Take Control of Your Skin Translucency with Clarins New White Plus Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum


Asians are well known for their constant quest for fairer, brighter skin. Look at the Koreans and Japanese, won’t you be envious of their porcelain, flawless skin?

Thanks to its 20 years’ of knowledge of Asian skin and its philosophy of listening to women, Clarins is now making advances in whitening expertise with a new and improved whitening care.

Since the launch of its first whitening skincare in 1996, Clarins Research has already acquired in-depth expertise in melanocyte, the only cell that produces melanin responsible for skin pigmentation.

For the launch of this new serum, Clarins Research worked for several years in collaboration with the Institute Curie (one of the largest biological research centre in France), and made an unprecedented major scientific discovery – identification of a new cause of hyperpigmentation through the MELA EXO SYSTEM, which involves exosomes which carry protein messengers that trigger pigmentation.

So in late November last year, I was invited to Clarins Brightening Academy Masterclass + Preview Launch for this NEW White Plus Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum at ION Sky, ION Orchard.

During the Masterclass, the trainer shared that external factors such as UV exposure, hormonal changes or even a skin injury could have a direct impact on melanocytes, causing them to overproduce melanin (pigments) and resulting in unsightly pigmentation marks.

Fast-forward and sparing my readers all the scientific details, another breakthrough by Clarins Laboratories is that they have isolated and identified the precious benefits of a “whitening-in-control” plant extract from the Acerola fruit (commonly known as the “red cherries“).

Clarins Research has identified the ability of Acerola fruit extract to regulate the MELA EXO SYSTEM and its power to prevent melanin overproduction by -24.5% when the skin is subjected to external aggressions such as UV exposure.

In addition to Acerola fruit extract’s performance, the extract from the Acerola seed also helps to enhance cell oxygenation by +18%, an additional benefit to boost the skin’s radiance and translucency.

The Acerola extract selected by Clarins Research team comes from Acerola grown in the Northeastern region of Brazil, a semi-arid belt with a warm, dry climate. The Acerola fruits are harvested semi-ripe before they turn red to optimize and ensure a maximum level of active ingredients. The extraction is carried out on the fresh fruit, which is harvested early in the day to preserve its content of active ingredients (to avoid its destruction by UV and the heat from the sun) and stabilized by immediately freezing upon harvest.

The Acerola fruit and seed extracts combined with whitening plant extracts (which include Lady’s Mantle and Sandspurry extracts) with renowned skin-translucency properties, this Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum helps to preserve the three elements (I would call it the 3Cs”) of even and translucent skin, namely:

  • Contrast -Anti-dark spot action
  • Colour – Fairness, brightness and eveness
  • Clarity – Translunceny and a healthy glow

Being someone who is constantly plagued by uneven skin tone and sallow skin, I was really excited and can’t wait to try out the new Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum.

Below is the list of ingredients stated on packaging for those who would be interested to know….

Ultra fluid and lightweight, this serum has a milky emulsion-like texture that is readily absorbed by the skin, leaving my face looking hydrated (this serum contains hyaluronic acid complex to hydrate the skin) and brighter day by day. It has a light floral smell, which I personally like since it’s not overpowering for my sensitive nose.

I have been using this serum religiously daily (day + night), 2 pumps for my entire face and I will pat whatever remaining excess serum on my hands on my neck area. It would be good if you can invest on a good neck cream (Clarins Extra-Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Cream pretty good too), otherwise you might like try my “budget” method and start taking care of your delicate neck area from now on.

After using for about a month or so, I’m starting to see improvements to my skin tone evenness and my skin does look more radiant and less sallow these days. I have a few dark spots on my upper cheek area (freckles which probably most Asian girls hate most!) and they seem somewhat lighter now? Not gone, but probably less obvious than before I started using the serum. That’s good news isn’t it? :D

Oh ya, not forgetting to mention, I compliment my whitening/brightening skin care regime in the day by using the White Plus Total Luminescent Brightening Hydrating Emulsion SPF 20 after the serum.

The New Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum (30ml, S$130) is available now at all Clarins counters islandwide as well as their new online store at www.clarins.com which was recently launched a fortnight ago.

To celebrate the launch of this new serum and their online store, u get play a game to win prizes and enjoy Launch Exclusives (free delivery with any purchase, more free gifts and weekly special offer sets) when u shop online from now till 20 March 2016.

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