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My Battles With Blackheads

I’ve been plagued by blackheads on my nose and chin areas god knows for don’t know how long. I’ve tried all sorts of products & methods. From nose strips, thefaceshop clay mask for blackheads, some sasa Japanese products, the made-famous-by-a-flamboyant-blogger, b’liv gel to having undergone a mild non-ablative medlite laser, just to blast these irritants off on my nose & chin areas. Not to mention, the torturous facial extraction sessions I have to bear every month; and it does not help when my gentle & girlish beautician seems to transform to a xena whenever she starts to squeeze my black & white heads. Ouch!

Sadly, all of the above products and methods do not keep the blackheads at bay beyond 2 weeks! The most effective I had experienced was the medlite laser. I could see that my blackheads were reduced significantly but all of them came back with a vengeance after a month & with that, $500 flew out from my wallet! sad.gif

Then I came across a rave review on Dr Jart’s All Out Black Head and despite having tried similar products with disappointing results, I just could not help but to rush out to get one.

As my monthly facial is due next week & the thought of the pain I would be going through, really strikes fear into my heart. I took out the bottle of Dr Jart All Out Black Head in the hope that I would have a more pleasant experience during my upcoming facial. After reading through the instructions, I could not wait to try it. However, even before I could use it, I discovered that the pump is not working, this really dampened my enthusiasm! Nonetheless, I unscrewed the cap, poured out the yellowish gel & applied on my nose and chin areas. I waited for 10 minutes & started to massage & rub the treated areas. As I was rubbing the areas, parts of the gel turned into little white flakes and after 3 to 4 minutes, I washed the face with water to remove the residues.

To my disappointment, instead of spotting a less strawberry-like nose, the blackheads appeared more obvious; it seemed that these irritants have “floated” to the topmost layer of the nose, what a sight, yikes!

Then I told myself, perhaps the blackheads were loosened & could be removed more easily and so I took out my Skinlite Nose Pore Cleansing Strips (some kind of nose strips) and applied on my nose. After the strip was dried, I peeled it off and was dismayed to see that not as many blackheads were removed, compared to the previous times when I applied the strips after doing an asprin mask. sad.gif

After putting up such continuous fight against the irritants, I was not about to give up just like that. I took out my favourite TheFaceShop black sugar scrub and started scrubbing my nose with the hope to get rid of more of those “loosened” blackheads, so I scrubbed my nose really hard!

After washing off the scrub, my nose appeared slightly better.

After all these efforts and some 45 minutes later, about 10% to 15% of the blackheads were removed.

Would I buy Dr Jart’s All Out Black Head again? Highly unlikely but I’ll continue to use it until it finishes. Well, you may say that I jumped into conclusion too soon and I really hope you can be right. If miracles were to happen, I’ll update again.

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