3 Wonderful Things That Turned My BLUE Day To JOLLY Day!


Yesterday, I was a little moody and depressed. I didn’t get to sleep well the night before. :-( I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about something “personal” that I couldn’t let go. My smile was vanished and I was very quiet on the first half of the day.

But fortunately, my BLUE day has turned into JOLLY day on the second half of the day, thanks to those wonderful gifts I’ve received. They have made my day and my spirit was high again!…………(Grin) :-)


My First Smile

I have received a beautiful Perricone MD gift box that contains Vitamin Ester Eye Serum (my favourite), Nutritive Cleanser, Serum Prep and Face Finishing Moisture. I love them all! Muacks!!


My Second Smile

I’ve indulged myself with the complimentary luxury Spa-Jet Capsule Treatment at Clariancy Aesthetic Clinic @ Raffles Hotel. I was the Queen Of The Day! I don’t even need to shower myself and the therapist will do the dirty work. Hee hee…….. I get to enjoy the soothing exfoliation, steaming with far infrared heat that helps better nutrients penetration, true hydro-massage therapy, via Vichy shower and under-body water massage. WOO!! It was one of the best relaxing spa experience I ever have so far. It was like HEAVEN!!! (Stay tuned for my full review)


My Third Smile

After the Spa Capsule Treatment, the director of Clariancy Aesthetic Clinic generously presented me with a complimentary BBS Pro device (worth $199) that utilizes vibration, heating and cleansing effects of ultrasonic waves to improve skin nutrients penetration, stimulate collagen, lifting and break down fat cells. Can’t wait to try this product, love it too! :-)


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2 Comments on "3 Wonderful Things That Turned My BLUE Day To JOLLY Day!"

  1. SY says:

    Glad that all the stuff managed to cheer you up…

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi SY, yes it does make a different. I remembered I was giggling quite a bit during the Vichy shower and under-body water massage in the capsule. It was a cheerful evening. :-)

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