Japan’s Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink

. Japanese women are known for their youthful-looking and radiance skin. And one of their favourite beauty investment is to take supplement drink. They believe one simple and most effective way to upkeep their youthfulness and prevent aging is to consistently drinking it. Many of them have been faithfully taking the drinks for many years. In fact in a long run, they see amazing results – fine lines and wrinkles are less visible, skin is more hydrate and pores are more refined. Even Japanese celebrities are also known to love the goodness of these drinks too. . . A few days ago, I was delighted to receive a 30-day Japan’s Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink from AFC Japan. Coincidently, it was my birthday and I was overjoyed with wonderful gifts around me!! WooHoo!! I have always wanted to try supplement drink. I love anything that can help boost collagen production and slow down the signs of aging, be it a facial treatment, through diet or skincare product. I have read many positive reviews on supplements and hence after receiving the products, I was actually very excited and I can’t wait to find out more about this product. I’m glad to learn that Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is considered a all-natural, highly bioavailable and easily absorbed drink. I have taken my third bottle last night. Initially, I was a little skeptical about the taste but surprising this odorless refreshing peach flavour is quite tasty and I actually enjoy drinking it. It is free of coloring and preservatives. Do you know it is only 55 calories per bottle and is fat-free too? Yes, I don’t have to worry about my weight at all hee hee…….. As I’m already in my 40s, it is recommended for me to drink a bottle daily and preferably before bedtime. It is believe that sleep is a time for healing and repair. I will be reviewing this product after completing my full course, do stay tuned for the full review. :-) . Each striking pink box contains 10 bottles of Perfect Beauty Drink in 50ml with an expiry date printed on the side of the box. As Perfect Beauty Drink is PRESERVATIVES-FREE, you will notice that the shelf life is shorter than most collagen drinks. . The first thing that captured my attention is the big letters 10,000mg. In English, it reads as “10,000mg Micro-Collagen Peptides”Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is in fact formulated with HIGHEST 10,000mg Collagen. WAH!!! . Japan’s Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is an intensive high performance age-defying drink for cell renewal and collagen production. Comprising a synergistic blend of Micro-Collagen Peptides, botanical Bio-Cell Activator (BCA) Complex and Hyaluronic Acid, Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink replenishes and stimulates natural collagen formation, while repairing skin damage for youthful skin. Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink contains all the goodness in one bottle : 10,000mg Micro-Collagen Peptides for Repairing, Hyaluronic Acid for Revitalising, Bio-Cell Activator (BCA) Complex for Reviving and Vitamin Bs & C for Rejuvenating. . REPAIR 10,000mg Micro-Collagen Peptides - Promotes skin firmness, hydration and clarity. Reduce pores, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. REVITALISE Hyaluronic Acid – 6,000 times more moisture locking ability for deep hydration. Retains moisture, plumps up skin surface to smoothen wrinkles, and stimulates repair of damaged skin. REVIVE Bio-Cell Activator (BCA) Complex – Accelerates production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Promotes cell renewal with strong anti-oxidant properties. REJUVENATE Vitamin Bs and C – Promotes skin metabolism for cellular renewal and aids effective collagen synthesis. . Achieve A Youthful Looking Skin With Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink contains the highly potent blends of nutrients that helps promote cell regeneration by working from within your skin layers to nourish, hydrate and firm up skin. It renews and leaves your skin perfectly smooth and revitalise from inside out. The unique blend of skin-revitalising ingredients targets vulnerable parts of the skin where repair and regeneration are needed most. Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is formulated with highest 10,000mg Collagen. As collagen is considered an important protein structure in the body’s connective tissues and this highest concentration of Micro-Collagen Peptides ensure that sufficient collagen is rightfully delivered to the various body parts and to the skin. . Prevent Aging In Your 20s Do you know the skin starts to age the moment we will born? And you will usually see your first sign of aging in your 20s. The collagen levels will start to decrease from your 20s and the aging will accelerate with external environmental factors such as pollution, smoking, UV rays, poor diet and stress. So start early is the best prevention of aging. . AFC Japan Celebrating Its 40th Anniversary! AFC Japan was established in 1969. This year, AFC Japan celebrates its 40th anniversary of award winning bestselling supplements. Over the years, millions of Japanese have entrusted their health and well-being needs to AFC Japan, the leader in anti-aging science and wellness solutions. AFC Japan is recognised for its professional standards of precision in quality control and heavy emphasis on purity, potency and safety. AFC will discard the entire batch of products even if just one capsule contains the wrong dosage or ingredient. All AFC products are researched and developed by Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory and they are 100% manufactured, packaged and directly imported from Japan. AFC Japan is the first Japanese Health Food Company listed on JASDAQ and it is also the first Japanese Company to be awarded the Health Food GMP status. AFC Japan , managed by LifeStream Group in Singapore, has been around in Singapore for 4 years. . Where Can You Find Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink? Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink is exclusively available at all NTUC Unity pharmacies at S$56.90 (pack of 10 bottles). You can also find the full range of AFC Japan supplements at The Living Pharmacy, all Nishino pharmacies, John Little (Marina Square & Jurong Point) and selected Watsons and Guardian. Join AFC Facebook Page for the latest supplements giveaways and product updates! .

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11 Comments on "Japan’s Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink"

  1. ping says:

    wow… 10000mg collagen! tat’s higher than FANCL collagen drink. How many days have u taken? & how’s e result so far. I’m so keen 2 try!

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Ping,

    I have my fifth bottle last night. This morning, I noticed my skin is firmer and radiance. My usual redness/rosacea is gone! :-)

  3. Ping says:

    Good 2 hear tat. I guess all e collagen taste shld taste bout e same, ya. Will try it out soon. Thanks

  4. fatma says:

    Hi , thank you sooo much for this amazing blog and I wonder what was the result with Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink .
    I lost some kilos and my face looks skinnier , do you recommend this drink to me and my poor cheecks :)
    Good luck and best wishes for you .

  5. Shirleen says:

    Hi Fatma,

    The result is great, here’s my review on Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink – http://womenlovebeauty.com/beauty-counter/japan-korea-taiwan/9468

    I’m not too sure if collagen in it can help to pump up your skinny face, but I guess no harm trying.

  6. Natlie says:

    This looks amazing to hear this brand thought… do u recommend for 20 or above drink this?? or should be above 28+ –
    thank u – good to hear a good brand like this.

  7. Shirleen says:

    Hi Natlie,

    It’s in fact good to start young and you don’t have to take as often as I do. I reckon one or two bottles each week should be good enough.

  8. Mandy says:

    I’m only 21yrs old gg 22 dis year. shld i strt dis drink or its too early?

    hmm does giving birth also affect the collagen level in us women?

    pls email ur reply =)

  9. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mandy,

    Sure you can start having the drink at early 20s.

    I’ve never heard of anything about collagen level on pregnancy hence I can’t advise you.

  10. Ashy says:

    Does this drink have animal derivatives in it? If it does, may I know what animal? Thanks.

  11. Shirleen says:

    Hi Ashy,

    I’ve not idea though.

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