Review – Dior Addict High Color Lipstick


Dior Addict High Color Lipstick, a new addition to Dior’s varicolored lipstick ranges, is my first makeup product review.

Dior lipstick ranges

Although I’m not so much a makeup person but I always enjoy going around cosmetic counters to check out on lipsticks. In my opinion, I felt that Dior has been putting a lot of attention on their lipstick business. So far, there are 8 ranges under their belt : Dior Addict Lipstick – Diorific – Dior Addict Ultra Shine – Dior Addict Ultra Shine 2 – Dior Addict Pearl Shine Collection – Rouge Dior – Dior Addict Ultra-Nude – Dior Addict High Shine – Dior Addict High Color. (What a mouthful!!!)

Each range is targeted for different effects and needs on personal taste preference. So far, I have bought 2 different colors from Dior Addict High Shine. I will say so-so for the color texture as I find them too translucent for me. But I do like the moisturizing texture on both though.

Dior Addict High Color Lipstick

Well, back to the Dior Addict High Color Lipstick. Marketed as ‘Melting Shiny Lipcolor’, comes with many beautiful colors. I have a hard time choosing the color I want, eventually I took this pinkish peach color no. 564 Rose Extase Ecstatic Pink.

Product review

When shine lights up color!

In just one stroke, dare a new breed of color saturated with shine. Experience the new glide that transforms your lips into a weapon of seduction.

Prodigious innovation. Dior takes up the challenge. The first lipstick that combines an ever more vibrant color with a new wet – look brilliance, captivating, ultra sexy.

Dare the addictive sensation of a new shaping and ultra-smooth changing texture, which transforms your lips for striking and perfectly irresistible lips!

Dior Addict, the brilliance shows its seduction…

Texture / Results

It gives a smooth texture and good color density. No shimmer with great shine. Very moisturizing, I love it!!!



Will I buy it again? …… Very likely!

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