Newly Launched Clarins Bust Beauty Lotion


Frankly, I do not really pay much attention to my breasts all this while. I have fairly small boots and because of the small size, thankfully they are still looking pretty firm and not much sagging even in my 40s now.

I believe many of us, like me, do not like the idea of breast enhancement through surgical. I personally prefer the safer alternative using products instead.

Clarins, the leading bust beauty specialist in Europe, launches Bust Beauty Lotion the natural way to a fuller, firmer bust.

The Bust Care range is now comprised of Bust Beauty Firming Lotion, NEW Bust Beauty Lotion and Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel.

New Clarins Bust Beauty Lotion is now available at all Clarins counters from 1st July 2011.


New Clarins Bust Beauty Lotion – S$85 / 50ml

A fuller bust, but also a firmer bust…

A beautiful bust also means a firmer bust. Clarins has taken from natural plant extracts with the most powerful firming properties.

Quince. Organic quince extract reactivates synthesis of collagen for more toned, firmer skin and tightens the network of dermal fibres.

Vu Sua. Vu sua extract prevents the breakdown of collagen fibres and protects them from the harmful effects of free radicals. The frame of the “natural bra” is strengthened and the bust is firmed.

A little more volume….an enhanced bust.

The size of the bust is linked to the presence of the mammary gland and also the quantity of lipids stored in fat cells in the bust (adipocytes).

The larger the stock of lipids, the more the adipocyte “swells”, resulting in a plumping effect under the skin. So optimizing the storage of lipids in fat cells of the bust will enhance bust volume.

Voluform®, an active ingredient obtained from biotechnology, enhances the breast with two action levels :

  • It encourages the presence of more functional adipocytes in the bust area,
  • It optimizes the storage of lipids in adipocytes present in the bust.

Because a beautiful d©collet© also means good bust hold, Clarins has also included in the formula of Bust Beauty Lotion a tightening plant extract – Oat Sugars.


I can’t wait to try this complimentary Bust Beauty Lotion. Received at the same time with the Colour Definition Autumn Make-Up Collection recently.

Since I have small boots, this Bust Beauty Lotion is definitely for me! It is recommended to enhance small breasts and improve their shape. YES!!

The light fluid velvety texture leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Hmm…. I really love the floral scent. It’s super soothing!


Couldn’t decide on which Bust Care product suits you best? Here are the brief description on each Bust Care product :


A FREE trial of Bust Care range!

Visit any Clarins counter and receive a complimentary trial supply of Bust Care range now. One trial supply per customer and while stocks last!


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