White Definition INSTANT BRIGHTENING Makeup Lesson by MAKE UP FOR EVER


Recently, I was invited by MAKE UP FOR EVER for a complimentary one-to-one INSTANT BRIGHTENING makeup lesson (30 mins) at Sephora Ngee Ann City!

This 30-minute Instant Brightening makeup lesson (falls under the “Simply Perfect Complexion”) costs only S$30. The purpose of this session is not to be introduced to the products but to learn the technique and steps of achieving a flawless, natural looking and instant brightening complexion! You will be surprised that you can still look utterly beautiful even without mascara and eyeliner. Most importantly is to get the base and foundation right! I strongly believe without a flawless natural looking skin, even with the most trendy and glamorous eye shadow, I will not be able to create the perfect look.

make up for ever makeup session

The products I’m using include UV Prime Daily Protective Make-up Primer SPF 50/PA+++, HD Primer in Neutral 01 and Green 02, HD Concealer, HD White Definition Instant Brightening Powder Foundation SPF 30/PA++ (recently launched with a new packaging), HD High Definition Powder, eyebrow pencil, Sculpting Kit, Sculpting Blush and lip gloss.

make up for ever makeup session

Here’s the before (insert picture) and after the session. There’s some redness on my sensitive skin prior the session.

make up for ever HD concealer

Upon applying the Daily Protective Make-up Primer, HD Primer in Neutral 01 and Green 02 (to conceal redness), the next step is to apply the HD Concealer to conceal imperfection and dark eye circles.

I could not emphasis the importance to prime skin before foundation (particularly a powder foundation). It is because powders – even ones that contain moisturizing agents – are by nature absorbent.

The HD Concealer perfectly conceal my dark eye circles without looking cakey and heavy. At the background is Amber, the makeup trainer. You don’t need to use a lot of the concealer, a little goes a long way.

make up for ever HD high definition instant brightening powder foundation

After prime the skin, next is the key product, HD White Definition Instant Brightening Powder Foundation in SPF 30 PA++. This recently launched WHITE DEFINITION, comes with a new packaging and new shades, is an instant brightening powder foundation that is designed for Asian women who want translucent and bright skin. Created in France in partnership with Japanese laboratories, White Definition contains an optimum blend of the finest-quality powders and pigments, and also incorporates high-level UVA/UVB protection. It is available in 6 specially-selected perfect shades to suit all Asian skin tones. The empty case is priced at S$20 and the refill plus the sponge are priced at S$65. I’m pleased to receive one set upon the session.

Recommended application : apply the White Definition using the sponge side of the applicator which will give long-wearing, shine-defying coverage. The flocked side, on the other hand, will create a much sheerer finish. You can also use Kabuki brush for a soft-focus finish or using a spaced-out bristles brush that gives a very lightweight application especially during winter season.

Make Up For Ever sculpting kit

After applying the HD White Definition Instant Brightening Powder Foundation, next is the Sculpting Kit. This set, comprises of two compact powders, is designed to contour and alter the size of the face using a light and shadow contrast. I’m pleased to receive a set of this in shade No.2 upon the session too.

Amber has used the dark shade in hollow areas on cheek and jawline to reduce the size of the face, while the light shade was used to emphasize my prominent features.

Next is the Sculpting Blush. Amber applied it on the cheekbone areas but slightly above where the dark shade of the Sculpting Kit was applied, to sculpt the cheeks further.

make up for ever makeup session

A nude lip gloss was applied and a tinge of the dark shade (in Sculpting Kit) was applied on my upper eyelid.

make up for ever HD high definition powder

Lastly not forgetting the NEW HD High Definition Powder. It gives a transparent, glowing and luminous finish that is both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. It also helps to soften the appearance of imperfection. It works well with the kabuki brush. I hope to share more about this product soon.

make up for ever brushes

These two brushes are great, especially the double-end sculpting brush which was used with the Sculpting Kit.

Here’s the complete look without any mascara and eyeliner! Thanks to Amber for this healthy, flawless and nude natural look!


Keen to know more about MAKE UP FOR EVER products, new updates or makeup lesson? Do visit their Facebook page, website or above makeup lesson brochure for more info.


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