Regen Cos+ Plastic Skin Solution Mask Series


Recently, I was invited to review a brand new sheet mask series – Regen Cos+ Plastic Skin Solution – created by Regen Beauty Medical Group. Regen Beauty Medical Group is Korea’s leading plastic surgery hospital that consists of over 30 specialists in different fields.

Regen Plastic Skin Solution

Regen Cos+ Plastic Skin Solution consists of 5 variations – Collagen, Whitening, Pore Minimizing, Moisturizing and Skin Sensitivity. I’ve received these 5 variations plus lots of samplings from Regen.

Regen Cos+ Plastic Skin Solution is formulated with Halophyte and vitamins in R&5 Complex. Halophyte is a plant that grows in very salty soil and contains a complex of multi-minerals to smooth skin texture and hydrate skin.

Regen Plastic Skin Solution

Ultra Skin Moisturizing Mask is designed to rescue skin dehydration and dryness.

Ultra Skin Moisturizing contains potent hydrating ingredients such as olive leaf extract, hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil. The ingredient list seems pretty good.

Regen Plastic Skin Solution

Each box contains 10 pieces of sheet masks.

Not sure what it means above, but I guess it’s something got to do with Regen’s 360˚ Total Care System.

Regen Plastic Skin Solution

The sheet mask is pretty thick. Although it is soaked nicely with essence but it doesn’t dripping wet at all.

I leave the mask on for about 15 minutes.

Upon using the Ultra Skin Moisturizing mask, my skin does feel slightly hydrated and smooth. The ‘after’ image was taken immediately after I’ve removed the mask. My skin was still slightly wet, I then lightly patted my skin to absorb the remaining essence onto my skin.

Double-Effect Collagen Care Mask is designed to prevent wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Double-Effect Collagen Care contains acacia collagen (provide moisture and elasticity), water-soluble collagen (provide hydration and protect skin against external stress) and chamomile water (soothe and plump skin).

Skin sensitivity Suppression Mask soothes hypersensitive and irritated skin.

Skin sensitivity Suppression contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera leaf extract (with moisturizing effect), propolis extract (reduce skin irritation and boost immune function) and portulaca oleracea extract (calm damage and allergic skin).

Real Whitening Effect Mask helps even out skin tone and boost radiance on our skin. I’ve tried this mask however I can’t see much improvement from it.

Real Whitening Effect contains pearl extract (brighten skin tone), vita complex 10 (regenerate and tone damage skin) and niacinamide (whitening effect).

Pore Minimizing Treatment Mask is designed to refine the appearance of pores by preventing excess oil secretion with the camellia flower extract.

Pore Minimizing Treatment contains wine extract (act as astringents), camellia flower extract (reduce secretion of sebum) and witch hazel extract (calm skin and refine skin texture).

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