The shampoo and conditioner available in 2 sizes, S$19.90 (Air Feel) and S$20.90 (Moisture) for 500ml, and S$10.90 (Air Free) and S$11.90 (Moisture) for 200ml (as above).

ma cherie refill pack

Ma Cherie is launching Refill Packs (for shampoo and conditioner), available at selected Watsons stores from 6 March 2014 onwards.

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