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Ask Shirleen A Question – Vexed Over DermaRX Products


Reader’s Questions 1

I have been searching for skincare products advices and reviews online since like forever. I keep reading and reading various blogs n thank god I finally came across yours through word-of-mouth. I am very very impressed by your knowledge and your matter-of-fact, no bullshit, heartfelt and professional advices, reviews and comments (there’s so many bloggers that write rubbish and one has to do many researches to make sure they are not following someone’s advice blindly). And the best thing is you’re also Singaporean (I think? Cos you take about the sale in SG) so you can empathise with the local climate here, which has  everything to do our skin condition.

Have you heard or use products by Derma RX? I have been using them for abt 5 years now and suddenly I feel it’s super-ex to continue using them while I wonder if the products still have any effect on me (but I must say it improved my skin a lot since the 1st day I went to them). Recently I was recommended by a friend to try out Dermalogica products. I have spent lots of money over the last 5 years to improve my skin and I am skeptical to switch to a new brand like Dermalogical cos I am afraid if Dermalogical isn’t that good,what if it makes my skin worse and then all the money I spent the last 5 years will go down to drain… I am currently 33 years old so am concern about skin aging and pigmentation. Like you wrote in your blog, we can’t turn back the clock so the only way to maintain our “youth” is through skin products that are effective instead of some over-hyped, over-priced rubbish that beauty industry tries to sell you.

I only just recently heard of the book “Don’t go to a cosmetic counter without me” by Paula Begoun. I have not read it yet but I checked online about her products “Paula CHoices” and am wondering if it’s really that great.

Lastly, you have one great blog and I am so glad I came across it!


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Ask Shirleen A Question – AHA Products & Enlarged Pores


Reader’s Questions

HI SHIRLEEN !!! For all my life this is the first time I’m using a AHA product (TDF revitalising cleanser) and it works wonders. It’s a 4 percent glycolic based cleanser. Though it’s said that BHA (salicylic acid) is best for oily skin, but my skin can never take BHA it’s like kyrptonite to superman.

So i figured why not give AHA a shot! And i have never ever regretted it, it has been 4 days since i’ve incorporated this into my regimen. So far no breakouts, skin seems more refined. By the way i’m 18 and my skin is generally on the combination to oily side.

My question is, when can i start incorporating more AHA products, and what are the kinds of products i should be incorporating into my regimen? Or should i even be incorporating other AHA products, prior to the current AHA cleanser that i am using ?? And i really suffer from open pores(bad extractions done by beautician) on my cheeks, what products can i use to solve this problem?

Cherice Tan

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