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A month ago, I have done my first DNA Gene Test to uncover my genes, on how my body puts on weight and where the excess fat are stored by getting to the root of my weight problems. It also helps to determine the right diet for my unique genetic profile.

In fact, I have received these compliment Gene Test Kit (S$28) plus laboratory testing (S$180) (which was conducted by GeneLife® in Japan) from AFC Japan.

As planned 4 weeks after my first test, I met up with the nutritionist to receive my gene test results that come with 2 reports - DNA genetic profile and customized weight management plan.


A short recap………

AFC Gene Test Kit for Weight Management is 99.99% accurate and 100% safe. It uses a simple, painless non-invasive cheek swab to discover my Fat Metabolism Gene Combination, what makes me put on weight, where I store excess body fat and to determine the right diet for my unique genetic profile. In addition, it comes with an exercise plan and supplement guide.

Our genes play an important role on how and where we put on weight. This DNA Gene Test allows me to understand my genes and provides the weight management solution based on my genes so that I can do the right thing for my body. As our genes will never change, one test is all I need for this lifetime of effective weight management. ;-)

Click the link to read my full post on AFC Gene Test Kit.


My first report : My DNA Genetic Profile

Contains my weight management results report detailing my genetic profile, the presence of mutations in 3 fat metabolism genes and obese body type.

AFC Gene Test Kit for Weight Management tests for the presence of 3 fat metabolism genes : Ÿ3AR (Beta-3 Adrenergic Receptor), UCP1 (Uncoupling Protein-1) and Ÿ2AR (Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor) genes. These 3 genes are specific to the Asian Chinese population.

Although there are only 3 Fat Metabolism Genes, many people have a combination of genes. In total, there are 54 combination types — knowing which one you belong to will definitely help you do the right thing for your body. My results show that I am a pure PEAR type, with one mutation (not so serious). For this blog entry, I will only be writing about the Pear Type and Apple Type.


Characteristics of Pear Type –
UCP1 (Uncoupling Protein-1)

PEAR TYPE. This group has difficulty in metabolizing fat that causes body to store more fat under the skin when the body temperature is lowered. This gene mutation covers approximately 25% of the Asian population and occurs mainly on females than males reason because females tend to have a lower body temperature than males, causing increased fat accumulation to preserve body temperature. What interesting is that women have a natural tendency to protect the ovarian areas from lower temperatures, subcutaneous fat under the skin therefore tends to accumulate in the tummy, hips and thighs.

As my gene mutation is Pear type, If I put on weight, it tends to situate around lower abdominal area, buttocks and thighs. Due to the sensitive genetic weakness towards maintaining body heat, my body will have the tendency to deposit subcutenous fat when my body temperature falls. Therefore, I will need ensure my temperature is not lowered and to cut down my cold drink in order to reduce the tendency of fat storage under my skin.

When my temperature falls or I’m stress, I will also tend to craves for food with high fat content. I love anything buttery or creamy desserts such as ice cream and cakes. I have the ability to tolerate hunger better than the other 2 gene mutations because my body can readily retain fat as ‘deposit’ and can easily store the energy. I will need to avoid excessive fat intake if I start to notice subcutaneous fat.

I’m happy to know that my gene mutation is not the ‘dangerous’ type (I will explain it further later).


Characteristics of Apple Type –
Ÿ3AR (Beta-3 Adrenergic Receptor)

APPLE TYPE. This gene mutation group has difficulty in metabolizing glucose for energy, due to insulin-resistance caused by gene mutation. This is considered the most dangerous group with high organ fat storage (visceral fat). They are likely to put on weight on abdominal area. They crave for high-glucose content foods such as bread and rice to boost blood sugar levels. Therefore it is a must for them to cut down carbohydrates and sugar.

I think my husband is likely to have Apple Gene because he has a beer belly! As both my parents-in-law are slim therefore my husband’s abdominal fat is most likely due to his poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle (remember 70% of fat storage is based on genes whilst 30% is based on lifestyle and diet). Although my husband could be an Apple Type, only the Gene Test can confirm if he also has a combination with Pear Type or Banana Type. If he has a Banana mutation, he can experience massive weight gain! (Oh no, I better ask him to cut down)


3 Different Genes, but 54 Possible Combinations

There are 54 possible computations when the 3 fat metabolism genes are tested.  The mutation combinations comprise of ‘wild’, ‘hetero’ or ‘homo’. And there is this rare group called ‘Adam/Eve’ that has no genetic mutations.

Wild = 0 (perfect metabolism), Hetero = 1 (average metabolism), Homo = 2 (poor metabolism)


2 Main Factors To Affect Obesity

I will inherit one strand of DNA from each parent. If both my parents carry mutated fat metabolism genes, I may have a 75% chance of inheriting the mutated gene. As much as 70% of my body type is determined by my genes whilst the remaining 30% is determined by my own lifestyle choices and diet.

Therefore this genetic test will help to show the DNA linkage between my parents and me. The 30% of control that we have gives us the high chance to prevent excess weight gain if we understand our body better. Knowing the genetic makeup of our body helps us to plan our diet well and the simple exercises allow us to burn fats, boost metabolism and tone our body towards successful weight loss.

Here’s the example : So as 70% of my body type is determined by my genes which means if my parents are obese, I’m likely to be obese too. And if my parents are slim fit whilst I’m obese then it is due to the poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle I’m having as I mentioned earlier the remaining 30% is determined by my own lifestyle choices and diet. The 30% is easy to manage and all you need is to ensure a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.

Various Types Of Obesity

There are various types of obesity that are bought about by different genes. Some people have a tendency to deposit fat in the abdomen area (visceral fat), while others develop fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat). By understanding your genetic profile will definitely help you to lose weight and prevent obesity in the correct manner.

My husband is having visceral fat whilst mine is subcutaneous fat.

The visceral fat (organ fat) is harder to pinch as compare to subcutaneous fat (‘soft’ fat under the skin)


You can now purchase the AFC Gene Test Kit with laboratory testing (which is conducted by GeneLife® in Japan) at S$231.78 <$194.39, GST excluded> @

Also find out more about their great offers at AFC Facebook Fan Page


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