AQUALABEL Bloggers Contest Workshop – 6 Great Things About AQUALABEL!


AQUALABEL “Unravel Your Blogging Power”
Round 2

AQUALABEL Workshop @ Shiseido’s Beauty Studio

We’re now in Round 2 level and all participating bloggers are required to attend a special AQUALABEL Workshop on either 18th or 19th August to learn about AQUALABEL’s full range of products and pick up skincare tips from the experts. I’ve selected the earlier date on 18th August for the workshop.


Before the event started, as usual, I get to mingle with fellow bloggers and have gotten some ‘beautiful’ pictures taken too……..hee hee………


Each long table is divided into two sections – AQUALABEL Whitening (blue packaging) and AQUALABEL Moisturizing (red packaging) sector. And the bloggers will get to seat near to the range of products they prefer to try later.

As I have earlier attended the AQUALABEL Private Preview and have tested some of the products from Whitening Range, I was eager to try out the Moisturizing Range this round.

All contestants are required to participate on the hands-on session which means we will need to remove our makeup and experience the products on our face.


Yanny, our lovely AQUALABEL’s speaker, provided an in-depth information on the exclusive AQUALABEL technology and products. She has also thoroughly demonstrated the correct step-by-step skincare regime using AQUALABEL products.

Prior to the workshop, I have gotten the regime mix-up and now I’m able to advise my readers with the correct regime, thanks AQUALABEL!!

Whitening/Anti-Acne Night Skincare Regime - Deep Clear Cleansing Oil >> White Clear Foam >> White Up Lotion (S/R) or White A/C Lotion >> Bright White EX or White AC Essence OR Reset White Mask >> White Up Emulsion (S/R) or White AC Emulsion >> Aqua Enhancer WT >> White Up Cream


Moisturising Night Skincare Regime - Creamy Oil Cleansing >> Milky Mousse Foam >> Moisture Lotion (S/R) >> Moist Net Essence (Net/GG/CL/HA) >> Moist Charge Mask >> Moist Emulsion (S/R) >> Aqua Enhancer MO >> Moisture Cream


There are so many things I’ve learned during the workshop and I will narrow down the 6 amazing things about AQUALABEL which I will love to share with my readers.


Lack Of Moisture Is The Root Of All Skin Evils

Water is essential not only for our body but also for our face too. When skin is dehydrated, all the skin problems will start to surface such as fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, eczema, inflammation, low skin metabolism, and many more.

AQUALABEL, the #1 Mass Skincare Brand from Japan, infuses skin with sufficient amounts of moisture using Super Skincare Charging SystemSKINSATURATE and SEAL.

This exclusive technology uses AQUA SYNERGY to help SINK in the moisture deeper and deeper into the skin layers and be maximally absorbed by the skin. AQUA SYNERGY, an ingredient that blends easily with both water and oil, powerfully forces moisture and effective ingredients into the skin while softening the skin at the same time. This innovation also uses MOIST AQUA KEEPING BASE to help SATURATE and SEAL the moisture onto the skin.

MOIST AQUA KEEPING BASE consists of 4 exclusive ingredients -

Moisture Membrane – that acts as the bodyguard for your skin by infusing and locking in high amounts of moisture in skin.

Double Hyaluronic Acid** – an excellent hydrating ingredient that helps to enhance skin’s elasticity with high moisturising effect.

Biocompatible Hydrating Liquid – another innovative ingredient that replenishes skin with its natural moisture and making skin smooth and silky.

Aqua Synergy – this exclusive technology further helps to penetrate the moisture ingredients deeper and deeper into the skin effectively.


** Double Hyaluronic Acid

An excellent hydrating ingredient which I adore very much. This potent hydrating ingredient can be found in some hydrating products in the market. I was pleased to know that Hyaluronic Acid is actually developed and patented by Shiseido and is now selling to other companies. I’m so proud of you Shiseido! Now you can find this potent ingredients on all AQUALABEL products. :-)

Do you know that collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid (which all can be found in our body) are essential for a good-looking skin?


M-tranexamic Acid

M-tranexamic acid, another patent and prestige whitening ingredient is actually first found in other Shiseido whitening skincare products and is solely available only on Shiseido products. And now you can find this prestige ingredients in AQUALABEL Whitening range.

When skin is exposed to UV rays, it will trigger the melanin production (melanocytes) and hence produce more melanin. M-tranexamic acid is capable of completely STOP melanocytes from producing over-active melanin.

This excellent whitening ingredient has been highly recommended by Lao Niu Da Ke ç‰›çˆ¾è€å¸«, the Taiwan’s most famous beauty advisor from the popular Taiwanese Beauty Variety Show “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da” 女人我最大.


AQUALABEL Lotion – Japanese Women’s Fave Softener – $26.90

It has been shown that most Japanese women actually prefer to use lotion (softener) than toner. Lotion is claimed to help soften the skin and when skin is soften, it will allow a better penetrate of skin ingredients into deeper layer of the skin. Although the toner may help to minimize the pores but it is often contains alcohol that will dry up the skin.

I love both White Up Lotion (Blue) and Moisture Lotion (Red) as they not only help to soften my skin that provide a better absorption of ingredients for the following products but they also act as the second step of cleansing : they help to remove the dirt that the cleanser missed. Wonderful!! :-)


Four Great AQUALABEL Moist Essences – $29.90 each

AQUALABEL loves pampering the customers with four great choices of Moist Essence. These extremely lightweight essences help to plump up the skin with moisturising ingredients that are released into deep layers of the skin.

I love all of them, it was kind of hard to decide on which I should try during the workshop, eventually I go with the Moist Net Essence as it contains all the benefits (in lower concentrations) of three other essences. I wish I can have them all. :-)

(from left to right)

Moist Essence GG – Glycyl Clycin
It contains higher concentration of pore reducing ingredient. Using patting motion to minimize pore sizes especially on the cheek and nose area.

Moist Essence CL – Collagen
It contains higher concentration of plumping and tightening ingredient. To help soften the fine lines and wrinkles.

Moist Essence HA – Hyaluronic Acid
It contains 5x hyaluronic acid to help reduce the facial expression lines such as eye areas, fine lines, laughing lines and crow’s feet.

Moist Net Essence
It contains lower concentration of all the ingredients GG, CL and HA. You have all the best ingredients in one product.


The “S” Shaped-Cutting Mask ($22.90 in 4 sheets) & Customized Massage After Mask Application

I’ve tried the AQUALABEL Moist Charge Mask and I especially love the S-shaped cuts in the mask. And the additional flaps (on eye area) can be used on either cover the eyes or fold back as a second layer and ‘double mask’ on my dehydrated lower eyelid areas. This mask is recommended to be used after softener and 5-minute is all you need to see amazing result.

This S-shaped cuttings create this lifting effect to help firm up my skin. And this mask actually fits perfectly well on my face.

After removing the mask, AQUALABEL’s trainer demonsrated the massage technique to help better penetration of skin nutrients.


The Enhancer – $26.90 (Super-Charged Product)

It was great to know that AQUALABEL is the only masstige (self-select) brand that carries Skin EnhancerAqua Enhancer WT (whitening) and Moist Aqua Enhancer MO (hydrating). :-)

This powerful “infusion” product is the final step of skincare regimen. It forces the essential ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and allow them to be fully absorbed. I like the lightweight non-sticky texture and it feels cool on my skin. It contains high concentrations of Aqua Synergy.

Now I can “Super-charge” my skin with Aqua Enhancer with an easy patting motion! For better result, it is recommended to use with a cotton pad instead of using my hand and Pat Pat Pat!!!


Although I have attended the recent AQUALABEL Preview, I was amazed that there were still many things I’ve not learned before. It was indeed an eye opening workshop and I’m glad I have attended it! ãƒ¯ãƒ³ãƒ€ãƒ•ãƒ« (wandafuru!) :-)

I’m actually looking forward for the next round which is to produce my own video. It should be an exciting challenge! I’ve just love being in front of the camera! Only the shortlisted contestants will be advanced to the Video Challenge. How I wish you lovely readers can support me by leaving a comment as this play an important role for my score. ã‚りがとう (Arigatō!) :-)

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10 Comments on "AQUALABEL Bloggers Contest Workshop – 6 Great Things About AQUALABEL!"

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Shirleen

    You seem to be having so much fun at the workshop!(”,)

    Your face looked so much brighter after using the Aqualabel Sheet Mask..

    I like the enhancer too.. lock in all the moisture..

    Looking forward to your video in the next round!(”,)

  2. Shirleen says:

    HI Sharon,

    Yes I really love the mask especially the S-shaped cutting. The enhancer is great too! :-)

    I hope I can go thru the next Video Challenge! I’m so excited!! Hee hee………

  3. yoz! nice entry!! you look refreshing in the photos!

  4. Shirleen says:

    Thanks Tiff for your support!

    Yeah, you look lovely too! :-)

  5. Carol says:

    The workshop sounds very informative and I’m sure u had a fruitful yet fun time attending it!!

    Your skin also look much more radiant after the mask! I was like “wow!!”.. I’m so going to buy both the whitening and hydrating sets to try for myself!! :D

    Hope u get to the next round… I want to see your video!! Good luck Shirleen! :D

  6. Shirleen says:

    Thanks Carol!! Love your support!!

    The mask is really great!! So so hydrating!! And good thing is that it doesn’t drip, as compare to my favourite Taiwan’s mask (that can be very messy at times).

    One of the product you definitely have to try is the Enhancer. This last step skincare regimen helps to push the essential ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. Love it!

    Yes I definitely will love to go thru the next round……I’m so so excited!! :-)

  7. Vionn says:

    Hey dear!
    voted for u! :D

    I’m really keen to try out the enhancer but should i use it after my sunblock or after moistuiser before sunblock?
    Which is good? the whitening or mosturising 1?



  8. Shirleen says:

    Thanks Vionn!

    Yes u should try the enhancer, use it after the moisturizer and before the sunscreen.

    Haha!! Tough question! I like both of them but if you want me to choose one, I will go for the whitening range. Love the superb whitening ingredient M-tranexamic acid! :-)

  9. Vionn says:

    Thanks sweetie~

    mm…difficult to decide!
    Good luck for the contest!


  10. wine gift says:

    Excellent blog! I actually love how it is easy on my eyes and also the facts are well written. I am wondering how I may be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

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