Clarins Limited Edition BAROCCO Christmas Make-up Collection


Last Thursday, I was delighted to be invited to preview the latest Clarins Limited Edition BAROCCO Christmas Make-up Collection at Cova Pasticceria, Paragon Shopping Centre and to enjoy a sumptuous lunch at the same time.


The beauty bloggers who have attended the Christmas Collection Preview are myself, Sophia, Mag, KasJia Hui and Glitzy (left early). With us are Brenda, Jasmine and Joanna from Clarins. ;-)

Oh yeah, Christmas is just around the corner!



Clarins Christmas Sensual Make-up Collection

For this 2010 festive season, Clarins exclusively creates BAROCCO, a sensual and sumptuous limited edition make-up collection that is inspired from the flamboyant Baroque universe influenced with rich golds, emblematic scrolls and sensual style.

The four limited edition creations provide rich colours and finest textures that are combined with the most elegant packaging.

The complexion is pale and lightly powdered, the body is adorned with touches of sparkling gold powder. The eyes smoulder with a “smoky look” and a modern play on contrasts, colours and light. Lips are veiled in a vibrant, intense black tulip lipstick, the ultimate symbol of absolute femininity.

Clarins Limited Edition BAROCCO Christmas Make-up Collection will be launched on 15 November 2010 and it will be available at all Clarins outlets in Singapore.


The black scroll on a gold background is the festive emblem of the collection and embellishes all items with a decoration inspired by the delicate work of the silversmith. With their subtle gold and intense black, they are transformed into beautiful, refined objects that resemble precious jewels.


BAROCCO Face Palette – S$64

Contents : 13g – 0.45oz.

This BAROCCO Face Palette comes in a combination of two shades, with a scroll motif in pinky-peach on a sandy-beige background, is perfect for illuminating the face or adding matte touches to the complexion. This compact powder is incredibly soft and light to the touch.

It is presented in an exquisite black laquered case with light gold lid and black scroll decoration that slips inside a red velvet purse.

This face palette leaves a natural radiance pink on my skin.


BAROCCO Shimmering Gold Powder – S$70

For Face and Decollete

Contents : 36g – 1.2oz.

In this elegant black and gold powder box that is decorated with a scroll, you can find delicate little nuggets dusted with golden pearl, protected by a beautiful black powder puff.

With a sweep of the puff, they release an extremely light, fine powder which alights on the skin.

They beautifully enhance my skin with sparkling reflections as the powder catches the light. ;-)


BAROCCO Rouge Prodige – S$35

Contents : 3g – 0.1oz.

1 shade : No.130 Barocco

This BAROCCO Rouge Prodige lipstick comes in one shade (No.130 Barocco).

The purple velvet drapes of the Baroque are the inspiration for the sublime, intense, deep colour of this lipstick and its elegant light gold tube decorated with a black scroll makes it a beautiful addition to any woman’s purse. This new addition in the Rouge Prodige range provides a rich formula combining long-hold colour, extreme shine and total comfort.

Jasmine and myself look fab with our light eye make-up and BAROCCO Rouge Prodige (No.130 Barocco). ;-)

The colour of BAROCCO Rouge Prodige (No.130 Barocco) look slightly different on Kas, Sophia (blotted her lip) and myself.


BAROCCO Eye Colour Trio – S$64

Contents : 1.5g – 0.05oz.

A trio of shades designed to dress the eyes in light and shade, to create a “smoky” effect and different looks for both day and night. Set your own creative limits!

The ultra-fine, easy-to-apply textures can be combined, layered or blended together to suit your mood, for a flawless make-up result every time.

Create with a wash of bronze to enhance eyes, black to define the eyelids and vibrant, precious gold to catch the light and accentuate the other two shades.

This sumptuous trio is presented in an elegant rectangular black case with light gold lid and scroll decoration.

It also contains two essential accessories for impeccable eye make-up: a large mirror and a double-tipped foam applicator, one to shade and blend, the other shaped for more precise application on the eye contour and eyelid crease.


I hardly put on heavy make-up and I was curious to find out if heavy make-up is right for me, Mag our popular beauty blogger cum freelance make-up artist, was very nice to help try out the new BAROCCO Eye Colour Trio on my eyes. I actually get to learn some make-up tips from her. ;-)


Mag uses the BAROCCO Eye Colour Trio to create a subtle “smoky” effect that is very suitable for both day or night.


Before I always thought that heavy make-up doesn’t suit me at all and I actually fear I will look fierce with it. But to my surprise, the heavy make-up doesn’t make me look fierce at all and I actually like it very much. Thanks Mag and her magic hands. ;-)


Poll : Hey gals, do you like me with a light make-up (left image) or heavy make-up (right image) actually?


Clarins Application Tips for a perfect make-up result using BAROCCO Eye Colour Trio!

  • Apply smoky bronze (the central shade in the palette) over the entire eyelid.
  • For more intense, mysterious eyes, apply black along the base of top and bottom lashes, then blend out to the sides.
  • For a more glamorous make-up result, or evening look, apply black in the eyelid crease to accentuate the “smoky eyes” effect.
  • Finally, to catch the light and draw attention to eyes, apply a touch of gold on the brow bone.

The Clarins “Plus” : add a touch of gold to the inner corner of the eye to enhance and “brighten” eyes.


Clarins Limited Edition BAROCCO Christmas Make-up Collection will be launched on 15 November 2010 and it will be available at all Clarins outlets in Singapore. Do check it out!


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  1. Ms Glitzy says:

    Good meeting you last week, I think you look good in heavy makeup!

    BTW my blog link is
    Hope to see ya again next time! :)

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Glitzy,

    It was nice meeting you too. Thanks for your link, I’ve added. Really hope to see you soon too. ;-)

  3. angela says:

    i feel u look better in light makeup.

    u got such fab skin (jealous) so light makeup makes u look natural :)

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for your compliment.

    I personally prefer light makeup too. I don’t think I’m suitable to draw liner on my lower eyelids. :-)

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