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More than a month ago, I was delighted to receive a 30-day Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink from AFC Japan. And after completed the 30-day Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink, I’m now pleased to review it and can’t wait to share the goodness of this product with my readers!



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What makes the skin firm, supple and youthful?

Do you know what are the 3 essential major components that require in the dermis layer in order to achieve a youthful looking skin? Well they are collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Collagen, an important protein which covers more than 70% of our skin, is a major component of the dermis that helps the function of many tissues and organs. Elastin is a special type of collagen that gives your skin elasticity and hyaluronic acid surrounds and supports the collagen. Hyaluronic acid also helps maintain the moisture content of the dermis and epidermis.


Product Profile

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is an intensive high performance age-defying drink for cell renewal and collagen production. Comprising a synergistic blend of Micro-Collagen Peptides, botanical Bio-Cell Activator (BCA) Complex and Hyaluronic Acid, Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink replenishes and stimulates natural collagen formation, while repairing skin damage for youthful skin.

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is exclusively available at all NTUC Unity pharmacies at S$56.90 (pack of 10 bottles). You can also find the full range of AFC Japan supplements at The Living Pharmacy, all Nishino pharmacies, John Little (Marina Square & Jurong Point) and selected Watsons and Guardian.



The Defy-Aging Ingredients

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink contains the highest collagen concentration I have ever found. Formulated with 10,000mg micro-collagen peptides that helps promote skin firmness, hydration and clarity. The collagen also helps reduce pores, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. The high concentration also ensures sufficient collagen is rightfully delivered to the various body parts and to the skin.

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink also contains hyaluronic acid (another important component) for revitalise, BCA Complex (Bio-cell Activator) for revive and vitamin Bs and C for rejuvenate.

Hyaluronic acid has 6,000 times more moisture locking ability for deep hydration. It retains moisture, plumps up skin surface to smoothen wrinkles and stimulates repair of damaged skin. BCA Complex, which contains Tsubaki seed, lotus germ and star fruit leaf, helps to accelerates production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It promotes cell renewal with strong anti-oxidant properties. Vitamin Bs and C promote skin metabolism for cellular renewal and aids effective collagen synthesis.

Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink works from within your skin layers to nourish, hydrate and firm up skin. With the unique blend of skin-revitalising ingredients, it repairs and regenerates the skin that leaves your skin perfectly smooth and revitalised from inside out.


Review on Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink

Seriously, to upkeep my youthful skin is not an easy task. Do you know that aging starts as early as in your 20s? And now in my 40s, my collagen and hyaluronic acid levels are reduced by 50% as compared to women half of my age. So in order to maintain my skin to be firm, supple and youthful, I have to make sure that the 3 important structure components which are collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are in tip top condition. That is why even though I’m already 42 this year, friends and strangers will often compliment my youthful-looking skin, and most of them feel that I look younger than my actual age. Yeah!! Hank!!<grin>
And now, I have finally found a prefect and easy solution to upkeep my youthful skin with loads of collagen and hyaluronic acid, and the answer is Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink. :-)

First of all, I really love the odorless refreshing peach flavour. I love it so much that I’m always looking forward to take this supplement drink every night before I brush my teeth for bed. Oh gosh, I guess I have addicted to it. Seriously!

I also love the idea that this all-natural, highly bioavailable and easily absorbed drink is free of coloring and preservatives. Another amazing thing is that each bottle contains only 55 calories and it is fat-free. Woof!!

For women in 40s like me, it is recommended for me to drink a bottle daily and preferably before bedtime. It is believe that sleep is a time for healing and repair.

As Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is PRESERVATIVES-FREE, I have noticed that the shelf life is shorter than most collagen drinks. The expiry date is printed on the side of the box.

I have taken this picture a few days before drinking Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink. I have rosacea on the cheek area, can you see it?


After completed the first 10 bottles

I have noticed minimal improvement on my overall skin. The most obvious improvement is the reduction of rosacea. I often have serious redness, red bumps and itchiness on my face. They usually appear around my nose, chin and cheek areas. Can you imagine it’s such a real ‘pain’ to conceal and counter this skin irritation almost everyday? I have to conceal it with either green primer or yellow concealer.

After completed the first 10 bottles of Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink, my rosacea almost disappear and it hardly reoccurs. My skin is more hydrate and smoother too. :-)
After completed 20 bottles

I can see more improvements on my skin. The pigmentation and sun spots on the cheek areas seems to lighten significantly. My skin is brighter, clearer and even-toned. The fine lines on the forehead and eye areas have reduced too. :-)
After completed the full course – 30 bottles

In fact, I was very sad when I’ve completed the full course. I kind of miss this drink every night.

I love the final results! The rosacea has disappeared and my skin is less sensitive. The pores are less visible and more refined. My skin is firmer, smoother and hydrate. The fine lines on the forehead and eye areas are less obvious. The pigmentation is lighter and skin is more even-toned and less dull.

I look significantly younger and I’m very happy with the results. All-in-all, Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is an excellent supplement for cell regeneration and renewal for younger, smoother skin. ;-)

So my advice to women in their 20s, do start your aging prevention as early as you can.



Will I buy it? Yes Definitely! ;-)



3 lucky readers will each win a set (10 bottles) of Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink worth S$56.90!

How To Participate

All you need is to tell us “what you like about Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink?”

Each reader will get 2 chances to participate in this giveaway. You can post the answer on the comment box below and/or post the answer at AFC Japan Facebook Page (look out for the latest thread, you need to ‘Like’ AFC Japan FB Page before you can comment). Only one reader will be able to submit one entry on each location. The closing date for this giveaway contest is on 31 October 2010. The 3 winners will be picked by AFC Japan and the result will be announced on 2 November 2010.

A Big Thank You To AFC Japan for giving away these lovely prizes. Good Luck! :-)

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38 Comments on "Review & Giveaway – Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink"

  1. jessie sng says:

    I love Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink because unlike other skin care products, it works from within and inside the skin layers. Since it boosts collagen production, aged skin like mine can be firmed up and youthful looking again ! Can’t wait to try it !

  2. daphnegal says:

    I like Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink as it can help to enchance our skin condition by repairing and regenerating the skin from inside out.I hope to attain younger,smoother skin as I hit thirties and have a radiant complexion always.

  3. Jay Ting says:

    I love the Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink because it is extremely potent with collagen that can be easily absorbed by our bodies. I have tried other brands of collagen but they did not show much results after a few months of consumption. Only Tsubaki managed to firm up my sagging neck which has obvious deep lines and the under-eye hollow areas after taking a bottle daily for a month.

    I once used to be afraid of taking collagen supplements as I was not sure of their possible side effects. However, due to my aging skin and the many advertisements out there, I gave them a shot as normal skincare itself did not give me satisfactory results. I am happy to say now that my decision to go on the Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink was the best one so far as they are preservatives & colouring free, almost fat free, and I did not experience any negative side effects like bloatedness, weight gain, breakouts, etc. Most importantly, taking them is hassle-free as compared to other powder form collagen which require time to prepare and do not taste good.

    Overall, the Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is pure goodness for the beauty conscious and I would continue being a supporter as long as I can!

  4. Ann Wong says:

    To be franked I have never try Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink. But have heard good words about this drink. Well, it increases the collegen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins Bs & Cs to increase the overall well being of skin. Not only it improves your skin texture and you will find the skin becoming more radience and glowly. I really hope I have an opportunity to try this product.

  5. eddy khoo says:

    The final pics of yourself after taking the drink is amazing ! Your skin looks so fully hydrated and radiant. With its collagen and hyaluronic acid, the drink is a must-have, even for guys like me !

  6. Jane says:

    I love Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink because it works wonder for my skin. I’ve tried many skin care products and this is definitely one of the best as it is not only a healthy drink by itself, but does wonder for your skin all over…and not just the face !

  7. Pyong says:

    Proof speaks louder than words. The fact that your face started glowing after the 30 days challenge is amazing. I’m so going to check it out in stores.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Definitely is the preservatives free and 10000mg collagen!

  9. Pat says:

    My gf has been taking collagen drink and i think it works on her. What I like about Tsubaki Drink because i hope to be like gf, always look younger than me.

  10. Chu says:

    I like your after photo and that is why I want to try Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink.

  11. Tiffany says:

    Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink can make my skin young and firm.

  12. edi says:

    As I’ve just started working, I have to be careful on what I spend on. I need to be sure that the product works before I purchase it and I’m definitely willing to give Tsubaki drink a try :D

    I’m almost half your age but I’ve got more fine lines under the eyes! :S

  13. Jenn says:

    I love Tsubaki Perfect Beauty drink.

    It’s Skin firm & youthful.
    It’s replenish & stimulates natural collagen formation while repairing skin damage for youthful skin.

    It’s Defy-Aging.
    it’s make the skin firmness , hydation n clarity.
    it’s helps reduce pores, winkles, fine lines & pigmentation.

    Hope to receive the giveaway of Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drinkî€

  14. Vionn says:

    Nothing beats this!
    The more i read about it, the more i want to try and it contained my favourite ingredient – Hyaluronic acid!

  15. Pat says:

    Tsubaki Perfect Beauty drink makes my Skin firmness, youthful, Defy-Aging, reduce pores, winkles, fine lines & pigmentation.
    I highly recommend Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink. Drink it and u love it very much. 

  16. Patricia says:

    My galfriends they are drinking it and makes them look younger & beautiful. I will want to try it. 

  17. CATFat says:

    Tsubaki Perfect Beauty drink makes my Skin youthful, Defy-Aging, reduce pores, winkles, fine lines & pigmentation.

  18. Piggy says:

    Tsubaki Perfect Beauty drink makes my Skin youthful, Defy-Aging, reduce pores, winkles, fine lines & pigmentation?
    I like to try Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink.

  19. JJ says:

    Beside using mask this is another way to improve n proven 10000mg collagen 

  20. Mey says:

    I love the skin become firm, I love my skin more bright, I love youthful skin and that the reason why I like Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink :)

  21. Tiffany Sin says:

    WOW Tsubaki Perfect Beauty collagen drink is preservatives fee that’s i like and the best is only 55 calories go for it :)

  22. Sharon says:

    I like that Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink works from within our skin layers to nourish, hydrate and firm up skin… This is especially important for ladies like me(in my late 20s) whose skin has started to see the awful effect of aging.. and I believe with the unique blend of skin-revitalising ingredients in this convenient bottle, it can help to repair and regenerate my skin and let my skin revitalised from inside out…and be perfectly smooth and young again..

  23. Winnie says:

    I have tried a few other brands of collagen drinks and also collagen pills, but none seems to have much effects. I like Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink that it “heals” from the inside with 1000mg collagen, preservatives FREE! It hydrates, pump up your skin and giving it lots of radiance. Picture says a thousand wo…rds, the blog owner posted a picture of herself before and after consume, and i would say WoW its amazing and I really love to try it! She certainly looked much radiant and the problem skin went away! How miraculous is that! And It’s MADE IN JAPAN, another quality assurance. :) Make me so tempted to buy now!

  24. Jess says:

    Please pick me so that I have a chance to try it :)

  25. Serena says:

    I like Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink as it can help to beautify our skin, making it firmer and smoother looking. It has indeed the highest collagen concentration I have ever found too. 10,000mg of collagen is really amazing…

  26. Debbie Wee says:

    I have not tried the product before, however, after reading the review here I am absolutely keen to try it. The search for beauty longevity have been a quest undertaken by both corporate organisations right down to each individual.

    When a product manage to unlock that secret closer to the fountain of youth, it should be given that credit of recognition and shouts. None better than a real testimonial by real individuals.

    Forget the fancy ads or celebrity paid testimonials…the real thing counts without the cosmetics first.

    After longing for and searching in years for the “right” solution, it will be an absolute delight to try the product be a loyal living testimonial.

  27. Mindy says:

    There is a saying that a woman will have to choose between her face or her ass some point in her life. As we age, having more body fat will help to fill out lines and wrinkles in our faces, giving it a more youthful appearance. While dieting and over exercising might be slim down our bodies, it may make our faces look gaunt. With Tsubaki’s low-calorie and fat-free Perfect Beauty Drink, you don’t have to choose. You can have the best of both worlds, a beautiful face and an enviable figure.

  28. Shirleen says:

    To all lovely readers,

    Thanks so much for participating on this Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink Giveaway. The contest is officially closed. 3 lucky readers will be picked and the result will be announced on 2 November 2010. Stay tuned. ;-)

  29. Melissa says:

    Hi there,

    how often do you recommend for someone in her late 20s to take this drink? Thanks!

  30. Shirleen says:

    Hi Melissa,

    2 to 3 bottles per week should be fine.

  31. Syasha says:

    Hi~ I would love to try Tsubaki! May i know where am i able to purchase it?

  32. Shirleen says:

    Hi Syasha,

    You can purchase it at The Living Pharmacy, all Nishino pharmacies, John Little (Marina Square & Jurong Point) and selected NTUC Unity, Watsons and Guardian.

  33. Mich says:

    Hi where I can buy this? i want to use it here but I don’t see any store selling this? kindly email me.. thank you :)

  34. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mich,

    You can purchase it via online at

    Check out the shipping details :

  35. Millie Hong says:

    Hi! I have tried the Tsubaki bought it here in our country. But they run out of stock. I’d like to purchase thru on line. Do you deliver to other countries. you can charge me the freight.
    hope for your soonest reply. thanks.

  36. Shirleen says:

    Hi Millie,

    I don’t sell this product on my blog. You can purchase the product on AFC Japan website at :

  37. Khaled says:

    Is it suitable for men, & can it be consumed daily ????


  38. Shirleen says:

    Hi Khaled,

    It’s definitely suitable for men too. You can consume it daily for 30 days and reduce it to 2-3 times per week after that.

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