Clarins NEW Colour Definition Autumn Make-Up Collection


Two weeks ago, I was delighted to receive a parcel from Clarins Singapore and it consists of Clarins NEW Colour Definition Autumn Make-Up Collection and the latest Bust Beauty Lotion.

Under the Colour Definition Autumn Make-up Collection, I have received 2x Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs in 01 & 04, Limited Edition 3D Radiance Face PowderJoli Rouge lipstick in 732, Rouge Prodige lipstick in 105 and Instant Liner in 01. I couldn’t hold back my excitement as I was checking out the new products and colours. Wow!! So beautiful!

This latest Autumn makeup collection is now available at all Clarins counters from Aug 1 2011.

Oh my, time really flies! We are now moving into Autumn season and Autumn marks the transition from a hot summer to a cold winter weather. The Autumn/Winter makeup color trend reflects the cooler season.


NEW Colour Definition Autumn Make-up Collection

3D Radiance Face Powder – S$65 (Limited Edition)

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s so creative! This Limited Edition 3D Radiance Face Powder is gonna be a must-have makeup product for many makeup lovers this Autumn!


Instant Liner – S$35

This Instant Liner comes in one colour – black. Although this long-lasting liner comes with a not so fairly thin brush………

but it is fairly easy to draw a perfect thin line with ease. My right eye appears bigger and more lively.


Rouge Prodige – S$35

In this Autumn collection, Rouge Prodige offers 3 lovely new colours. What I’m having here is 115 Rose Coral which is reddish peach in colour. The other 2 colours are more to the earthy tone. My lip looks pretty natural with 115 Rose Coral and the new Rouge Prodige is quite moisturizing too.

Wanna see my complete makeup look with the latest Autumn makeup collection in different variations? Read on then…….


Joli Rouge – S$35

Joli Rouge offers 2 new colours this Autumn season – 732 grenadine (above) and 733 fig. Both are in rich darker tone.


Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs – S$72

In this Autumn collection, Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs comes in 6 lovely colour palettes. I’m glad to have received 2 of them.

Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs in 01 comes in a soft cool combination of light cream, light baby pink, light pale green and brown shades.

In fact, there are many ways to play with the colours. You can create your own look and start having fun with the colours now.

Here I’m creating my own subtle makeup look with Clarins Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs 01, 3D Radiance Face Powder, Rouge Prodige lipstick in 115 Rose Coral, Instant Liner, Wonder Volume Mascara and Extra Firming Foundation.

I really love the colours of this Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs in 04. I have always wanted to own a rich blue eyeshadow palette and this came at the right time.

Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs in 04 is gonna be my new fave eyeshadow colour combo! Love it to the max!

Here’s a simple tutorial by Clarins on how you can apply the colours. Or you can use your own creativity to create your own look too.

I have created my own cool-toned evening makeup look with Clarins Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs in 04, 3D Radiance Face Powder, Joli Rouge lipstick in 732 grenadine, Instant Liner, Wonder Volume Mascara and Extra Firming Foundation.

I decided to change my lip colour to Rouge Prodige in 115 Rose Coral for a more chic look.

Which lip colour do you think matches the cold bluish eyeshadow better? The dark red Joli Rouge in 732 grenadine or the nude natural Rouge Prodige in 115 Rose Coral?

Showcasing 4 other new colours of Ombre Min©rale 4 Couleurs. So which is your favourite colour among the 6? Well, I still prefer the rich blue combo palette in 04!

If you wanna to create an intense eye colours or to ensure the colours stay better, you may want to apply an eyeshadow base before the colours such as this Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow. The eyeshadow base, preferably a powdery cream texture, will help to maximize the intensity and longevity of the eyeshadows.


That’s all for the NEW Colour Definition Autumn Make-Up Collection. I will soon be posting the newly launched Clarins Bust Beauty Lotion that pricing at S$85. Stay tuned and see ya!


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