Lanc´me FALL 2012 Make-up “Midnight Roses” Collection


This coming September 2012, Lanc´me Singapore is excited to launch its FALL 2012 “Midnight Roses” Collection.

The FALL 2012 Make-up Collection by Aaron De Mey, comprises of a Blush Highlighter, 3 new L’Absolu Nu lipsticks and 2 new Cr©me de Brilliance lip glosses.

“Midnight Roses” is inspired by the atmosphere of Parisian nights. Sophisticated, feminine women emerge just after midnight at a secret, magical location (no.29) that opens its door at the hour when purple roses come into bloom. “Midnight Roses” collection, designed around the purple color spectrum, is infused with mystery and seduction.


Cr©me de Brilliance – S$40

For the “Midnight Roses” collection, L’Absolu Cr©me de Brilliance has undergone a transformation and become completely matte. Two latest FALL 2012 matte shades are 100 Potion d’Amour and 300 Magie Pourpre (above).

300 Magie Pourpre appears slightly different with camera flash (insert photo). The pigment-dense lip gloss gives a matte and long-lasting finish yet it doesn’t feel drying.


L’Absolu Nu Lipstick – S$44

For this FALL 2012 Collection, Lanc´me launches 3 new L’Absolu Nu Lipstick sheer shades – 311 Prune R©sille, 309 Soie de Lilas and 310 Rose Damas. Colors look different – without camera flash (above) and with flash (below).

From light lavender to soft rose, these new translucent colors with a tinge of shine inject a chic touch of deliciously seduction appeal. L’Absolu Nu Lipstick is formulated with anti-aging ingredient Pro-Xylane.

(Above image without flash, below image with flash)

Above image : 310 Rose Damas

Above image : 309 Soie de Lilas

Above image : 311 Prune R©sille


Blush Highlighter – S$70

Limited Edition Lanc´me Moonlight Rose (001) Blush Highlighter captures the magical light that infuses Paris at midnight. Formulated with a new technology combining a high-comfort “marshmallow” texture with an illuminating effect, this extremely fine, light infused powder is adorned with an embossed emblematic Lanc´me rose.

(Above image without flash, below image with flash)

The powder feels feather-soft on application, leaving just a veil of sheer pearly radiance on skin. I extremely love the finish, my skin appears more translucent and radiant with just one application. This powder is gonna be my new favorite makeup product.

Hurry down to your nearest Lanc´me Beauty Counters this September 2012 for the latest Limited Edition “Midnight Roses” Makeup Collection. It’s definitely a perfect time to introduce new lip colors to complement your coming FALL fashion.

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