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Last month, I was invited to an intimate tea session with a few other bloggers by the good people from Benefit Cosmetics Singapore.

We were introduced to their National Brow Artist, Jerlyn Low, and we spent the afternoon talking about brow grooming and how to have that ideal looking pair of eyebrows .

So last week, I finally managed to find time to pay Jerlyn a visit at the Brow Bar (she’s stationed at Sephora Ngee Ann City btw) to try out their so ever popular brow tint and brow wax.

Jerlyn promptly sat me down on a high chair and began by cleansing the makeup from my brows. Next, she took out a “marker tool” and marked 3 points on each brow. These 3 points is to determine my ideal eyebrow shape and to make sure both brows are as symmetric as they can be.

After which, Vasline is applied around my brows to prevent the skin from accidental stains during the brow tinting process.

Jerlyn noticed that I’ve pretty sparse brows and suggested a medium brown tint to achieve that fuller brow look.

I’m looking fierce there with that thick, brown pair of brows! LOL! A slight tingling sensation can be felt for a short while after the tinting cream is applied onto my brows, but I guess that’s because my skin is slightly sensitive?

So while waiting for the tint to “develop” (about 5-10 mins wait), I kept myself entertained by checking out and testing the wide range of Benefits products on the shelves while Jerlyn attends to her other customer.

After the tinting cream has been wiped off from my brows, Jerlyn applied chamomile lotion to soothe the skin before proceeding to wax my brows. You would ask, “why tint before wax? Shouldn’t it be wax before tint?” Me too asked Jerlyn the same question. She explained that the skin would usually be more sensitive after waxing so if a customer wants to do a brow tint + wax, she would tint the brows first before waxing out the stray brows. So there you have it.

Benefit uses hot wax, well, not exactly that hot actually, for their brow wax. Jerlyn carefully swirled a small amount of the honey coloured melted wax on a disposable wooden stick and tested it on my inner wrist. This is to gauge and assure me of the temperature of the wax that will be used on my eyebrows. After which, Jerlyn begins the waxing process. A thin layer of hot wax is applied over the stray hairs and a cloth strip is placed over the areas and removed swiftly once it hardens. All these done within seconds! So fast that I didn’t even have a chance to take pictures to show my readers! LOL!

“Is it painful?” u would ask. Nah…. I would rate the pain to be 2/10 at most? For those who have gone for eyebrow plucking service or worse, threading, u can be assured that this is much lesser pain. In fact I was telling Jerlyn that it kind of felt shiok and she couldn’t agree more! She said she actually enjoys it! Lol!

Once all the stray hairs have been removed, she applied chamomile lotion on my brow areas again to soothe my skin before proceeding to touch up my brows. Jerlyn uses Brow Zings (Medium Brown 02) to give my brows a more definite shape and for more volume, she uses Gimme Brow, a brow-volumising fibre gel which acts like a brow mascara to create that fuller look.

And here’s the “after” look ! I’m one happy and satisfied customer!! Yay!

It was fun trying out the Brow Tint & Wax ($42) at Benefit Brow Bar, and because Jerlyn was such a nice and funny lady, I’m looking forward to my next brow appointment with her already! Was chatting and laughing out loud with her throughout my entire session. Can’t wait!

And because I now have great looking, neat brows framing my (pancake) face, my face looks more fresh (as in well rested)! What’s best is I even get to save another 10 precious minutes of makeup time because I do not need to draw/touch up my brows now! :D

If you haven’t tried Benefit’s Brow Tint and/or Waxing services, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment now with Jerlyn to get that ideal looking brows that everyone would die for! Here’s the contact details:

Benefit Brow Bar  (Sephora Ngee Ann City)
Tel: 6235 8176

Btw, here’s something important that Jerlyn would want me to convey to my readers. Read this before you rush off to make appointment for a Brow Tint service. Brow tint service might not be suitable for everyone. As the tint works only on areas with hair (which works just like hair dye), those with very thin or no brows (fully shaven) would not be able to benefit from this service.

I will be doing another post on eyebrows makeup (with Benefit brow products) soon so stay tuned…. and do tell me how you like your newly groomed brows ok? :)

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