Review – Benefit You’re Bluffing!
To Be Discontinued In Singapore?



I was briefing introduced to Benefit You’re Bluffing! during the recent Benefit Brow Bar Event. Before the discovery, it never cross my mind that it is vital to create a concealer for skin redness as I feel that a usual concealer or a color primer will able to do the task too. But after some testing and researching on coverage products for redness, I realized I was wrong after all.

I have lately been troubled with rosacea and typical signed of rosacea are patchy areas of red, tiny red bumps or the visibility of small blood vessels on my face. Almost every other day, I will suffer from abounding red bumps or red blood vessels on my nose, chin and cheek areas. The red bumps are especially annoying and they are usually VERY itchy as well.

Frankly, I’m not too sure what is the cause for these redness but I believe they can be due to rosacea, skin sensitivity, bacteria, dryness or the skin-irritant ingredients that contain in my skincare products.

I have tried using the Makeup For Ever High Definition Primer in green which is said to help neutralize the redness but the result is disappointing. This green primer can only minimal reduce the overall redness by 30% but it cannot conceal the red bumps at all!

Although the Benefit Erase Paste is slightly better than the green primer but it doesn’t cover the redness that well.


Product Claims

Correct and conceal areas of redness on your complexion with this creamy stick. Seeing red? Dot and blend this soft, smooth, yellow cream stick anywhere on your face to neutralize redness. Slim-line and portable, be ready to bluff your way to beautiful at a moment’s notice.

Tips and tricks. Works great around the nose, on the chin, or as a cover up for blemishes. Apply lightly and blend well.



Benefit You’re Bluffing!, yellow in colour, is so light and handy (1g/0.03oz) that I can carry around with me whenever I’m out of home. I fall in love with its soft, matt and creamy texture. This yellow concealer is so easy to blend and that makes my morning makeup job so much easy and breezy. I love the result so much!!! What a amazing product!!! It covers up the stubborn and severe red bumps and red blood vessels effortlessly. Now you see it and now you don’t!!! Although this concealer is not designed to conceal the dark eye circles, but surprising it does help to superficially brighten up the dark brown tone on the areas. But for dark circles, I will still prefer to use Erase Paste. :-)


You’re Bluffing! No more? Argh!!!!

After a quick research and comparison with other similar products after the Brow Bar event, I concluded that this Bluffing concealer is still the best and decided to purchase it at Ion Orchard Sephora at the same time while having my compliment brow job at Benefit Brow Bar.

Bad news 1 – it was out of stock at Ion outlet, so the sales assistant immediately made a phone call to the nearest outlet (Tangs Orchard) to check out the stock availability. Bad news 2 - it was out of stock at Tangs too. After another call to Takashimaya outlet, she managed to reserve one at Taka for me. While making my way to the Taka outlet, I quickly changed my mind to get two sticks instead of just one. Bad news 3 – when I asked for two, I was told that what I have reserved earlier was the last piece left at Taka counter. Bad news 4 – Benefit will not be carrying this product in Singapore anymore. Bad news 5 – so I requested the Taka’s sales assistant to make a quick call to Robinsons Raffles City and they do not have any stock too. Bad news 6 – feeling disappointed, I immediately rushed down to Sephora Ngee Ann City and was told the same thing – out of stock. After running around like a mad woman, I finally realized it was almost 9.30pm and feeling tired, I decided to head home. Bad news 7 – on the following day (praying hard), I call up the last Benefit counter which I haven’t contacted Sephora Great World City and you have guessed it right – out of stock too! Alamak!!!

Well, it is now confirmed that Benefit will discontinue this product in Singapore. Not too sure about other countries though. I guess moving forward I will have to purchase this product via online. Sign……………



Will I buy it again? That’s For Sure! Absolutely YES! YES! YES!


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6 Comments on "Review – Benefit You’re Bluffing!
To Be Discontinued In Singapore?"

  1. AtelierBeauty says:

    WHAT?! I kept thinking back and forth whether to get it or not, now that I want, it’s discontinued?!?!?!


  2. Shirleen says:

    Yes, tell me about it. Am so disappointed :-(

  3. Shaynnie says:

    Hi there!

    I have been looking at Benefit Cosmetics Range and i am not sure if it will suit my skin.. I have tried many products of different brands but…..


    Recently i notice i breakout easily and often as before using skincare products. I have this redness and small little bumps sometimes and it’s itchy… :(

    All i know for my skin now is.. SHIT! (Pls help mi!)

    Was told by many that i have the dry & sensitive skin.

    Please advice! Thanks a million…!

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Shaynnie,

    Correct, your skin is dry & sensitive as it’s desperately craving for moisture. When skin is dehydrated, it will get sensitive too. Hence whatever products you use now have to be gentle.

    Remember to boost your skin moisture with hydrating products such as mask, serum and simple moisturizer as much as possible.

    Go for something gentle with a mild moisturizer & cleanser such as Physiogel moisturizer and Catephil cleanser.

  5. Shaynnie says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Thanks a million for you advice and prompt reply..

    Remember i read abt a product from clinique from your blog… I think it’s the super rescue antioxidant Night Moisturizer? does that really help alot?

    Thanks once again!

  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Shaynnie,

    This Clinique night moisturizer is pretty good and it will help to seal up the moisture in the skin. It’s a little rich in texture though.

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