Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF 50/PA++++ Day Screen Multi-Protection


To upkeep my youthful looking skin, SUNSCREEN is one skincare product I absolutely cannot leave without. Whether if it’s rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, I will always apply broad-spectrum sunscreen on my face from 9am to 4pm every day. I reckon many of you may not be aware that exposure to UV rays can actually accelerate aging process.

Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution PA++++

Recently, I have received a surprised parcel from Clarins Singapore and it contains the latest updated series of UV Plus Day Screen that is now formulated with an anti-pollution protection and with PA++++. I actually go ga-ga when I see PA++++ on the packaging! The four ‘plus’ actually means it gives a maximum protection against aging damage, as compared to those with only PA+++. This new UV Plus Anti-Pollution is also formulated with SPF 50 that helps protect the skin against sun burn.

I must confess, I’m really obsessed with looking and staying younger! In addition to protecting my skin against harmful UV rays, I’m also a strong believer of protecting my skin from environmental factors such as harmful particles and toxins. Studies have shown that city living actually makes the skin age much faster than a rural living. UV and pollution are the main causes of premature aging and hyperpigmentation, that lead to rough and uneven skin texture.

The Clarins UV Plus Day Screen was first introduced in 2005, specially created for Asian women living in the city. 10 years after its success, Clarins has now gone even further, to offer even higher protection, not just against UV rays but also against the harmful effects of pollution. In 2015, Clarins introduces a new powerful sunscreen – UV Plus Anti-Pollution.

Clarins Research has demonstrated that UV rays and pollution generate damage in the skin, including an overproduction of free radicals in the dermis and epidermis which speeds up skin aging, damages skin texture and alters skin color.

UV Plus Anti-Pollution now available in three shades : Neutral, Baby Pink and Baby Blue.

Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution sunscreen

Neutral gives a transparent finish and it does not leave any white traces or oily feel. Baby Pink gives the skin a natural, subtle, transparent pink glow, definitely ideal for those who want to restore luminosity to dull complexion. Baby Blue helps minimize the look of redness, dark spots and small imperfections for a flawless, even-looking complexion.

The new UV Plus Anti-Pollution is now formulated with Organic Alpine Sanicle extract, a new and exclusive from Clarins, that provides antioxidant protection on the skin surface. It is also enriched with other antioxidants including Cantaloupe Melon extract and White Tea extract that combat free radicals generated by the aggressions of urban life. Blackcurrent extract, a new formula of UV Plus Anti-Pollution, limits the overproduction of inflammatory molecules generated by UV rays and pollution. Lampsana stimulates the skin’s natural defenses and Thermus thermophilus increases the skin’s resistance against the harmful effects of pollution particles.

I have tried the previous versions before and I like it really much. The great thing is the new formula feels less greasy than the previous version. I love all the three shades, can’t decide which is my favorite though. Love love love the PA++++! For sunscreen selection, I will definitely opt for the maximum PA++++ as much as possible.

UV Plus Anti-Pollution, retailing at S$74, is now available at all Clarins stores.


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