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I have recently attended the PHYSIOGEL Bloggers Event which was held at Grand Park Hotel ballroom that is big enough to occupy more than a hundred guests. This is so far the biggest bloggers event I have attended.


There were close to 50 bloggers invited and I was glad to see familiar faces during the event. As usual, I get to catch up with the fellow beauty bloggers before the event start.



Stiefel Laboratories, that carries PHYSIOGEL, is a specialized pharmaceutical company with more than 160 years of ‘skin care firsts” endeavoring to provide the highest quality, most effective prescription and over the counter skin care products available in more than 100 countries.

In fact, National Skin Centre is using some of the PHYSIOGEL products in the hospital.


PHYSIOGEL with innovative DMS technology for dehydrated, itchy skin

PHYSIOGEL with innovative Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology contains ceramide and other physiological lipids that mimic the lipids found within your skin.


Each of us received a big-sized goodie bag that (from left to right) contains Cream, AI Sun Cream, Cleanser, Lotion and Shower Cream with DMS.

PHYSIOGEL Cream is a hypoallergenic, moisturizing cream that provides physiological lipids in Derma Membrane Structure (DMS), a structure similar to the skin, hence revitalizing dry skin. It contains no colourants, perfume and preservatives to enhance its hypoallergenic effect. Suitable for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

PHYSIOGEL AI Sun Cream is a water resistant moisturizer which contains Tinosorb S for broad spectrum UV protection and contains PEA with SPF 25 PA+++ to help relieve redness in dry, sensitive skin. It is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic product. It contains Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) that helps regenerates skin protection barrier and antioxidant properties that helps protect the skin from cell-damaging free radicals.

PHYSIOGEL Cleanser is a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap free cleanser that cleanses, soothes and softens without drying the skin, while maintaining its natural pH balance. It is a non-greasy formula that does not contain animal fats, providing a gentle cleanser that is suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin. It is so mild that it can be used even on babies. It can be used with or without water. I have spotted this cleanser at National Skin Centre face washing area. :-)

PHYSIOGEL Lotion is a hypoallergenic, moisturizing lotion that provides physiological lipids in Derma Membrane Structure (DMS), a structure similar to the skin, hence revitalizing dry skin. It contains no colourants, perfume and preservatives to enhance its hypoallergenic effect. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, especially on the body.

PHYSIOGEL Shower Cream is a mild, hypoallergenic shower cream specially formulated for the gentle, daily cleansing of dry and sensitive skin. Specially formulated with mild and gentle ingredients with sensitive skin in mind, the unique Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) lipids hydrates the skin even during cleansing, replenishing your skin with essential moisture. It contains no colourants, perfume and preservatives.


What I like about PHYSIOGEL is that most of their products contain NO COLOURANTS, NO PERFUME and NO PRESERVATIVES. Plus, they are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic too. These products are extremely suitable for sensitive skin.


Dr Mark Tang from National Skin Centre talks about eczema (the #1 cause of dry skin), the skin barrier – Protect & Prevent, inflammation due to dry skin and many many more….


Below are some slides on the cause of dry skin and what is the ideal moisturizer.


PHYSIOGEL’s representative, Eugene, talks about the innovative Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology with Ceramide and other physiological lipids, the PHYSIOGEL’s philosophy on ‘Repair, Rehydrate & Revitalise’, the different between conventional & PHYSIOGEL moisturizer and to introduce the range of PHYSIOGEL products and their benefits.


  • Repairs dehydrated skin naturally, relieving itch and dryness.
  • Rehydrates skin, locking in moisture for up to 3 days
  • Revitalises skin, keeping it healthy

It is also clinically proven that the skin will retain the moisture up to 3 days after the last application.



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14 Comments on "PHYSIOGEL Bloggers Event – Share The Free Travel Sets With Your Friends"

  1. yssa says:

    is physiogel cleanser good for oily skin?

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Yssa,

    Physiogel Cleanser is very mild and gentle, and it’s often used by some clinics. Not too sure if it can help to control your skin oiliness though.

  3. janine says:

    hi where can i possibly buy physiogel cleanser in the Philippines?

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Janine,

    I’m not sure though.

  5. tingyu says:

    hi I have try the physiogel cleanser and my face eczema it’s still very dry and I had try physiogel ai cream it helps my dry itchy face eczema but what cleanser can I use instead for my very dry itchy face eczema pls help thks.

  6. Shirleen says:

    Hi Tingyu,

    You may wanna check out the Vanicream Free & Clear Liquid Cleanser which is claimed to be very suitable for eczema & very dry skin. I haven’t used it before though and I don’t think it is available in Singapore.

  7. blackbeauty says:

    Hi Shirleen, it’s funny that you’re making a blog about Physiogel’s and you obviously attended the event and you don’t even know if it’s available in the Phils. Anyway, this product can be found only at Mercury Drugstore. Xiao!

  8. Shirleen says:

    Hi Blackbeauty,

    Thanks for the tip. Fyi, I’m actually residing in Singapore hence I will not be familiar on the availability in Philippines.

    Xiao? Why?

  9. Anon says:

    Hello. A lot of bloggers attended the event but almost no one made a review on their Shampoo and Shower Cream? Can you make a review of these products, including a list of its ingredients? I really want to know more about these products before I proceed to buying them.

    Thank you!

  10. sara says:

    can you tell me the difference between physiogel A1 cream and physiogel cream. thanks

  11. Joyvs says:

    I love physiogel cleanser and cream…looking for those who can offer discounts for regular buyer.

  12. Mi says:

    Where can i buy the physiogel cream in singapore and price for 150 ml?

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