CLIO Introducing 3 New Salon de Cara Mascaras!


CLIO has recently launched 3 new Salon de Cara Mascaras that comes with special wands and salon-inspired formulas to comb our eyelashes to new height!

Clio Salon de Cara mascara

Each formula comes with specially designed wand modeled after hairstyling tools.

Waterproof and smudge-proof, these mascaras also have salon-oriented formulas, and contain hair care ingredients such as Argan Oil and Ceramide.

Salon de Cara Mascaras come with 3 key benefits :

  1. Each mascara wand is modeled after salon-styling tools, be it hair rollers, a round hairbrush, or a hairstylist’s hands
  2. All there mascaras contain salon-inspired formulas of volume powder and hair waxes
  3. The mascaras contain popular ingredients used in hair treatments – Argan Oil, which helps repair hair damage, and Ceramide which smoothens hair cuticles, locks in moisture and prevents damage.

Pleased to receive all three Salon de Cara mascaras plus a heated eyelash curler from CLIO Singapore recently.

Clio Salon de Cara mascara

CLIO Salon de Cara in 001 Hair Roll Cara is made to stimulate hair rollers to give extra volume.

Clio Salon de Cara mascara

Stimulating a hair roller, this mascara wand is made in France and comes in a 15mm cylindrical roller for extreme volume, with an empty centre to maximize its volumizing capacity.

Clio Salon de Cara mascara

Like hair rollers with an empty centre to create volume, 001 Hair Roll Cara uses a Balloon Hollow Powder that builds volume by thickly coating each lash strand with polymers.

Clio Salon de Cara mascara

001 Hair Roll Cara gives the best volumizing eyelash effect among the three. My eyelashes appear thicker and fuller with just 2 coats. It lengthens my lashes too. It’s waterproof and smudge proof.

Wanted a curled eyelash effect, check out this CLIO Salon de Cara in 002 Roll Brush Cara. It mimics a round hairbrush for a curling effect.

This 002 Roll Brush Cara stimulates a hairbrush to give our lashes stunning curls with volume.

Using an ultra fine and dense roll brush with six sections like a professional hairbrush, this mascara wand rolls my lashes strongly from root to tip.

002 Roll Brush Cara makes my eyelashes stay curled and it gives a volumizing effect too. Curled lashes actually make my eyes look feminine. It is waterproof and smudge proof too.

For long and fan-out eyelashes, CLIO Salon de Cara in 003 Finger Cara fits the bill.

Made in France, 003 Finger Cara has 228 bristles that part three ways at the tip to extend our lashes as if being pulled outwards by our stylist’s hands.

Inspired by the sticky wax used in hair waxes, the formula has 5mm cellulose fibers that easily attach to each lash strand for visible lengthening effects.

My eyelashes appear pretty long with this 003 Finger Cara. The 228 bristles fan out my lashes beautifully. It appears as though I’ve used a lash comb to separate and fan out my lashes. Love this look the most! It’s waterproof and smudge proof too.

Which of the three effects you like the most?

These 3 new CLIO Salon de Cara Mascaras, priced at S$24.90 each, are now available at selected Watsons stores.

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