Vote For My Aqualabel Video! My Winning Ticket To Japan!


AQUALABEL “Unravel Your Blogging Power”
Stage 3

AQUALABEL Video Challenge @ Shiseido’s Beauty Studio



We are now at stage 3 and I’m one of the 25 shortlisted contestants to proceed to the third round. The contest has actually became tougher each time. I must say that this video challenge is considered the hardest challenge I have gone through so far. Nevertheless, the nearer we are to the final, the tougher it will be.

If I can make it to the FINAL round, I will be able to host “My Aqualabel Private Party” with a minimum of 10 guests (max. 20). This is definitely going to be exciting! Only 10 bloggers will be qualified to the last round.

From there, 3 bloggers will be picked to win themselves a 5D4N all-expense paid trip to Tokyo Japan, a brand new Panasonic Lumix FX75 Camera, a $500 BYSI voucher and a year’s supply of Aqualabel products. Woohoo!! Hope to be one of the lucky bloggers! YEAH!


Support Me! Vote For My Aqualabel Video!

To win the big prizes, the performance in this video challenge plays an important role for the total score. They include number of comments and views in this post, number of ‘Like’ on my video entry link @ Aqualabel Facebook Page and number of ‘Like’ on my Aqualabel video @ Aqualabel Facebook Page.


There are 3 ways to support me!

- Post a comment on this post

- Search for my name Shirleen Womenlovebeauty and “Like” my Aqualabel video post link @ Aqualabel Facebook Page (required to ‘Like’ Aqualabel Page before voting)

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Thank you for your support and do continue to read on to find out more about the roller-coaster journey I have gone through during this Video Challenge! And of course not forgetting to view my beautiful video clip! :-)


Video Challenge With Panasonic!

In this challenge, we are required to attend a short workshop with a 30s video filming session by Panasonic. The purpose of the workshop is to learn the techniques to edit our own videos using the software PhotoFunStudio provided by Panasonic. It was a brief workshop and some good pointers were highlighted such as White Balance, Photo Tilting, Composition, Script and Lighting.


During this round 3 challenge, I encountered numerous technical hiccups and obstacles which stressed me up to the max. I actually thought of giving up half way through during the journey. Here are the challenges I have faced along the way.


Challenge 1 – Script! Script! Script!

Few days before the actual filming, I have prepared myself with the first draft on “what is my favorite Aqualabel product and why I like about it?” I started doing numerous trial videos using my own camera as to test the duration of the video. The duration of the video has to range from 15-30 seconds. The first few trials were too long as I was trying too hard to include all the “good things” in the video. After many rounds of trials and errors, I eventually managed to shorten the script that perfectly fit within the 30s time frame. Yes!!



Challenge 2 – Video Filming Session, 3 Takes only!

Each contestant was given a queue number to take our turn for the video filming session. Each of us were only given maximum of 3 takes for the 15-30 seconds video. I have gotten no.13 as my queue number and I hope this number will bring me luck! Hahaha!! It was a Friday, hopefully not Friday the 13th right?! Oh No!! Cross my fingers!

Other than memorizing the scripts by hard, I have to make sure my pose is graceful. I started to feel nervous before the actual shoot as I was so afraid I will mumble or lose in words.

Our videos (3 takes) were filmed and stored in a 8GB Panasonic SD Card and our next task is to edit our videos using own personal style and creativity. We are required to return the SD Card with our edited videos to Shiseido office by latest 9th September 2010 9am.


Challenge 3 – Where Are My Videos?

The nightmare began here. On the following morning (Saturday), when I was trying to download the 3 files (3 takes) from the SD card to my comp, I realized they were missing from the SD card, so where were they actually? I fanatically opened all the folders in the SD card but I still couldn’t locate them.

Stella from Aqualabel was very nice, and so happen when she made a call to me in the afternoon to find out if everything was alright, I immediately informed her about my problem. She unhesitatingly volunteered to assist me to locate them. She patiently directed me to the correct location and finally I have found the files. Phew!!!!


Challenge 4 – File Conversion Never Comes Easy!

After downloading the raw video files to my comp, my next step is to convert the MTS files (raw files) to AVI or MOV files (for iMovie). As I’m a Mac user, I will need to convert the files that are compatible for Mac computers especially for iMovie09. Frankly, being a computer idiot makes this contest even more challenging for me.

I began searching for a free convertor via online and managed to get one called ‘Wondershare’. After installing the free software to my comp, I proceeded to convert all the 3 videos. But after the conversion, I realized there was a watermark appearing on the top left corner on all videos (see pic above). ARGH!!!!! So how now, I’m asking myself?

I then proceed to try out the convertor link provided by Stella from Aqualabel which is also free. But now it manage to convert only half of the video (see pic above). Well anything that is free are trials, if I want a proper conversion, I will need to fork out around US$35 to be a registered user. Hiaz……..

Eventually, I decided to wait till Monday to get one of my colleagues to help on the conversion. That will left me with only Monday and Tuesday night to edit the video.

So first thing on Monday morning, I approached two of my colleagues (who are IT experts) to help converting the files. They have never heard of MTS file before and after some experimentations, they managed to convert the MTS to WMV versions. But the WMV files are only applicable for PC user. I’m using a Mac and I’m not able to do anything with these files. Arghhhh!!!! I was so angry with the whole thing! Feel like giving up at this point!

When I was troubleshooting, I received a piece of good news from Aqualabel that the deadline has been pushed to following Monday 13th September 2010 9am. My confidence has regained! Yeah!

I next approached another colleague who is using a Mac to see if he can help to convert the files. Again, he did some experimentations and finally he managed to convert the files into Mac version by burning the 3 files into DVD. But the converted files do not seem to be in high resolution, slightly blur as compared to my usual videos. Well, I guess I have no choice right, I just have to use the low-res converted files for editing. Hiaz…… :-(


Challenge 5 – Editing Software In Mac Version, Anyone?

Panasonic has provided an editing software PhotoFunStudio in each SD card and the contestants can use this software to edit the videos after the workshop. As PhotoFunStudio is only compatible for PC users and I’m a Mac user, hence I will need an iMovie09 to edit the video. There is only iMovie HD (the older version) in my computer and it doesn’t seem to work on my computer.

I would like to install iMovie09 on my computer and hence I started calling up my friends to see if anyone have iMovie09. One of them offered to loan me iLife09 (which contains iMovie09 plus other media editing softwares) and I happily arranged to meet up with him on Sunday morning. After a quick meeting with him, I rushed home and immediately began installing the software into my computer. But after a few attempts, the installation didn’t seem to work, it failed again and again! Eventually, I didn’t manage to install it and I reckon the CD is faulty.

Out of impulse, I rushed down to Epic Centre @Wheelock Place thinking to purchase an iMovie09 the very same Sunday afternoon. Apple does not carry iMovie09 software alone, it now comes with other media editing software in iLife09 pack. The single pack for iLife09 is out of stock and what left is the family pack which costs S$168. So ex!! I’m not ready to pay this amount for this one-off project!

Feeling depressed and lost, I stood in front of Epic Centre for a while trying to figure out what I should do next. Eventually, I decided to give myself a day to sleep over it and if I decided to buy it, I still can get it on Monday after work. Fortunately, my colleague who have helped converting the files for me on Monday afternoon, managed to install iLife09 on my computer after he had fixed the conversion. He’s my savior!! Muack! Muack! Muack!


Challenge 6 – I Enjoy Editing!

The most enjoyable part of this video challenge is editing. As I’m not familiar with the new software, I have to explore on the new editing functions plus edit my video at the same time. What made me feel uncomfortable while doing the editing is that the converted files I’m using are in low resolution.

Here are what I have done on the video – soften the images, cut & paste the section I want to be featured, add in header slides and add in my favorite music. WooHoo!! I love the final cut!

With my creativity flair, I am happy and proud to be able to transform the video into something that will make me smile whenever I view it.

So if you like it too, do remember to vote for me!


To support me, these are the 3 easy ways!

- Post a comment on this post

- Search for my name Shirleen Womenlovebeauty and “Like” my Aqualabel video post link @ Aqualabel Facebook Page (required to ‘Like’ Aqualabel Page before voting)

- ‘Like’ my Aqualabel video @ Aqualabel Facebook Page (required to ‘Like’ Aqualabel Page before voting)


Thank You So Much! Muack! :-)


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21 Comments on "Vote For My Aqualabel Video! My Winning Ticket To Japan!"

  1. citrella says:

    Jiayou Shirleen!!!! go go go~~~

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Citrella,

    Oh my! You are fast! Thank you thank you so much! You make my 1st weekday morning sunny and bright! I will definitely jiayou!!!

  3. good luck….support u here is it? counted as vote?

  4. Shirleen says:

    Thanks Pui Chai Fung,

    Yes it does count, stay tuned for my video and I will need a vote from you too! :-)

  5. Charlotte says:

    Jia you!!! It was really nice getting to know you through this contest :)

  6. Vionn says:

    Good luck + jia U my sweetie!

    I know you had devoted a lot of hard work and time for this contest.

    Don’t give up!! can’t wait to see the video! :D

  7. Shirleen says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    Yes yes, I’m glad to know you too. You also jia you k! Hope you can go to the next round! :-)

  8. Shirleen says:

    Hi Vionn,

    You know me too well! Yes lots of hard work and sweat! I hope these will pay off. Yes my video, do vote for it k!

    I really hope to go thru to the next round, to host “My Aqualabel Private Party” and I can share with you the goodness of these products! :-)

  9. Carol says:


    Congrats to u on getting in to round 3 of the challenge!! I can’t wait to see the final product of ur video after going thru so much just to get the video edited!!

    Jiayou and best of luck all the way!! :D

  10. Shirleen says:

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks so much for your encouragement. This video challenge is the toughest I have gone thru so far. I also can’t wait to present my master piece to you all kekeke!!!! :-)

  11. Sharon says:

    Hi Shirleen

    I can see that A lot of hiccups went through the editing of the video clip.. But I guess it must be a great one after all your hard work…

    But I am sure we will go into the next round..

    I wish you will get into top 3 n fly to Japan… ( which u got a very high chance)

    looking forward to seeing your video clip ya..

    Jia you o~


  12. Shirleen says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Yes I’m hopeful to be one of the 3 lucky bloggers. May my wish come true……hee hee……..

    I love my video, can’t wait to show you the final cut! :-)

  13. Pyong says:

    Gambatte yo

    Cant wait to watch your finalized video cut :)

  14. Shirleen says:

    Hi Pyong,

    I’m actually excited too! I guess Aqualabel team is uploading our videos now. Can’t wait to show you all. :-)

  15. Kristen says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    Good Luck to You !

  16. Shirleen says:

    Hi Kristen,

    Thank u! Thank u! Thank u! Muack! Muack! Muack! :-)

  17. Jenn says:

    Jia Yu! Good luck and All the best to you!!!

  18. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jenn,

    Yes I will!! Thanks for your support! :-)

  19. Jason says:

    Winning or losing we will still support u fully! Job Well Done!!!

  20. Shirleen says:

    Thank u Jason! Thanks for your support! I’m so excited! :-)

  21. Shirleen says:

    My dear fellow supporters,

    Thank you all for your support. I’ve been selected to go to the coming final round. Stay tuned for my next update on this challenge. HIP HIP HOORAY!!! :-)

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