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ioma paris singapore

ioma paris singapore

A while ago, I was privately invited to preview a new skincare brand – IOMA Paris – a French luxury beauty and skincare brand that takes science and personalization in skincare to a whole new level. And also to review its signature Bespoke Ritual, that is tailor-made to my skin’s needs.

About IOMA Paris

IOMA is founded by Jean Michel Karam, a scientist, inventor of more than 50 high technology patents and a serial entrepreneur. Together with a group of experts in technology and skincare/dermatology specialists, Jean Michel Karam launched IOMA Paris in 2010, a sophisticated and personalised skincare regimen that uses diagnostic equipment powered by MEMS technology to prescribe a custom-made skincare protocol for a woman of any age, skin type and ethnicity.

ioma paris singapore

The diagnostic devices track and measure the skincare regimen’s results over time and finetunes the recommended products to suit the skin’s changes over time.

During the private meeting at their Robinsons Heeren counter, I was asked to have my skin diagnosed using one of the patented devices above.

It diagnoses skin issues like hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, clogged pores, dark circles, bags and eyelids.

ioma paris singapore my bespoke rituals

Following the diagnosis, I was introduced to its signature Bespoke Ritual, a personalized day and night products that offer a customized programme with made-to-measure formulas. Bespoke Ritual kit consists of a day cream base, a night cream base and 8 serums. Bespoke Ritual is priced at S$430.

It is claimed to be an industry first, whereby the skincare consultant customizes the right formulation on the spot over the beauty counter for the customer.

Each day cream base (left) and night cream base (right) is said to comprise of 18 active ingredients which I have no idea what are they. All I know is that these 2 bases contain Neutrazen (a peptide that reduces skin sensitivity) and Vitamin E (an antioxidant). Can’t find the ingredient list on the whole packaging. However, it comes with a booklet that only mentioned the ingredients of the 8 serums. Frankly, I’m not comfortable of using skincare products which I have no clue on the ingredients contained. Most importantly, I want to know does any of the base creams contain bad ingredients such as alcohol?

To boost the efficiency of the 2 bases, they are formulated with the 8 serums according to our skin’s needs. The 8 serums are :

  • H1 – Hydralphatine Asia – A moisturizing complex containing Asian plants
  • H2 – Aqualance – Self-regulating moisturizing properties that provide hydration and protect skin from drying out.
  • H3 – Amiporine and MP Moist 24 – Both with anti-aging and moisturizing benefits
  • R1 – Novhyal – For elasticity and firmness. An active source of skin rejuvenation
  • R2 – Chronoline – A biomimetic peptide which stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • R3 – Syn-Ake™ – A peptide that provides a tightening effect
  • R4 – Matryxil 6 and Renovhyal – Both with anti-aging properties that smooth skin texture, fill out wrinkles and maintain skin hydration.
  • R5 – Essenskin® – It provides firmness and smoothing effect

The skin specialist helps to add all the 8 serums into each of the bases. The number of drops to be added from each serum is based on the report generated upon the diagnosis.

The tiny black ball in the cream base helps to mix the serums and the base together.

The day cream has a lightweight, fluid texture that absorbs into the skin easily.

The night cream has a much thicker texture that doesn’t feel greasy at all.

During the meeting, I was also introduced to 5 other IOMA products that are recommended based on the diagnosis report. Before the meeting ended, I was asked if I owned an OCBC Credit Card or a Robinsons Card in order to enjoy discounts of the 5 products. Hello? You really must be joking!

Verdict : After using Bespoke Ritual (both day and night creams) for about 2 weeks now, my skin occasionally feels hydrated and smooth. I actually skip all my usual serums when using both creams. I still not able to see a drastic improvement yet.


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