My Favorite Beauty Supplement – AFC Japan Tsubaki Collagen DX


Japanese women are known for their youthful looking skin and they actually look younger than their actual age. They pay great attention to their skincare routine and strongly believe their skin will look visibly fresher, younger and firmer by regularly consuming beauty supplements. Collagen helps the skin to regenerate itself and maintain a youthful and wrinkle free skin.

I’m a strong believer in beauty supplements and collagen drink is still my favorite beauty supplement; as compared to collagen powder and pill or tablet.

afc japan tsubaki collagen drink

Recently, I was pleased to receive two boxes of AFC Japan Tsubaki Collagen DX, and many thanks to Lifestream Group.

afc japan tsubaki DX collagen drink

I must say the best tasting collagen drink I’ve tested so far is this AFC Japan Tsubaki Collagen DX.

Each box is packed with 10 bottles of collagen drinks.

And each box is printed with expired date.

AFC Tsubaki Collagen Drink DX is a proven high performance formula combining 10,000mg Micro-Collagen Peptides, precious 500mg Royal Jelly, Tsubaki Bio-Cell Activator, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin Bs and C to rapidly brighten up complexion and restore firm, youthful skin.

AFC Japan Tsubaki Collagen DX is said to provide five skin benefits :


The five key ingredients are :

10,000mg Micro-Collagen Peptides – it promotes skin firmness, refine pores and wrinkles. Formulated with odorless collagen technology, it is 60x smaller than normal collagen for optimum absorption in the body.

Magical Power of 500mg Royal Jelly – touted as the Youth Elixir and a highly nutritious super food used extensively to preserve youth and promote good health. Rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-ageing nucleic acids RNA & DNA and bioactive compound, 10H2DA. It brightens complexion, speeds up healing process and inncrease the production of collagen in the body.

Tsubaki Bio-Cell Activator – consists of botanical extracts from Tsubaki camellia seed, Lotus germ and Star fruit leaf. It promotes collagen production and enhances cell renewal and protection.

Hyaluronic Acid – infuses and retains moisture, plumps up skin cells from within for smooth, supple skin.

Vitamin B6, B1, B2 and Vitamin C – promotes skin metabolism for cellular renewal and collagen synthesis.

After continuing taking a bottle each day for about ten days, my skin does appear more hydrated and slightly smooth. Love the peach taste very much, really delicious! As it is formulated with collagen molecules that are 60x smaller than normal collagen, it is said to be able to get better absorption (1.5 times) by our body.

AFC Japan Tsubaki Collagen DX is now available at


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