Final Challenge : My Exclusive Aqualabel Private Party


AQUALABEL “Unravel Your Blogging Power”
Final Stage

AQUALABEL Private Party @ Shiseido’s Office


After many rounds of tough challenges, I’m delighted to be one of the 10 long-standing contestants to qualify to the final round. I was extremely overjoyed and I couldn’t hold back my excitement. Woohoo!!

Here are the challenges I have gone through previously.

Challenge 1 – Aqualabel Audition

Challenge 2 – Aqualabel’s Starter Workshop

Challenge 3 – My Aqualabel Video Challenge

For this final round, each contestant is required to host their own exclusive Aqualabel Private Party with a minimum of 10 guests and a maximum of 15 guests. As party hostess, we have to ensure our guests are entertained and, at the same time, gain interesting information about Aqualabel.

I really love the idea of throwing my own party as I can get together my friends, fans and readers all at one place and we can go ga ga on skincare products and tips.


Each contestant is required to choose either the Aqualabel Whitening or Aqualabel Moisturizing range of products for the party and I have chosen the Whitening range as it provides 2 excellent benefits which are whitening and hydrating whilst Moisturizing range has only one.


Whitening and hydrating are the important benefits I need to cover during the presentation, I have therefore set the theme for the party as “Miracle White”. My rationale behind “Miracle White” is that my guests can now achieve a miracle white skin with Aqualabel Whitening products. :-)

My dress code for the party is smart casual in white, grey or silver. I’m glad that majority of the guests have followed the dress code.


After the theme is set, my next step is to get RSVP for the party. I didn’t want to do the usual boring invitation so I decided to do something different – the “magazine lookalike” invitation. hee hee……

The RSVP came in swiftly after I have posted the invitation. The RSVP has exceeded and I have to reject a few of them. Sorry gals, I really love you to join us but the maximum guests allowed are only 15 hence I have to decline your RSVP.


I encountered minor hiccups during my preparation process. In order to source for the ‘ideal’ gifts, decoration items and stationaries, I have to make numerous trip to the town area. I even shopped till the stores closed at 10pm hee hee…..

There was one day on my lunch break hour, I was at Bras Basah Complex making my last minute purchase and when I was about to make my payment, I realized I didn’t carry my wallet with me. What I carried inside my small lunch bag were my sunglasses, umbrella, iPhone, iPad, MRT card and beauty book but not my wallet! At that moment, I felt like killing myself for being so careless! Eventually I have to make another special trip down to Bras Basah Complex again on the following day. Piak Piak Piak!!! ArHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


The toughest part for the whole preparation is to make sure the 3 course guidelines are covered within the 2-hour workshop from 7pm to 9pm :

1. Brand Introduction of Aqualabel
2. Introduce Aqualabel Whitening Range with a step-by-step regime
3. Skincare tips

In addition, I also need to be in charge of the party theme, venue decoration, presentation slides and logistics.


It was a real challenge to produce my first own presentation slides that requires to cover the 3 course guidelines plus the speech that accompany with them. I have spent quite a bit of time to develop these. I even have to memorize the speech as I prefer not to refer to the hard copy when I’m doing my presentation.

After more than a week of preparation, I was ready for the event and I wasn’t nervous at all. Before the event started, I was given an hour from 6pm to 7pm to prepare and decorate the room.


These are the personalized notebook specially made for my guests. :-)


Each small paper bag contain 3-piece Aqualabel miniature samples.


OMG, my pose is so 60s…..hee hee……….


Although Shiseido provides sandwiches and light refreshments for the guests but being a kiasu contestant I was worried that sandwiches might not be adequate for dinner, therefore I decided to fork out almost 100 buck for bento boxes for all the guests. There are total 9 bento selections for them to choose from.


I prefer my guests to have a proper meal so that they could concentrate during the workshop. I’m not too sure if I’m the only contestant to provide this special order hee hee…..


I started my presentation with brand introduction of Aqualabel, what are the key ingredients and unveil beauty tips while guests were having their dinner.


A short preview of my beauty tips. <grin>


I continued by introducing the Aqualabel Whitening Range, their key ingredients and benefits while the guests were finishing the meal and before we proceeded with the hands-on session.


Yuh Tyng was jotting down notes using the feathery pen I have bought for each of the guests. The 3 colors I’ve bought are pink, light blue and purple.


Before I went in depth on the step by step regime, I decided to take our first group shot before some of the guests removed their makeup. :-)


Carol removed her makeup using the Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing and followed with White Clear Foam. Thanks Carol for being so spontaneous! Muack! :-)


I was giving suggestion to my guest on Aqualabel products.


Let’s meet the 4 Heavenly Queen of Mask!


After the hands-on session and the step-by-step regime, I threw a giveaway contest and asked questions on the brand Aqualabel and the products. I have given away 8 masks in total.


Yes, the party was over and the guests were cheering! :-)


Here again, another group shot was taken after using Aqualabel products. Don’t you think they look better than ‘before’? Hee hee…….


All my guests (including myself) have signed off on this poster, except one missing signature though. :-)


Here are what my guests have responded after the party. :-)

All of us looking great and glowing after trying out the products n mask! Loves!! ™¥™¥™¥


Thank you for hosting the party, it was wonderful ^_^


Yea! Thanks Shirleen, the dinner was Nice and most importantly the workshop rocks :) )) gd luck!


Shirleen U really did a great presentation and i learn something that day…
About the massage techinques, hopefully i can adopt it and look younger like u!


Thanks so much for inviting me. It was fun! I truly hope you win.


The party was great! Thanks for filling up our tummy’s with food. =P


I truly enjoyed myself and is a pleasure to finally meet you face to face.
I hope you win the Japan trip


Thanks for inviting us to the party yesterday. It was very interactive and we had fun trying out the products. We learnt a lot about Aqualabel’s science behind the products and most of all, your skincare tips! Love the feather pen and the personalised note pad =) your feathery pens proudly on display :)


Yeahhhh!!! The announcement for the winners has been bought forward to 14th October (end day) instead of 18th.

Oh yes, I can smell Japan now………..Yes Japan, here I come! WooHoo!! :-)


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32 Comments on "Final Challenge : My Exclusive Aqualabel Private Party"

  1. min sin says:

    Thanks a lot for shirleen to invite me for the wonderful and fun workshop.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Min Sin,

    It was a pleasure to meet you face to face. Hope to have a chance to meet you again. Thanks for your support yeah!!! :-)

  3. Sylvia says:

    It was a great party and good explanation of the products. You deserve to win!!!

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Slyvia,

    Oh so sweet of u! Yes I really hope to win this challenge, crossing my fingers and toes! Thanks for your support!

  5. Pyong says:

    Learnt alot during the beauty workshop. Also a pleasure to meet other fellow readers of your blog. Jia you x 2

  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Peik Ying,

    It was nice meeting you too! It’s great that you have learned something during the workshop. :-)

    How I wish we & the rest can get together again! :-)

  7. Shirleen, though I wasn’t there but I sincerely wish that you are one of the winners.

    You did great :) Hugs.

  8. Vionn says:

    Hello Shirleen,

    It was FUN and enjoyable.. nevertheless you will always share your beauty tips with us. :D

    Hey i skipped school that night just for your first beauty workshop!

    Jia u!!

    C ya soon!


  9. Ms Glitzy says:

    Wow you really put in a lot of effort in the party! All the best for the competition! You deserve to win!!

  10. Shirleen says:

    Thanks Rachel. Very competitive though but I hope to win! :-)

  11. Shirleen says:

    Hi Vionn,

    Orh really sweetie! I’m so touched!

    That’s a great support! ;-)

  12. Shirleen says:

    Hey Glitzy,

    Thanks so much for your support! I hope these efforts will pay off. Can’t wait to know the result, beginning to feel nervous now hee hee…………..

  13. Carol (your cheer leader!) says:

    Wow!! This blog entry is a recap of the fun moments we had during the private party u hosted for us. I realized I’ve not thank u for your thoughtfulness in providing us wif a nice bento set dinner out of your own pocket even u didn’t have to. Thank u so much!!

    It has been a joy to be present at your party and we all had lots of fun doing “hands on” skincare regime and experiencing the goodness of the Aqualabel products! I had already bot the cleansing oil, Enhancer and masks after trying them out during the party!! Absolutely love using them!! :)

    I hope our spontaneous sacrifices of removing our makeups n baring our makeup-less face to try the Aqualabel whitening products would give u a boost to higher chance in securing a place in the top 3 to go Japan!! Shirleen, u have done a good job n best of luck!!!! :D

  14. Jenn says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    It’s really Fun & learn alot of beauty tips from you  all the best & good luck to u!


  15. Shirleen says:

    Wow Carol, thanks so much for your generous encouragement and support! It’s my pleasure to offer bento set to all of u. ;-)

    WooHoo that’s fast!! U have already bought 3 of their products! I’m glad u love them. I guess I can be a part-time sales for Aqualabel and convince more customers to buy their products hee hee…..

    Yes really thanks for the BIG sacrifices for showing off your naked face, appreciated a lot. I hope this great move will give me a chance to win the BIG prize. :-)

  16. Shirleen says:

    Thanks Jenn! I’m glad u enjoy the party. Hope to see you again. :-)

  17. Elfaine says:

    Way to go Shirleen, thanks for your wonderful sharing session and it’s so nice of you to think of filling our tummy :) )) before the presentation.

    And oh ya, I love your sharing on your DIY massages! I have been doing daily now… Thank you!!! Thank you !!!

    Lastly, all the best , your efforts will be recognized and shower u with all the good luck to win the trip to Japan!!!

    <3 Elfaine

  18. Shirleen says:

    Hi Elfaine,

    So sweet of u! Thanks so much for your showering hee hee…… I hope my efforts will pay off and I can FLYYYYYYY to Japan! :-)

  19. Debbie says:

    Hey Shirleen, it was really a great presentation and I really enjoyed it. Educative and informative. Your hosting was really warm. All the best for your efforts! :)

  20. Stella says:

    Awww what nice memories. really loved the aqualabel workshop and on top of that, you went the extra mile to make sure we are all happy girls =)

  21. Hana says:

    Hi Shirleen, great job on the presentation. It was a most informative session – we learnt a lot about why the Aqualabel products are bestsellers, but also useful massage techniques that will keep us looking younger and perkier.

    Thank you for going the extra mile to provide us with dinner, a personalised notebook and pen to record what we have learnt. We appreciate your thoughtful efforts – good luck in winning the trip to Japan!

  22. Shirleen says:

    Hi Debbie & Stella,

    I’m glad that you both enjoyed the workshop. I can’t wait to know the result. Thanks so much for the support and I hope I’m one of the 3 lucky bloggers to win the big prizes! YES!! ;-)

  23. Shirleen says:

    Hi Hana,

    It’s definitely my great pleasure. :-)

    Yes, there is no doubt that Aqualabel is the #1 bestseller mass skincare brand
    in Japan and also in Asia I believe.

    How I wish I can visit their outlets in Japan hee hee…………cross my fingers and toes!!! :-)

  24. Sharon says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Wow! Reading through your post can see all your hard work put into this workshop..and can see that your guests enjoyed themselves and brought home memorable and useful beauty tips from you, beauty guru!

    I guess the result will be released very soon, any time today.. * Fingers crossed*

    I wish you all the very best and hope you will be one of the 3 lucky winners to fly to Japan and bag home many goodies..

    Best wishes ya(”,)

  25. siqi says:

    HI Shirleen

    You did a good job!!!

    Though I didnt attend the workshop, I can see that you’ve put in much efforts :)

    Dont worry, your hard work will pay off and Japan is cooommmming!!!! Woohoo!!

    Your loyal blog reader :D

  26. Sere says:

    It was really great meeting you and other fellow supporters of your blog. From the feather pen to the personalised note pad to the bento sets etc etc, you are very nice and attentive, we felt very pampered! Thank you:) Good luck in winning the trip!!

  27. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks so much for your continuing supports throughout my whole challenge. I couldn’t ask for more.

    I really hope my hard work will pay off. Extremely nervous now! The time seems to pass so slow today! Arhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Shirleen says:

    Hi Siqi,

    So sweet of u! I’m so proud to have you as my loyal reader! You always there for me. ;-)

    Ya I really hope my effort will pay off. Yes Japan here I come!!!

  29. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sere,

    No mention. It’s my pleasure to pamper you as you all are so special to me. ;-)

    Thanks so much for the support. Can’t wait to know the result!

  30. Shirleen says:

    Hi to all my lovely supporters,

    Unfortunately, I didn’t win this challenge. Feeling a little sad. Anyway I have learned a lot from organizing this party. Well, the great thing is that I get to meet my readers face to face. This is a rare occasion. ;-)

    I have this urge of organizing my own workshop and I can share on what are the good skincare products, what to buy and what not to buy and my intensive beauty tips.

  31. siqi says:

    Shirleen dont be sad. You done your best and I believe there will be other opportunities too :)

    Yes! Yes! Start your own workshop !!!

    Guaranteed full house!!!

    I would love to attend :D :D:D

  32. Shirleen says:

    Hi Siqi,

    Hee hee……..thanks thanks!!

    Yeah!!!! I’ve my first confirmed attendee! I’m thinking to invite a small group between 10 to 20 pax.

    I guess there will be a lot of preparation to be done. Hope to host my first workshop in the next few months. ;-)

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