What A Disappointed Service At Shu Uemura @ Taka Counter!


Yesterday, I was at Shu Uemura @ Taka counter to make my last purchase to qualify for my points redemption which ends yesterday 30 June. After making my payment, I was asked to go over to Paragon counter JUST to fill up the redemption form as they ran out of it. What puzzled me is that shouldn’t they pick up the additional forms from Paragon instead of getting customers to make the trip? They should have in advance ask a staff to go over to take the forms the moment the last few pieces were left and it is so wrong to inconvenience the customers for their oversight.

And moreover, I have to wait for one to two months for the small redemption gifts collection. Why taking so long? Can’t they get ready the gifts at their stores? Just don’t understand!  :-(


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