Gucci Made To Measure Men Fragrance


Have you ever thought about what a dream date with the dream man would be like? Well, my dream man would be someone who is tall, manly, well-spoken and stylish. His suit is tailored to perfection and most importantly, he must smell amazing and wears Gucci Made to Measure.

Gucci Made to Measure fragrance is an intensely masculine partner for the iconic female perfume Gucci Premiére. Gucci Made to Measure, a spicy oriental fragrance, is exclusively tailored for man who demands the very best. Like the well-constructed Gucci suit, Gucci Made to Measure has an aroma that is specially crafted with the philosophy of attention to detail.

Top notes : Calabrian Bergamot, Tunisian Orange Flower, French Lavender, Anis Seed

The first encounter with the fragrance is akin to the look and feel of a handmade suit. Anis Seed, hand-picked, distilled Tunisian Orange Flower and the best Calabrian Bergamot. The smoothest Provencal Lavender tempers their potency, producing a caressing, soft, yet warm effect on the skin – stylish and comforting as a luxurious silk lining.

Heart notes: Sri Lankan Nutmeg, Water Lily, Juniper Berry, Plum, Cinnamon
The scent’s core is eclectic, lavishly spiced and textured – a beguiling combination fused to idiosyncratic effect.

Texture and masculine elegance is achieved with piquant and bracing notes of Juniper Berry. While the rich, tonal enigma of Sri Lankan Nutmeg and succulent Plum replicate the plushness of cashmere.

Base notes: Cistus Labdanum, Patchouli, Leather, Amber

Just as the mark of an exquisitely crafted suit lies in its structure and silhouette, so the dry down gives the fragrance its tailored core. The richness of Amber, along with the leathery opulence of purified Andalusian Cistus combine to express an unmistakably masculine sophistication. The scent’s signature comes in the form of the best Indonesian Patchouli: the signature ingredient of all Gucci perfumes – refined, exotic, conveying the ultimate in luxury.

The Made to Measure bottle bears the signature of house founder Guccio Gucci, here inscribed in jet enamel. The color scheme is the distinguished slate and pearl grey of a bespoke suit and shirt button. The box is adorned with Gucci’s Diamante pattern, which dates back to the 1930s and reflects the House’s heritage. It also boasts a muted gold and gunmetal variation of the iconic Gucci web stripe.

Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure EDT (30ml) SGD 88
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure EDT (50ml) SGD 112
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure EDT (90ml) SGD 146
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure Aftershave Lotion (90ml) SGD 103
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure All-over Shampoo (150ml) SGD 50
Gucci by Gucci Made To Measure Deodorant Stick (75g) SGD 45


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