AQUALABEL “Unravel Your Blogging Power” Contest – Unveil My Favourite Aqualabel Product!


AQUALABEL, the #1 Mass Skincare Brand from Japan, is a popular self-select brand by whitening pioneer Shiseido, has just arrived in Singapore last month. Launched in Japan in Feb 2006, it is currently available in Asia like Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

For the first time, AQUALABEL is holding their First Bloggers Contest “Unravel Your Blogging Power” and you guess it right, YES!! I’m going to summon all my courage to take part in this contest. How could I miss this great opportunity! Well the prizes are too irresistible to be missed!

To participate, beauty bloggers are required to go through a few rounds of tough challenges. Three lucky bloggers will get to win a 5D4N all-expense paid trip to Tokyo Japan, a brand new Panasonic Lumix FX75 camera, $500 worth of BYSI wardrobe and one-year’s supply of AQUALABEL products!!



In order to qualify for the contest, first I need to head down to Ngee Ann City (NAC) Watsons with my favourite AQUALABEL product between 13th to 15th August for an audition. The organizer has cordially invited MediaCorp Y.E.S. 93.3FM DJ Siau Jiahui to make a special presentation on 14th August 3-5pm. I was one of the few bloggers to be invited to be interviewed by the DJ Siau Jiahui.


A picture of me holding my favourite product was taken and it was immediately uploaded onto the AQUALABEL Facebook Page.


I was a bit nervous before the interview as I was so afraid to embarrass myself at a loss for words but fortunately there was no hiccup and all went well. :-) The questions thrown to me were – (1) why I want to join this contest, (2) any confident of winning this contest, (3) what is my favourite blogging topic, (4) what is my favourite AQUALABEL product and (5) why I like about it.

So my answers were – (1) a all-expense paid trip to Japan is my reason for participating in this contest, (2) very competitive as there are many professional bloggers taking part too, (3) anything about skincare and (4) & (5) please read on for the answers!! :-)


I was given a small set of complimentary gift after the interview. Thank you AQUALABEL! :-)


Unveil my favourite AQUALABEL product!

In fact at this stage, one of the contest requirement is to share my favourite AQUALABEL product. Frankly, I really have a hard time choosing my favourite AQUALABEL product. There are so many wonderful products and it took me a while to actually settle on one. I was torn between Enhancer and Lotion from both Moisturizing & Whitening range, Moisturizing Creamy Oil Cleansing and Whitening Bright White Ex Essence. Finally, I decided to go with White Up Lotion!

As most of you will know that I can’t live without a toner. In fact, toner is a must-have product and is also the second step in my cleansing process.

The great thing about White Up Lotion is that it not only has great whitening benefits but it also has hydrating benefits too. It contains potent ingredients like m-tranexamic acid, hyaluronate acid and tocopherol (vitamin E).

M-tranexamic acid, a powerful whitening and patent ingredient used solely on Shiseido products, is capable to target the root of pigmentation problems by inhibiting melanocytes from producing over-active melanin. It has been highly recommended by Lao Niu Da Ke ç‰›çˆ¾è€å¸«, the Taiwan’s most famous beauty advisor from the popular Taiwanese Beauty Variety Show “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da” 女人我最大.

White Up Lotion also contains other potent whitening ingredients such as saxifrage extract and peony extract to exfoliate the excess dead skin cells and melanin on skin surface and also improves overall facial clarity to a brighter and fairer complexion. The double hyaluronic acid in it provides high moisturising effect, enhances skin’s elasticity and replenishes skin with its natural moisture.

What I like about White Up Lotion is that it provides the second step of cleansing : it helps to remove the dirt that the cleanser missed. In fact, it is always better to cleanse in two steps than one.

On my daily night regimen, I will use a cotton pad and soak it in White Up Lotion and rub my face with it. I will see makeup, residue, dirt and grime on the cotton pad. This mechanical rubbing with the toner-soaked cotton pad also helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells on the surface at the same time.

After application, my skin feels clean, hydrate and smooth. I just love the refreshing feeling! My skin looks brighter and the dark spots seems lighter by days. Say goodbye to dullness, melanin and dead skin surface. :-)


Stay Tuned For My Next AQUALABEL Contest Post!

My next task is to attend a special AQUALABEL Workshop on 18th August. I will be learning about AQUALABEL’s full range of products and pick up skincare tips from experts!


Hey My Fellow Readers, Do Give Me Your Support!

In this competition, all contestants will be reviewed by a panel of judges and one of the criteria is based on the numbers of comments/views/likes and quality of engagement. I believe most of my readers do not usually comment on my blog and this really makes me worry!

I really love to hear from you soon! :-)



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  1. Ting Ting says:

    The prizes are really great, hope you are one of the lucky bloggers! Jiayou!

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Ting Ting,

    Thanks! I will jiayou!! :-)

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