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Albion Excia Whitening

Received this Albion EXCIA W Premium Coffret quite a while ago, didn’t get to blog about it sooner. This coffret comprises of EXCIA Circulating Watery Cleansing Cream, EXCIA Circulating Essence Foam, Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV, Whitening Lotion SV and Whitening External Stem Nova Cream.

Upon checking the items, my usual next move was to check out the ingredients. Spotted alcohol on all of the products. It’s one of the ingredients I’m not really comfortable with. The alcohol scent is dull even though it is listed under one of the top five ingredients (for three of them).

Albion Excia Whitening eternal stem nova cream

Alcohol is claimed to help other ingredients such as vitamin C penetrate our skin more effectively. EXCIA Whitening External Stem Nova Cream actually contains Ascorbyl Glucoside. It is known as a form of vitamin C that has the antioxidant or skin-lightening properties.

Alcohol is good for the product, but maybe bad for our skin. Probably, we might expect dry, irritated skin if we use a cosmetic product with alcohol.

I noticed many of my peers love using skincare products that contain alcohol, one of their favorites is Lancome Genifique. They seem to have no issue with it so far.

Don’t mistaken ‘alcohol’ with ‘cetearyl alcohol’. The latter, a good ingredient, is a fatty alcohol that is used as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener, and carrying agent for other ingredients.

Albion Excia Whitening

Cetearyl alcohol can be found in EXCIA Circulating Watery Cleansing Cream.

I also noticed all five products actually contains Iris Florentina Root Extract. This fragrant plant extract can be a irritant.

Albion Excia Whitening

Arginine can be found in all products, except Circulating Essence Foam. It is an amino acid that has antioxidant properties and can be helpful for wound healing.

Albion Excia Whitening

EXCIA Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV is a rich medicated whitening emulsion that is claimed to help suppress the production of melanin. It is formulated with whitening active ingredient Yukiwatarimasu. Its melting moisture texture gives a transparent feeling. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue upon application.

Albion Excia Whitening

Upon using milk lotion, take a desired amount of EXCIA Whitening Lotion SV onto a cotton pad and spread over entire face by patting. It acts as a lotion that locks the moisture in, keeping the skin moist and supple.

Step 1 – EXCIA Circulating Watery Cleansing Cream – a makeup remover
Step 2 – EXCIA Circulating Essence Foam – a face wash
Step 3 – EXCIA Whitening Extra Rich Milk SV – a milk lotion
Step 4 – EXCIA Whitening Lotion SV – a lotion / toner
Step 5 – EXCIA Whitening External Stem Nova Cream – a moisturizer

Albion EXCIA Whitening range is now available at Albion counters at Takashimaya and Metro in Singapore.

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