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As we know aging is inevitable and sagging skin is a common part of the aging process. As we age, collagen and elastin production levels decline. Though many skincare brands will focus on increasing the collagen and elastin production however Clarins has researched that by reconnecting the missing links in the dermis layer will achieve a lasting firmness.

clarins extra firming day and night creams

clarins 1984 extra firming creamSince first pioneering a cream that ‘turned back time’ by firming female skin and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles in 1978, Clarins have set yet another skincare benchmark with the launch of two new Extra-Firming Day and Night Creams that will once again totally transform the way world views anti-aging and firmness.

This new Extra-Firming Range will be available at all Clarins stores from 29 August 2013 onwards.

For 30 years of anti-aging research, Clarins has reconnected the missing links to lasting firmness with their new breakthrough anti-aging skin care. Enriched with powerful plant extracts that help to reinforce and bond the key elements of the skin’s structure* to firm our skin in two fronts.

Reconnecting link 1: collagen fibres to dermal cells
Reconnecting link 2: elastic fibres and collagen fibres

In collaboration with the ethnopharmacologist Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Clarins Research has selected 2 plant extracts with complementary properties that reinforce the links between

  • collagen fibres,
  • elastics fibres, and
  • connections across fibres and cells

These extracts are obtained from green banana and lemon thyme and are currently subjects to 4 Patent applications (FR).

Organic green banana extract – reinforces the link between fibroblast and collagen fibre

Specially developed for Clarins, this extract obtained from the unripe fruit has exceptional restructuring properties. It encourages the synthesis of collagen I and V, and strengthens the connections between fibres and cells by stimulating the synthesis of two ‘anchor’ proteins, FAK and fibronectin.

Key link : collagen fibres to dermal cells

The ability of the skin to resist slackening largely depends on the anchoring of collagen fibres to dermal cells, or fibroblasts. This anchoring ensures that fibres are kept taut and at the same time mechanically prompts fibroblasts to carry out optimal synthesis of these fibres. By causing a loss of the connections between collagen fibres and fibroblasts, aging leads to a slowdown in cell activity and disorganization of the skin’s support network.

Lemon thyme extract – reinforces the connections between elastic fibre and collagen fibre to enhance skin

Lemon thyme extract obtained by organic farming reinforces the restructuring and firming action of green banana extract by encouraging the expression of Emilin-1 at the level of elastic fibres*.

What is Emilin-1? It is a protein that plays a key role in protecting elastic fibres and maintaining the structure of the dermis. Clarins was the first to reveal the drop in the presence of Emilin-1 in the dermis with aging.

* in-vitro tests

clarins extra firming day cream

Extra-Firming Day – S$130 for 50ml

Product profile : Fights skin slackening, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firms the oval of the face and restores more defined features by acting on the three key elements of dermal structure and the links that join them : elastic fibres, collagen fibres and fibroblasts. It delivers an immediate lifting effect, prevents dehydration by forming a protective film on skin surface and protects skin from the harmful effects of pollution.

Extra-Firming Day comes in two versions – one for all skin types and the other for dry skin.

clarins extra firming night cream

Extra-Firming Night – S$130 for 50ml

Product profile : Reinforces the firming action of Extra-Firming Day, helps prevent the deepening of lines and restores an even complexion for optimal epidermal renewal. It prevents dehydration and restores the skin’s deep moisture reserves and protects skin from the harmful effects of night-time free radicals.

Extra-Firming Night comes in two versions – one for all skin types and the other for dry skin.

The regular renewal of epidermis helps maintain a youthful-looking face and prevents the deepening of wrinkles at golden timing (2.00 – 4.00am). Thanks to the presence of rice peptides, Extra-Firming Night now acts both on the synthesis of collagen fibers in the dermis, and on the preservation of epidermal stem cell environment at the surface of the skin.

A consumer test (2-week usage) was performed on 106 Asian women with all skin types. Results are expressed as 86% women agree Extra-Firming Day and Night Creams are the complete firming solution.

clarins extra firming day and night creams

clarins extra firming day and night creams

clarins extra firming day and night creams

Extra-Firming Day and Night Creams have kept their wonderfully rich textures with a velvety smooth, soft feel and semi-matte finish. Their “cushion” effect on the skin gives an intense comforting feel on application. Thanks to the use of a new generation of emulsifiers, the latest version is even smoother and more melting to ensure quicker absorption.

Extra-Firming Day provides the fresh, feminine notes of rose and camelia while Extra-Firming Night has the subtle, soothing fragrance of lily of the valley, jasmine and iris.

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