Preview The New Lanc´me Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara


Two weeks ago, I was delighted to attend an event by Lanc´me to preview their latest mascara – Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara. It was launched in Singapore from 1st July 2011 and is retailing at S$50.

Lanc´me being the world’s leading cosmetics brand has once again excelled in innovation, pushing its unique expertise even further by creating a visibly denser fringe, lengthened lashes, revealing lash growth potential, targeted at Asian women.

A mascara which activates an immediate potential of lash regeneration.
Lash-by-lash volume and spectacular length, achieve visibly denser lashes for Asian eyelashes!

The event was held at L’oreal Singapore office and some tasty sandwiches were served during the event.

Before I go into details on the product, first of all I must say there are two things about Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara I’m actually very impressed with. The patented unique helix-shaped structure brush and being the 1st mascara that is formulated based on stem cell research, similarly to the skincare line Absolue Precious Cells.


Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara – S$50

Lash Structure Decoded

Lanc´me’s Research Laboratories believes that lashes, similarly to hair, posses a very sophisticated structure, comprising two main parts : The visible part called the shaft, and the hidden, biologically active part known as the root.

As a result of this study, Lanc´me being a pioneer in scientific and cosmetic research, innovates with cutting-edge formulas and ultra-technological brushes, presents a mascara that is capable of protecting the lashes, and at the same time, offer a remarkable make-up effect for women all over the world.

The dual claim of advanced lash care and spectacular lash volume are tested and developed especially for Asian lashes.


The 1st Mascara Formula Based On Stem Cell Research

Whatever the lash type, over time, they will become visibly shorter, weaker and sparser.

Bolstered by its knowledge of stem cells, Lanc´me created the first formula capable of optimising stem cell activity by acting on their environment in the skincare line: Absolue Precious Cells. In 2010, the technology is transported first-time to makeup in Virtu´se Precious Cells as an advanced lash care product. Seeing a market for regenerated lashes with volume, Lancome presents Hypn´se Precious Cells in 2011 for an immediate potential of lash regeneration, guaranteeing visibly denser lashes. Key ingredients include:

1. Lash Densifier Complex consists mainly of a precious plant cell extract, Malus domestica – already present in the cream formula of Absolue Precious Cells — which is capable of restoring the environment of stem cells in the lashes within the follicle.

Discovered by Swiss scientists, Malus domestica, comes from a specific rare Swiss apple variety, Uttwiler Spatlauber, which has the amazing ability to last months longer than its shriveled cousins after it was picked from the tree. The apple’s longevity lies chiefly in its unusually resilient stem cells.

Touted as the “Fountain of Youth”, Malus domestica is present in Hyp´se Precious Cells and is capable of restoring the environment of stem cells in the lashes within the follicle.

Within 28 days, lashes are visibly regenerated. Lashes’ life cycle is extended and they appear stronger and densified. Younger lashes can now grow stronger and fuller and mature lashes remain visibly longer and thicker.

2. Madecassoside is a fortifying ingredient that is used to strengthen and thicken the hair and its anti-inflammatory properties help to absorb micro-irritation so as to extend the life of lash follicles.

3. Arginine, a type of amino acid known of its nourishing properties, can help to stimulate micro-circulation of nutrients within the follicle so as to re-densify lash fibres.

4. Hyaluronic Acid also present to give an instant plumping effect for a lash by lash, voluptuous curve.


A High-Tech Brush For An Ideal LASH-BY-LASH Volume

Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara, designed exclusively for Asian lashes, comes with a patented unique helix-shaped structure which has two flat sections (right pix) that generously captures the formula and bathe lashes in its fortifying virtues; and two structured ridges (left pix) for optimal lash fringe definition, magnified volume and spectacular lengthening.

Perfectly coated from root to tip, lashes are immediately amplified and separated for maximum volume at the lash fringe.

For flawless application, position the helix-shaped brush with the lash fringe, moving from the roots to the tips for perfectly separated, amplified lashes.


A Quick Review

With only one coat using the ridges section, my lashes are immediately lengthened and appeared denser. The ridges section perfectly separates and amplifies my lashes with ease. The coated lashes tend to dry pretty fast though and that makes it a little challenging to re-coat my lashes using the flat section for a optimized volume.

Hypn´se Precious Cells gives a complete intense makeup result with lengthened and thickened lashes. It also helps to protect and nurture the lashes even after makeup is removed.

Although it is designed with smudge-resistant formula for wear under hot and humid weather, it does occasionally smudge a little under my eyes a couple hours after application. Not too sure if it’s due to my oily eyelids.

Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara produces an unique scent which I guess it’s probably due to the ingredients that contain in it.

Overall, Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara is pretty good in terms of lengthening and optimizing volume but it doesn’t curl my lashes as much as what Virtu´se Precious Cells does.

Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara available at all major departmental stores in Singapore and retails at S$50.


During the event, we also got to preview an interesting lashes product, ”scillation Powerbooster, that repairs, regrows and enhances for a visibly stronger, longer and fuller lashes in 28 days.

After the briefing of Hypn´se Precious Cells, a makeup artist demonstrated a complete makeup look using one of the two latest addition to Ombre Absolue Impact 3D - A30 Papilon Violette (violet tone) and B10 Voute du Ciel (bluish tone). The color for the top image is actually A10 Rubis Delices.

These two newest Ombre Absolue Impact 3D available at all leading departmental store in Singapore from 1st July and retails at S$90.


So here are what I have received after the event, including a full size Hypn´se Precious Cells Mascara, Gloss Fever Gloss and a trial size Bi-Facil Instant Cleanser.

Are you a mascara addict? If you are, here’s an exciting contest for you. Lancome Singapore is inviting you to join in the “Confessions of Mascara Addicts” Contest. This contest is held on Lancome’s facebook page: Lancome Singapore. Do get your friends to join and get them to vote too!


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