Achieve A Firmer Body Contour With Biotherm NEW Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate [Giveaway] 5 Deluxe Size To Be Given Away!


End of March 2012, I was invited to preview a new body product by BiothermFirm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate.

It was held at a temporary Biotherm Atrium Body Corner @ VivoCity.

Prior to the introduction of the new product, we (bloggers) were given a short tour around the Biotherm Atrium Body Corner.

During the tour, we were re-introduced to some of Biotherm skincare products such as the popular Biotherm Aquasource range.

Biotherm believes that hydration plays an important role in keeping skin looking healthy and young. Dehydrated skin (left insert photo) will appear more wrinkled, dull-looking, rough and less ‘plump’.

Men are not forgotten too! There are a few ranges of Biotherm Homme skincare products specially for the men too. I actually like the scent of men skincare products.

Here’s a cozy area for the bloggers to gather around.

These 3 body products are specially designed to treat on targeted areas such as loss of firmness on stomach-waist area and reduction of stretchmarks.


Introducing Biotherm NEW Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate

Available from April 2012 – S$82 / 200ml

I believe most of you (like me) will probably pay most attention to our face and neglect our body. If you are NOT one of us, well done! You should have been taking good care of your body and maintain it well. Keep it up with the good effort!

Do you know as we age, our skin loses around 1% of its collagen every year? So from 20 to 70 years, our skin actually lose up to 50% of its collagen, the major component of firmness.

Collagen is one of the main components of the skin extracellular matrix. As collagen quantities decline over time, this matrix gradually deconstructs, the skin eventually loses its density, suppleness and firmness, becoming progressively slacker, with a creased or sometimes crumpled appearance.

In 2012, Biotherm developed Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate, a recompacting & re-firming cream, that is enriched with natural firming properties of the Laminaria Ochroleuca extract for a firmer, suppler and more toned skin.

Laminaria Ochroleuca extract, a macro alga, is capable of transforming itself into a firm rigid state within seconds to withstand even the highest hydrodynamic stress due to a complex hydrostatic mechanism within its cells. This firming active from the sea is capable of simultaneously boosting all 3 of the fundamental components of this extracellular matrix, responsible for skin firmness.

A self-assessments test was done on 80 women (aged 35 to 55 years old) in 4 weeks and the result shows the skin looks toned and firmer with greater elasticity in just 10 days.

Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate has an ultra-creamy, smooth luxurious texture that is ideal for gentle application. It absorbs into the skin quickly and it doesn’t feel sticky non greasy upon application.

Here’s a simple set of massage techniques to incorporate when you are using the Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate.

Upon the event, I was presented with a lovely big box that contains a full-size (200ml) Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate, a full-size (200ml) Gentle Exfoliating Milk and a shower net sponge. I’ve also received 2 trial-size Celluli Laser Size Code that helps combat cellulite and lazy bulges with slimming and firming actions.


5 Readers Have A Chance To Win Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate (40ml) – 5 Winners!

Are you keen to receive a FREE Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate? If yes, simply share with us “Who do you think has the best body?”. She/he can be your favorite celebrity, your girlfriend, your best friend, the girl sitting opposite you and many more……………

The closing date for this giveaway contest is on 27th April 2012. This giveaway contest is open to Singapore residents only. 5 winners will be randomly picked and the result will be announced on 29th April 2012.

Let your imagination goes wild! Good luck!

For more updates on Biotherm products, do visit their Facebook page at :


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23 Comments on "Achieve A Firmer Body Contour With Biotherm NEW Firm Corrector Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate [Giveaway] 5 Deluxe Size To Be Given Away!"

  1. Cindy says:

    Jennifer anniston… she looks damn hot for her age.

  2. cindy kho says:

    MEGAN FOX! :) her body is just perfect!

  3. Bebe Lee says:

    At her age, Christine Ng really looks stunning with her beautiful face and great body.

  4. Carol Ng says:

    Jennifer Lopez

    She’s given birth to a pair of twins and she’s looking so hot! In fact, hotter than before!

  5. Huixin says:

    Gisele Bundchen. Her body seriously just screams HOT! Just look at those endless legs! WOOOO! xD

  6. Faith says:

    Megan fox is hot!!!

  7. Rane says:

    Jennifer Lopez, of course!!

  8. samantha says:

    I think Cindy Crawford is really hot for her age! :)

  9. Sing says:

    Cecelia Cheung.

    From the scandal photos, it is said hers is the best!

  10. Quek CH says:

    The sexy Lee Hyo-ri has the best body.

  11. Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder!
    Everyone has the “best” body, and that’s when we are most comfortable about our bodies ;)

  12. Grace Lee says:

    I really love and wish to have the body of my sister-in-law.

    After having two children, her s-line is so amazing.

  13. KL says:

    Emma Watson! :D Epitome of beauty and intellect! :)

  14. Pynk says:

    Tan Kheng Hua is my winner. She’s definitely a woman aging gracefully, and stays healthy the right way through exercising. I saw her pole dancing for charity recently – she’s how I want to look in my 40s!

  15. Christine Sim says:

    I would say Megan Fox is definitely hot and sexy lady

  16. Jay says:

    I think Shu Qi (Taiwanese actress) has the best body! She’s really slim, proportionate, of the perfect height for a lady, and looks good in everything she wears!

  17. Hayden says:

    I think my mother has the best body. She gave birth to her first two children in her twenties.
    Then, at age 42, she had me and gave birth to me with high risks.
    She is a great lady who has given me life and provided me with her selfless care.
    Every woman loses their slim figures to pregnancy.
    Thus, to me, my mother will always have the besy body.

  18. Amanda says:

    I think Sheila Sim has a nice body cos she’s young and she’s confident about how she looks. Confidence will definitely bring out the best in yourself. :)

  19. Jennifer Lopez. She has a great body. She dress up so well and looked stunning at her age.. She’s definitely hot!

  20. Saralyn says:

    Jessica Alba! :) She’s has such a good figure!

  21. Natalie says:

    Angelina Jolie! I want to age gracefully like her and the body to boot! Oh yah, lora craft

  22. Heidi Klum. She never seemed to age! She will forever be the best Angel of Victoria’s secret!

  23. Shirleen says:

    Hi to all lovely readers,

    Thanks for participating in this giveaway contest. It has officially closed. 5 winners will be randomly selected and the result will be announced on 29 Apr 2012. Good luck!

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