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Acne is one of the most common skin problems that usually plague teenagers during puberty as the body undergoes changes and sebum activity of the skin becomes more active. However, it is usually harder to treat adult acne as the cell renewal and skin-healing ability slow down with age. But, with effective products that help to clear, soothe, protect and maintain the skin’s integrity, adult acne can be treated successfully.

Laneige Trouble Relief

Trouble Relief Line, launched in January 2014, is the latest addition to Laneige’s skincare range, specially formulated to treat acne-prone skin. Dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic and paraben-free, Laneige Trouble Relief Line contains Hinoki Cypress Polysaccharide extract – a key ingredient that reduces the growth of acne-causing bacteria by supressing the formation of biofilm (a mixture of microorganisms, bacteria, and metabolites that are attached to the surface of the skin) on the skin where bacteria thrives. It also helps to combat acne inflammation by effectively soothing irritated skin and maintain the skin’s moisture level for clearer, smoother and healthier skin.

Laneige Trouble Relief Line comprises of four products for a complete skincare regimen:

Laneige trouble relef cleansing tissue

Step 1 – Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissue (40 sheets) – Soft cotton cleansing tissues that produce rich bubbles for mild cleansing. It contains natural salicylic acid, willow bark extract and chamaecyparis polysaccharides components. When combined, the ingredients work together to prevent skin problems from developing.

Step 2 – Trouble Relief Toner (200ml) – Soothing skin toner that leaves your skin clean and smooth. It contains natural fermented alcohol to clean external impurities that can cause troubles, and clears skin texture to leave your skin smooth.

Laneige Trouble Relief Cream

Step 3 – Trouble Relief Cream (50ml) – Soothing moisturizing cream with antibacterial and moisturizing actions to form a protective covering for problematic skin. It contains chamaecyparis polysaccharide that soothes your damaged skin and controls the forming of inflammatory components. This soft and moist cream with Gossyplum Herbaceum (Cotton) Extract, extracted from the cork oak tree, helps form a protective layer on your skin.

Laneige Trouble Relief Spot Gel

Step 4 – Trouble Relief Spot Gel (20ml) – Antibacterial spot gel that helps reduce acne inflammation, tightens acne and prevents pores from clogging. It contains rose crysta (an antibacterial extract that works against acne germs), chamaecyparis polysaccharides components that control harmful skin impurities and Centaurium Erythraea (Centaury) Extract to soothe the redness of your skin.



I will be giving away these 4 products to one lucky winner.

How To Win

To enter the giveaway, simply share with us “Why you want to win?”

Each reader will only be able to submit one entry. This giveaway contest will end on 13 June 2014 11.59pm SGT. The winner will be randomly picked and the result will be announced on 15 June 2014.

Hurry and good luck! :-)

PS : The contest is open to Singapore residents only.

Laneige boutiques are located at : ION Orchard #B3-66, JCube Jurong East Central #01-04, Jurong Point #01-59/79/80, Plaza Singapura #03-77 and Suntec City #01-312.


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29 Comments on "[Giveaway] Laneige’s New Trouble Relief Line"

  1. Lily Tan says:

    I have acne occasionally and i have tried a few brands and it’s not keeping down the outbreak. I have not tried Laneign before and hope it can reduce the scarring and prevent outbreak….

  2. wenlin says:

    I would love to win because I’ve had a long running battle with combination skin that’s prone to breakouts especially in my t zone areas. Think that the laniege trouble relief series could be the solution to my skincare woes! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone!

  3. Adina says:

    Wow, I have been waiting for Laneige to release a range for troubled skin! Previously, I have tried their water bank series, but unfortunately, I didn’t see much improvement in terms of the amount of blackheads and white heads appearing all over my t-zone. (Though the supple skin I do get afterwards is quite rewarding) However, I have a bigger concern with my clogged pores.. I always have pimples popping up all over my forehead, or little bumps that are clogged with dirt. And no matter what I’ve tried, it just doesn’t seem to go away (having even used expensive lotions before). I would really like to win this giveaway to try their new range for troubled skin, in hope that it will help my clear my clogged pores and skin of impurities. Hoping for the best!

  4. Jess says:

    I want to win this so I can share with my daughter who is having acne problem. Hope to win thanks…

  5. Catherine Chua Yi Zhi says:

    I have been facing acne problems for close to 10 years already. Really will be grateful to find products that finally works for my skin. Hope that i have the opportunity to try out these products and i can live my life with beautiful skin and confidence!

  6. Michelle says:

    Hello Shirleen,
    I would love to get a try on Laneige Trouble Relief Line as I have blackheads, whiteheads and clog pores issues for years. The cleansing process (Step 1) interest me. As usually for Laneige cleansing, I thought it will be in a form of foam cleanser. Yet for this line, they are using cleansing tissue instead and I heard positive reviews on this range which make me want to win the products.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Yan Teng says:


    I’m a loyal user of Laneige products. Its great that Laneige has released the Trouble Relief Range. I want to win this set for my sister, she always has acne problem for her skin and tried all sorts of products non of it are able to cure her acne issue. So I hope Laneige Trouble Relief will be able to help her in getting better skin. Thanks!

  8. Sean says:

    I would love to win this as guy also has acne problem; so far in the market hardly find some skincare that suit me the best. Hope I have this opportunity to try it out. Thank you very much.

  9. SY Tan says:

    Im a huge fan of laneige especially their sleeping mask for years. I hope to win for my hubby who has acne since he was young and till now even in his 30s, he still get acne. Hopefully these products will help him to improve on his complexion.

  10. kymmy says:

    I hope to win this amazing range to try, and hope it will make a difference to my skin and change my perception about skincare products.As i have oily and sensitive skin, i tend to have breakouts often hence i do not dare experience or try new products.I have been washing my face with just water and nothing else as most skincare products irritate my skin easily. I hope to win these amazing Laneige products to solve my skincare woes once and for all.

  11. Annie says:

    This will be great for my 19-years old daughter who is having challenges with pimples and would like to find the right product to fit in as part of her daily beauty regimen.

  12. Michelle Ang says:

    I always have some acne at around my forehead and cheeks there. I always finding products to try and solve it and it always didn’t work that well for me. So i hope to find products that can suit my skin and I am hoping to try this since I have heard Laneige products is really good in treating skin problems.

  13. SherlynC says:

    Recently i’ve been suffering from breakouts and i cant seem to find any products that works to get rid of it.I’ve heard alot of good reviews on Laneige products,however it’s a little expensive for me right now,so i would love to have a chance to try these products out.Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  14. Vincent says:

    I have always wanted to try this out. Guys also need skin care these days

  15. AiLeng Loh says:

    I always have occasional outbreak now and then no matter what cleanser or moisturizer I change to ): esp in the time of the month where outbreaks are like ALOT ): but on normal days my skin is sometimes dry so I cant use too drying products ): Hope this line suit me hopefully! laneige is a really good brand that I will love to try out too! :D Thanks for this giveaway! :D

  16. Pang Pui Han says:

    I want to win this for my daughter as she is still not keen to take good care of her skin and I think it is time for her to start now – Start with Laneige!

  17. Pyong says:

    Am trying out a few anti acne skincare products in the market that is gentle enough to my sensitive skin. I have heard a lot about laneige and excited to try this new range.

  18. Yuuki says:

    I have been dying wanting to try laneige products, seems to be a great product but pretty expensive made me gave up on it. I have still not found a good brand suits my skin condition, been wanting to try different products as well. And I’m not actually focusing on skin management a few years back when I’m still schooling, but I have started to concern about my skin management but still am uneasy about it. Hence, i wish to be a loyal user of a brand which actually suits my skin! And these products looks really great for my skin!!

  19. Keith says:

    I wish to try Laneige’s New Trouble Relief Line to relief all my problem. This is not only privilege for ladies; guy need to be presentable too. Thanks for giveaway!!

  20. Amanda says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I would love to win this as I’ve clogged pores thus causing many small bumps on my face, am hoping these products will clear my skin! Thanks!

  21. Youying says:

    Oily combination skin have always been the #1 problem for me in the past 20 years. Using inappropriate products and post natal just simply worsen the skin condition. Looking forward to receive this awesome gift from you to bring the best in me. :)

  22. Huimin says:

    Acne and pimples is always the major issue on my face. I have tried various acne products. But still, it doesn’t work at all!! I really hope to have the opportunity to try out laneige trouble relief product range to resolve my current problem!

  23. Carly Jor says:

    I want to win for my best friend!!! She loves laneige, but neither of us can afford it! It would a great 16 birthday gift!

  24. Karen Ang says:

    I have acne, pimples breakout occasionally. Usually at forehead, chin are. :( I took extra care when it happens, and down lots of fluids, up my intake of vege, fruits. Exfoliate gently, Apply moisturizer, masks (I am not sure if I should use mask during break out). But it take ages to go away. If happen to scratched, due to itchy hands. Oh my, the red marks and wound, seems to stay forever, :(

  25. Missy Grace says:

    Laneige Trouble Relief Line looks like amazing products that are effective in controlling sebum, preventing blemishes and shrink pores. Hope to try them to have a heahtly and clearer skin.

  26. Chay Hwai says:

    Never tried Laneige products before, hope to try it as I have oily skin with open pores and pimples. I believe the Trouble Relief Line would be good to reduce the oil and pimples on my face. Wish to have good skin.

  27. Bebe Lee says:

    I have combination skin and It’s pretty oily on the T-zone and I’m prompt to having pimples. I wish very much to try out the Trouble Relief Line to keep the sebum under control and probably lesser to no breakouts.

  28. Shirleen says:

    Hi lovely readers,

    Thank you so much for participating in this giveaway contest. The contest is officially closed. One lucky winner will be picked randomly and the result will be announced on 15 June 2014. Good luck! :D

  29. lee liet says:

    please give me a chance to have acne free skin, i an 17 years old and suffer from acne, blackheads, white heads and these result in open pores and acne marks. i am very sad due to my skin. i have tried many many products but my skin is still plagued by impurities. i also have acne on my chest, really hope laneige will be able to solve my skin problems

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