Review of my ZOEVA Haul at Sephora


We were thrilled when Sephora Singapore approached Womenlovebeauty to blog about the awesome makeup products available on their online store.

We knew we had to say yes because we have been wanting to try out this highly raved German makeup brand called ZOEVA for the longest time. ZOEVA do not have any retail counter yet, so the only place to get is at Sephora!

Being a beauty junkie, I was like an excited little girl entering a candy store when I browsed through the wide variety of products (makeup/skincare/makeup accessories etc) from an extensive list of brands. LOL! The products are systemically sorted based on brands/categories/prices etc and the filter function proves to be a very useful tool for their consumers to search for a specific product from a specific brand. Make online shopping a breeze!

The package came when I was away holidaying in Seoul and I had to re-schedule my delivery by Ninja Van. It proved to be an easy task as well, and soon the package arrived the next morning after I got back home.

Yay! My Sephora haul has safely arrived at my doorstep! And in perfect condition!

Say hello to my eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow primer, blush palette, and 3 makeup brushes from ZOEVA. Oh yes, not forgetting to mention a pair of falsies but not from ZOEVA though.

Check out the TRIPLE bubble-wrapping! Love how meticulous they are when it comes to making sure breakage-prone makeup items are well wrapped and protected before sending the package out.

The mandatory flatlay shot of my Sephora haul :D Notice there is an additional item which I did not mention earlier? It’s the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream which I picked as my free gift during check out. Gonna try out that product too!

I had initially intended to do a makeup tutorial using the ZOEVA palettes but because I got sick after returning from Seoul (and still nursing a fever and groggy from the drowsy meds), I couldn’t bring myself to post my sickly, ugly pictures here. Instead, I shall do a product review and show you pictures of the swatches from the eyeshadow and blush palettes. Will leave the makeup tutorial to a later post after I make a full recovery.

ZOEVA Eyeshadow Fix

ZOEVA named their eyeshadow primers as Eyeshadow Fix. There are two variants – matte and pearl and I got the pearl one as showed above.

What I love about this primer is the fact that it is made WITHOUT parabens and artificial fragrance, and infused with Vitamin E and rice powder to nourish your eyelids.

The primer gives off a subtle golden sheen when blended onto the skin, something which I like since it brightens up the eyes. Its texture is a little bit too dry for my liking and I can only blend it instead of patting it onto my eyelids. And because of this, I got to make sure I apply it fast onto my eyelids before it starts drying up or else I risk dragging the delicate skin on my eyelids.

Made in Italy and retails at only S$12.99 , it won’t burn a hole in your pocket to try it out.

ZOEVA Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette

This ZOEVA Naturally Yours eyeshadow palette comes in a no-frills yet sleek and sturdy cardboard packaging with a magnetic catch. Being slim and lightweight makes it an ideal palette to pack for a trip. There are 10 neutral to earthy shades in this palette, with a mix of matte, satin, shimmer and chromatic finishes.

Swatches from ZOEVA Naturally Yours Palette, with skin primed with ZOEVA Eyeshadow Fix (Pearl)

  • Pure – Matte beige with a slight ashy undertone
  • Soft & Sexy – Matte medium brown
  • Smooth Harmony – Soft brown with golden shimmer.
  • Forever Yours – Orangey brown with a tinge of chromatic green sheen
  • Slow Dance – Matte mocha brown
  • First Love – Matte ivory
  • Casual Elegance – Golden beige shimmer.
  • Sweet Sound – Coppery shimmer.
  • Lovely Monday – Dark brown shimmer
  • Timeless Chic – Matte black

With this versatile palette, I can create a variety of looks from natural to smoky to mysterious. Excellent colour payoff, all shades are highly pigmented and their textures are satin smooth and blendable with ZOEVA’s new ultra-micronised formula. When used with ZOEVA Eyeshadow Fix, the colours are super lasting. I tried removing them with makeup wipes and the colours could not be removed totally and had to use my cleansing oil to get them all off.

Another reason to love ZOEVA would be their palettes are WITHOUT parabens, mineral oils, fragrances and phthalates. ZOEVA Naturally Yours palette is also infused with Vitamin E and made in Italy! Awesome stuff!

At only S$36 (which mean it only cost S$3.60 per colour!), this is definitely one essential palette that gets you more bang for your bucks. I would say, “Go get it!”

ZOEVA Pink Spectrum Blush Palette 

Similar to the eyeshadow palette, ZOEVA Pink Spectrum Blush Palette is packaged in a no-frills, sturdy cardboard with magnetic catch.

There are 3 blush palettes (Pink/Coral/Nude) from ZOEVA’s Spectrum Collection I had a hard time deliberating whether I should pick the Coral or Pink and in the end I decided to get the latter.

Comes in 4 shades, of which one (PK10) is satin with shimmer and the remaining 3 (PK20/PK30/PK40) are matte.

Swatches from ZOEVA Pink Spectrum Blush Palette

  • PK010 – Apricot pink with golden shimmer
  • PK020 – Pale pink with peachy undertone
  • PK030 – Muted pink with pale lilac undertone
  • PK040 – Bright floral pink

All 4 colours from the blush palette are incredibly pigmented and have excellent colour payoff. The texture is soft and velvety-smooth, which allows easy blending and colour buildup. Did I mention they are super lasting too?

And since it’s highly pigmented, a little goes a long way. If you are using cheek brush, I suggest that it is better to lightly tap on the blush and slowly blend and build your desired rosiness. You might end up getting overly rosy cheeks if you swirl your brush over the blush colour (just like the swatches above since I swirled my finger on the blush lol)

My choice for a day-in-day-out kind of blusher would be PK20, if not, PK10 for a more tropical, sunshine look (this shade is pretty close to NARS Orgasm).

Just like the Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette, the Pink Spectrum Blush Palette is infused with Vitamin E, and formulated WITHOUT parabens, mineral oils, fragrances and phthalates.

At S$30 for a “Made in Italy” blush palette (which works out to be S$7.50 per colour), I wouldn’t think twice about getting it again. Maybe I should get the Coral or even Nude Spectrum too?!

ZOEVA Makeup Brushes

I have a few sets of makeup brushes but most of them are in black and now I have these few rose gold brushes to break the monotony.

Since this is the first time I’m trying out ZOEVA brushes, I played safe by getting the “petite-sized” brushes. Given their length and size, these brushes are very much like travel-sized brushes, ideal to bring along on a trip as they fit into most makeup pouches.

First from the left : 122 Petit Stippling
Middle : 231 Luxe Petit Crease
Right : 222 Luxe All Over Shader

222 Luxe All Over Shader – 15.5 cm / natural-synthetic hair blend

This brush is ideal for applying base eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, accentuating the eyelid crease and highlighting the brow arch.
Retails at S$16.50

231 Luxe Petit Crease – 16 cm / natural-synthetic hair blend

This brush is used for accentuating and shading eyeshadow, particularly in the crease, to create a better eye contour. Also great for blending eyeshadow and shade transitions.
Retails at S$16.50

122 Petit Stippling - 15.5 cm / duo fibre taklon

This brush is perfect for a smooth and even application and blending with liquid and cream products, like cream blush, concealer and highlighter. The super soft vegan taklon hair is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Rather than getting a cheek brush, I opted for this Petit Stippling instead. Because of its super soft bristles and being less dense than most cheek brushes, I personally find it ideal for blush application, especially those highly-pigmented ones like the one I got from ZOEVA. This stippling brush will pick up lesser pigments than the cheek brush, and cheek colour turns out more natural than if you were to use a cheek brush.
Retails at S$21.99

On the whole, I’m happy with the 3 ZOEVA brushes I’ve gotten. All hand-crafted, they are soft and live up to my expectations of what professional brushes should be like despite being smaller than the regular size brushes.

Lavie Lash Wildflower Collection – Fleur

And lastly, my falsies from Lavie Lash.

Thought I would just get a new pair of falsies to complement my smoky eye makeup tutorial which I had initially intended. Decided to get this pair of falsies after reading the description on the Sephora website that they are hand made from 100% premium natural hair (please don’t ask me what it means by premium natural hair ‘cos I’m as clueless as you lol) but seeing that it’s natural hair, I reckon it’s definitely better and will turn out more natural than a pair of synthetic ones.

As you can see from the picture above, the lashes are pretty and dense yet not too dramatic. Suitable for daily makeup use.

For those who are new to falsies or falsies amateurs like myself, you will be glad to know that the back of the package came with instructions on how to put on and remove the fake lashes.

Unlike most of the fake lashes out there, this Lavie falsies are lightweight, soft and feels like natural lashes (oh ya, they are made from natural hair). Gonna try them on with the ZOEVA eyeshadow palette soon.

Retails at S$6.00 and reusable up to 5 times with proper care. That’s a steal!

Alright, that concludes my review for my ZOEVA haul at Sephora online.

If there is any particular eye makeup look you would like me to do using the ZOEVA Naturally Yours Eyeshadow Palette, do let me know in the comments box below. :)

If you would like to try the products that I’ve gotten (in particular the awesome ZOEVA palettes!), you can shop them here.

A big thank you to Sephora Singapore for the opportunity to review the products!

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