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Oops my bad! Here’s another super late post again!


Long ago, I’ve received 4 anti-aging skincare products by Laboratoires FILORGA Paris and they are Hydra-Filler, Meso-Mask, Sleep And Peel and Cleansing Foam (I gave away before blogging this post). Many thanks to Chantana who helped to obtain these products for me.

I kept the products in a large storage box (with other cosmetics products), and I totally forgot about it after that.

Laboratoires FILORGA Paris has a history of more than 30 years with 1.5 millions patients treated in 54 countries. It is claimed to be one of the world’s leaders in global anti-aging therapy including developing, manufacturing and distributing anti-wrinkle dermal filling products, mesotherapy injections and medical peelings. Laboratoires FILORGA Paris is positioned as the only French range of dermo-cosmetic products originating directly from aesthetical medicine.

The common characteristic of the range are hyaluronic acid and NCTF®, active ingredients identical to those injected products. NCTF® contains 53 ingredients including amino acids, vitamins, co-enzymes, minerals and nucleic acids.

filorga paris hydra filler

Hydra-Filler® is a moisturizer that contains a high concentration of extra-pure hyaluronic acid for deep skin rehydration and a micro-fitting effect on dehydration lines.

It contains 94 ingredients with 62% of active ingredients. It contains 2 effective hyaluronic acids (with different molecular weights) that act in synergy to deeply hydrate and plump up the skin.

The creamy yet light texture melts on contact and it absorbs into the skin instantly. It leaves no greasy residue upon full absorption.

Sleep And Peel® is a cell renewal “booster” cream to help restore the skin’s radiance and softness while protecting it from premature aging.

It contains 105 ingredients with 68% of them are active ingredients. The NCTF® + Hyaluronic Acid cocktail is combined with 6 varieties of acids (AHA and BHA) with different molecular weights that guarantee gradual, controlled exfoliation. Azelaic acid encapsulated in liposomes and pyruvic acid exert triple hydrating, comedolytic and anti-oxidative action. Two matrikin peptides are combined with brown algae for effective soothing, protective and anti-aging action.

Apply on a night on a clean face, every day or alternative every 2 days, for the most sensitive skin. Do not apply to humid skin, around the eye area or on open wounds. A slight tingle might occur after application due to the anti-aging ingredients such as AHA and BHA.

I used to be a big fan of AHA and BHA but not now anymore. I used to apply a high concentration of AHA product continuously every night for a few years, without even realizing my skin has became thinner and sensitive. But if you use it twice a week, it should be fine. Do make sure to apply a good broad spectrum sunblock and avoid sun exposure as much as possible on the next day after you use it. I must say AHA and BHA are potent ingredients that can actually help to exfoliate the dead skin cells, clear clogged pores and to achieve a smoother skin.

Meso-Mask® is an anti-aging mask that helps treat wrinkles and eliminate the signs of fatigue. It helps reinforce skin firmness and radiance.

It contains 100 ingredients with 73% of them are active ingredients. The rhamnese-containing polysaccharide soothes irritation and instantly and lastingly evens out and lightens up the complexion. NCTF®, its exclusive core formula, stimulates cellular activity and collagen production.

I must say it was love at first use! I use it three times per week and I will apply a thick layer of the mask over my whole face, eye contour and neck. I leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing off the mask. My skin feels soft and smooth! :D

Laboratoires FILORGA Paris used to be available at Sephora outlets but not now anymore. I’ve no idea if this brand is still available in Singapore now.


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