Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait, The Ultimate Elixir Of Regeneration


In celebration of Mother’s Day and launch of the new prestige skincare, Lanc´me has cordially invited my mom and myself for a pampering hands-on workshop and be amongst the first to experience the new miracle elixir – Lancome Absolue L’Extrait.

It was nice to be able to attend this beauty workshop and preview the prestige miracle skincare with my mom and it was our first attending an event together. 3 bloggers (including myself) and 2 moms have attended this cozy and private skin regeneration workshop event that was held at iconic ION Capsule at Level 1 @ ION Orchard.

I would say that Absolue L’Extrait is the most prestige skincare I’ve ever previewed so far!

The event began with a presentation of the new miracle elixir Absolue L’Extrait.

Before I go into details on the prestige skincare and the workshop, do you know what causes intrinsic aging? Dermal stem cells, found in the deepest layers of the skin that possess a unique potential for self-regeneration, diminish gradually as we age.

Stem cells are in fact sources of new life, lying at the heart of the regenerative process, which renew cells and tissues. As skin renewal decreases, our skin lose the structure and strength hence the signs of aging.


Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait – S$650 / 50ml

The ultimate elixir of regeneration

Lanc´me’s research laboratories have opened a new chapter, exploring a fresh source of natural regenerative activity, the dermal stem cells. Lanc´me announces in a World first, that it has perfected a totally new active ingredient obtained through an exclusive biotechnological process: Lanc´me Rose stem cells, probably the most complete regenerating active worldwide.

Advances in knowledge of both human and plant stem cells that led to a new way of looking at biological process, Lanc´me’s research laboratories developed a breakthrough unique cream – Absolue L’Extrait – the ultimate elixir of regeneration, concentrated for the first time ever in the stem cells of the Lanc´me Rose and capable of stimulating human dermal stem cells.

I’m glad to catch a glimpse of the Lanc´me Rose. Born of a subtle alchemy between a magenta and a mauve rose, the Lanc´me Rose has a rare and vibrant color. It is a new generation biotechnological active ingredient that could reach and work with the ultimate source of skin regeneration.

It has this amazing longevity that can live in a vase for 10 days without losing its freshness.

Lanc´me Rose was created in 1973 after a major competition the ultimate rose, baptised La Rose Lanc´me. The result of competing hybridisations that in all produced some 20,000 new varieties of rose, the Lanc´me Rose was finally chosen not only for its surpassing beauty, but also for its exceptional qualities of liveliness and resistance.

Today, Lanc´me Rose is only grown to order by its creator, in the French region of the Chteaux de la Loire, with a single annual growing season in open fields giving an annual production limited to a few thousand plants.

10 years’ work finally gave Lanc´me researchers a true-breeding line of stem cells from the Lanc´me Rose thanks to Fermogenesis, an exclusive procedure combining biotechnology with unique craft skills.

I’m pleased to learn that Absolue L’Extrait actually contains of 2 million Lanc´me Rose Stem Cells. WOW!!

With Absolue L’Extrait, Lanc´me offers a formula with dual properties. Thanks to the stimulation of the Lanc´me Rose stem cells on dermal cells, regeneration is more effective in the deeper layers with 63% increase. To also achieve the regeneration of the epidermis, Lanc´me includes active ingredients in its formula which act on the environment of the dermal stem cells, creating a synergy with the life renewing force of Lanc´me Rose stem cells.

Absolue L’Extrait is developed to treat 7 major signs of skin aging :

  • expression lines (forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles)
  • wrinkles due to aging (nasolabial fold and wrinkles around the mouth)
  • slackening of the lower face

It is claimed that after 11 weeks of application, a significant decrease in each of these 7 major signs of aging was noted.

Well I’m now suffering from these signs of aging actually. Hiaz!! I’m glad to receive a deluxe size Absolue L’Extrait in 15ml upon the event. I’m almost finishing my current moisturizer, can’t wait to try it after that. My mom also received a deluxe size too.

Unfortunately the deluxe size doesn’t come with the exclusive massage petal. Woof! This specially designed massage petal actually works wonder! My mom and I love it so much! Do continue reading as I will reveal more about this amazing massage petal and the correct application.

Absolue L’Extrait Cream is proud to have Julia Roberts as the face of the campaign, is available at all Lanc´me Beauty Counters from May 2012. The cream is retailing at S$650.


Upon the completion of Absolue L’Extrait presentation, we next proceeded on a full skincare regimen using a range of prestige Lanc´me skincare products, including the hero product Absolue L’Extrait.

After removing my makeup with Bi-Facil Non-oily Instant Cleanser Sensitive Eyes, Gentle Softening Cleansing Milk Face & Eyes and Absolue Premium Advanced Creamy Foam Cleanser, my skin appeared absolutely clean and smooth. After which, I applied the Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Youthful Toner on my clean face. My mom actually loves the luxury silky texture of the Absolue toner.

Lanc´me G©nifique Youth Activator is the first skincare product to be used after the toner and before any serums.

After I have applied G©nifique on my whole face and neck, the Lancome assistant then helped (1) pump 2 or 3 pumps of Lanc´me Absolue Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating & Replenishing Concentrate onto my palm. She followed by (2) adding 2 or 3 drops of Absolue Advanced Whitening Anti-age Spot Concentrate (3) onto the Regenerating Concentrate.

I mixed both serums using my finger before applying on my whole face and neck again.

Absolue L’Extrait is accompanied by an exclusive massage petal designed to derive maximum benefit from the application of the cream. With precise movements in a 2-fold beauty ritual; the black portion is for applying the cream, the golden section for the massage.

Step 1 : The petal was first soaked in a hot water (you can actually run it under hot water) for the first beauty ritual.

The Lanc´me Laboratories and the Institut Lanc´me have developed this application procedure inspired by the Institut’s care treatments, to liberate all the regenerative power of this product. The heart of this procedure is the alternation of warmth and coolness of the massage petal, to awaken the skin.

The effect of the warm petal is to re-activate the skin’s microcirculation. Facial tensions decrease, and the expression relaxes. Under the effects of the cold petal the skin is toned and becomes radiant with vitality.

After when the petal is hot, I then pressed the petal into the cream with black portion facing down.

Here’s the amount required for the whole face and neck. Gently damp the cream on the black portion of the petal onto the face before using hands to gently spread across the whole face evenly.

Here I was doing the first beauty ritual using the hot petal using the golden portion massaging onto my skin. While doing the first massage, a little pressure is preferred. The rich luxury silky cream glides onto my skin pretty well and that makes the massage pretty relaxing.

After I was done with the first step massage using the hot petal, the petal was soaked into a cold water for the second step.

My mom and I extremely love the hot and cold petal on our skin! The hot and cold sensations provide a complete rejuvenation!

A simple tutorial on how to use the Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait hot petal to massage your skin.

A simple tutorial on how to use the Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait cold petal to massage your skin.

And the last skincare product is the Lanc´me Absolue Yeux Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating & Replenishing Eye Cream.

In fact, I was told this is the correct amount to be used for both eye areas. Pretty little to me, I usually apply more hee hee……

Gently even out the eye cream with your ring fingers before applying on the eyelids.

Upon full application, my skin appeared toned, smooth and radiant.

Here’s the full range of products I’ve tested except the sunscreen (on the extreme right).


Absolue L’Extrait Cream, retailing at S$650, is available at all Lanc´me Beauty Counters from May 2012.

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