Clarins First Anti-Aging Masterclass


Some time back, Clarins held its first ever Anti-Aging Masterclass.

Photo credit : Clarins

Being a nature-loving company, Clarins chose Open Farm Community (OFC) as the venue for this event.

OFC is a relatively new restaurant opened this year near Dempsey (130E Minden Road to be precise). It is very much based on “farm-to-table” concept where they grow their own vegetables and spices and use as much as what their backyard farm can produce. This is the first time I’ve ever been to such concept restaurant so it’s a novel experience for me.

Fresh juices and yummy finger food by OFC

Photo credit : Clarins

It was a cosy affair with 12 other beauty & lifestyle influencers where we had the opportunity to learn more about Clarins anti-aging products (plus their new Super Restorative range for matured skin) and find out which products actually suit us through a short quiz using oranges, bananas and bay leaves.

Oranges = Multi-Active Range for the 20s onwards
Bananas = Extra-Firming Range for the late 30s – 40s
Bay Leaves = Super Restorative Range for the 50s onwards

I only have bananas and bay leaves and didn’t pick any oranges at all. OMG it simply means “I’m getting old”… LOL!

We were also taught the right way to apply our skincare products using the “Draining Pressure Points” Method which promotes a rejuvenating and radiance-boosting effect.

Sampling the texture of Clarins No.1 selling Double Serum

2-in-1 [water + oil based] formula

Based on 27 years of anti-aging expertise, Double Serum combines the most powerful water-soluble (hydric) and oil-soluble (lipidic) age-defying formulas to replicate the water and oil ratio in your skin.

Infused with 20 powerful plant extracts, Double Serum targets skin’s 5 vital functions :-
Hydration – Katafray increases cell hydration, bringing renewed softness to skin
- Kiwi improves cell nutrition for a radiant complexion and firmer skin
- Quinoa strengthens skin’s resistance against harmful effects of free radicals and pollution
- Lemon Thyme activates the production of collagen to support skin’s firmess
- Rosehip boosts healthy cell renewal for radiance and luminosity

Moisturisers from the Extra-Firming Range – Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream & Night Rejuvenating Cream for all skin types

Formulated from extracts obtained from organic green banana and lemon thyme, the Extra-Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream delivers an immediate “lifting” effect which also helps to reduce first signs of wrinkles and expression lines.

Enriched with powerful plant extracts that help to reinforce and bond the key elements of the skins structure, the Extra-Firming Night Rejuvenating Cream prevents the deepening of wrinkles. The lotus extract also helps to reduces the appearance of dark spots and creates a more even and radiant complexion. Though its texture is slightly richer than the day cream, it is easily absorbed by the skin without much stickiness.

Moisturisers from the NEW Super Restorative Range – Day Cream & Night Wear

Enriched with exclusive organic Harungana extract and revitalising Pueraria Lobata extract, the Super Restorative Day Cream is an intensive replenishing cream that helps restore elasticity to mature skin challenged by hormonal changes due to aging process. It also contains dehydrated plant-based Micro-Pearls which settle into wrinkles and expand as they absorb the skin’s moisture to “fill in” and smooth lines.

The Super Restorative Night Cream enriched with Himalayan Jasmine, contains active molecules called iridoids which soothe skin weakened by age. Tamarin Seed optimizes nighttime cellular renewal and helps repair skin while revitalising Pueraria Lobata extract helps counteract dullness, wrinkles, age spots and loss of elasticity in matured skin.

Towards the end of the workshop, we were caught by surprise when the very innovative team from Clarins told us that we will be having a salad making challenge!! From picking our own salad ingredients to making our own salad dressing…That’s so fun! After which, head chef of OFC, Daniele Sperindio, would taste our salads and pick 3 winners of his choice.

While he was going around tasting our salads, I knew I would not be one of the winners as my salad dressing was vinaigrette-based and I think he’s one who prefers cream-based dressing. LOL! Anyway, it was great fun. I’m sure everyone enjoyed the Clarins Masterclass as much as I did!

Looking forward to the next exciting Clarins event real soon!

PS: Clarins is giving a free 7-Day trial supply of Double Serum. Try it now and see results in 7 days!


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