Review – Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment


I don’t usually go to the spa and rarely get facials, I’m quite selective if I do. Recently, I was invited by Lanc´me Singapore to experience one of their latest Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment which was recently launched last month in June 2012.

I accepted the invitation without much hesitation as this new treatment will be featuring the outstanding elixir, Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait (launched in May 2012, retailing at S$650), together with the caressing strokes of alternating hot and cold sensations provided by the exclusive Absolue L’Extrait massage petals that help reactivate skin micro-circulation, diminish facial tension and tone skin.

Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment lasts about 90 minutes and is priced at S$380 and I’ve done my treatment at the new cosy Lanc´me Beauty Institute at Marina Bay Sands. The other Lanc´me Beauty Institute is located at Goodwood Park Hotel Service Apartment. Read below for full contact details.

Upon reaching the Institute, I was warmly welcomed by a beauty therapist (didn’t get her name) and she served me a tea immediately. After a brief chat on the skincare products I’m currently using, she then briefly explained the whole facial treatment procedure and asked if I prefer the massage pressure to be “light, mild or strong”. I opted for the mild pressure but I eventually changed my mind (changed to light pressure) half way during the treatment. I find the mild pressure was rather strong for me.

I was then led to a super cozy treatment cabin (there are 2 cocoon-like treatment cabins in MBS outlet) where there was a robe ready for me to change into. Some soothing, relaxing music was played throughout the whole treatment process.

I extremely like the unique adjustable treatment bed very much. It’s super comfortable! The therapist adjusted it a couple of times during the whole treatment such as before and after massage. The switching of bed angles does help to make my body less stiff as I’ve been laying on the same position for the whole 90 minutes.

Before the therapist proceeded with the cleansing, she first began the treatment with a unique stretching massage named “Letting Go”.

“Letting Go” is specially designed to help us letting go off our worries from work, eliminate our stress, allow our skin cells to relax and get us in the mood for treatment.

This stretching massage is pretty unique and is different from the ordinary pre-treatment massage I’ve tried so far. I extremely love the fingers stroking procedure. Using ultra light pressure, she gently stroked my hands and lower legs to-and-fro numerous times with her fingers. It was super nice and I did not feel ticklish at all.

This “Letting Go” massage also includes some pressing and massaging on the whole body (including my feet and head) and legs and arms stretching and pulling. It works wonderfully and my body actually felt super relaxed and calm.

After a thoroughly cleansing with Bi-Facil Non-oily Instant Cleanser Sensitive Eyes and Gentle Softening Cleansing Milk Face & Eyes, and an application of Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Youthful Toner, the therapist next proceeded an exfoliation procedure.

She applied a generous amount of Fresh Exfoliating Clarifying Gel and did a exfoliating massage on my face and neck. The fine texture doesn’t feel abrasive at all. It melts and glides onto my skin pretty well.The exfoliation helps eliminate the dead skin cells on the surface and provides a better absorption of the products that will be used later.

Following the exfoliation is the core process of the whole treatment – the warm and cold petal massage with Lanc´me’s elixir – Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait.

Before I continue my review, let me share with you a brief information on this new breakthrough unique cream.

Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait

Absolue L’Extrait, the ultimate elixir of regeneration, actually contains 2 million Lanc´me Rose Stem Cells that is capable of stimulating human dermal stem cells.

It offers a formula with dual properties. Thanks to the stimulation of the Lanc´me Rose stem cells on dermal cells, regeneration is more effective in the deeper layers with 63% increase. To also achieve the regeneration of the epidermis, Lanc´me includes active ingredients in its formula which act on the environment of the dermal stem cells, creating a synergy with the life renewing force of Lanc´me Rose stem cells.

Each Absolue L’Extrait actually comes with an exclusive massage petal that can be amazingly used on hot or cold to help re-activates the skin’s micro-circulation, diminishes facial tension and tones skin.

Absolue L’Extrait is available at all Lanc´me beauty stores and is retailing at S$650.

You may want to read my previous post (click here) if you interested to find out more about Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait.

The massage petal on the left is the original size that comes with each Absolue L’Extrait cream and the giant massage petals on the right are used during the treatment process.

The heart of the procedure is the alternation of warmth and coolness of the massage petal, to awaken the skin.

The effect of the warm petal is to re-activate the skin’s micro-circulation and regenerate the skin texture. Facial tensions decrease, and the expression relaxes.

Under the effects of the cold petal the skin is toned and becomes radiant with vitality. It refines pores and skin is firmer.

The therapist continued applying a generous amount of the elixir cream while doing the hot and cold petal massage. The rich luxury silky cream glides onto my skin so well that makes the massage super relaxing.

The whole process using the hot and cold massage petals was superb! The hot and cold sensation was so rejuvenating that I wanted so much to request the therapist not to STOP! May you keep continue PLEASE? I couldn’t get enough of it! It was heaven! <grin>

Upon the hot and cold petal massage, the therapist next applied a deluxe Absolue Precious Cells Mask on my face and neck. The number 1 is for the face and the number 2 is for the neck area. While waiting for the nutrients from the mask to be fully absorbed into my skin, she pampered me with a hand and leg massage.

To complete the treatment, she followed by airbrushing a soothing mist of Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Youthful Toner on my whole face and neck.

She next applied Lanc´me G©nifique Youth Activator (not shown in the picture above), Lanc´me Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating & Replenishing Concentrate and Lanc´me Absolue Yeux Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating & Replenishing Eye Cream on my face and neck.

A soothing tea was served upon the treatment. Can’t remember as of now on which teas were served before and after the treatment. You can actually choose your favorite aroma cocktail actually.

Upon the treatment, my skin appeared more radiant, smoother and brighter too. As it was already 9+pm when I completed the treatment, I decided not to wash my face when I reached home later and sleep through the night with all the goodness of the luxury products on my face. I actually took the train back home with this naked face and lip. :-)

To my surprise, my skin appeared even more radiant and glowing on the next morning. Wow, love it!


Lanc´me Beauty Institute

Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment costs S$380 for 90 minutes and is available at the Lanc´me Beauty Institute at Marina Bay Sands (NEW) and Goodwood Park Hotel Service Apartment.

Marina Bay Sands (NEW)
B2-40, Canal Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972.
Tel : +65 6688 7699 – Fax : +65 6688 7626

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221. Goodwood Park Hotel Service Apartment Level 1.
Tel : +65 6737 6778 – +65 6835 4822


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