New Clarins Boosters To Charge Up Your Skincare


Changes in your current lifestyle, late nights, changes in climate, sunburn, excess partying or even over-indulging on CNY goodies over the Chinese New Year holidays (who’s guilty?!) can take a toll on your skin. Or have you ever been trapped in a skincare situation where you started to notice your current skincare products just don’t seem to be working, despite applying your skincare products religiously? Well, what your skin probably needs is a “boost”, and Clarins may just have the answer to your woes.

Introducing all new CLARINS BOOSTERS which come in 3 variants to cater to your occasional beauty needs linked to your lifestyle and environment –

Energy (orange), Repair (Blue) and Detox (Green).


It took Clarins 10 years of research to come out with these skincare Boosters. These Boosters come in nifty size bottles but each packs a highly-concentrated formula specially designed to target damaged skin.

Simply add any one of these Boosters to your moisturiser / face cream, cream mask or even your foundation to boost up your skin. Use it for a day, a week, or even a month, to provide immediate response to your skin’s specific or occasional needs. Sounds like customised skincare to me, no?

Which BOOSTER is for you?

Late nights, a hectic lifestyle, jet lag and dieting can lead to devitalized skin, lack of tone, tired features and a dull complexion.

The beauty booster for devitalized skin.
Its highly concentrated formula enriched with ginseng extract, a legendary Chinese medicinal plant known for thousands of years for its stimulating properties:

  • tones and re-energizes your skin,
  • minimizes signs of fatigue,
  • revives its radiance.

Sunburn, extreme climates or minor cosmetic surgery can all weaken the skin, causing redness and leaving it rough, dry and lacking in comfort.
BOOSTER REPAIR is the one for you!

The beauty booster for weakened skin.
Its ultra-concentrated formula enriched with mimosa tenuiflora extract, a Mayan medicinal plant known for thousands of years for its repairing properties:

  • reduces feelings of discomfort
  • optimizes skin strength
  • minimizes the appearance of redness.

Over-indulging, partying and smoky environments can cause a dull, uneven complexion and dehydrated skin

The beauty booster for congested skin.
Its ultra-concentrated formula enriched with green coffee extract, a plant from tropical Africa high in caffeine and known for centuries for its detoxifying properties:

  • revives radiance of a dull complexion
  • detoxifies and plumps the skin.

During Clarins Boosters Media Launch some time back, I did this little quiz where I get to choose what are most relevant to me and the result shows that the Booster my skin needs most is ENERGY.

I was rather intrigued by the fact that I can now add a Booster to my current skincare for that to boost up the effect of my skincare product. It’s akin to adding a turbocharger to increase the “horsepower” of your skincare! Boy, I’m so excited to try these Boosters out!

How to apply? 

In the palm of your cleansed hand, blend 3 to 5 drops of your Booster with your usual face cream or face mask. Blend until smooth before applying. Do not use the Booster alone.

Watch the video on how to apply the Booster here.

So I started using Booster Energy  at the beginning of this year on an alternate daily basis. It’s been slightly more than a month and though I did not see any drastic difference, but the biggest noticeable difference was my face still manage to look radiant and hydrated despite sleeping 2am the night before and having to wake up at 7am the next morning.

And usually my makeup would not adhere to my skin as well and look patchy after application if I did not have insufficient rest.. But when I mix a few drops of the Booster Energy to my Clarins White Plus Emulsion (or you can add to your Double Serum as well), my moisturiser seems to work better than before in providing a more lasting hydration to my skin thus making the application of my makeup better and last longer with getting patchy by mid-day. Even my T-zone is not as oily (since the skin is well-hydrated so it doesn’t need to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness).

I have not tried mixing this Booster Energy with my foundation yet but maybe I should. Would love to see if it changes how many foundation works on my skin.

Speaking of which, I also have not tried the Booster Repair yet and I’m sure it will come in handy after my Picosure laser appointment next week. Shall try that out on my face at night after my laser session and see if it helps to soothe and calm post-laser heat/redness on my face.

The CLARINS BOOSTERS are retailing at S$65 (15ml) each and now available at all Clarins counters islandwide and their online store.

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